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CVFD Celebrates 75th Anniversary - · PDF fileCVFD Celebrates 75th Anniversary Butner to honor fallen firefighters On Sunday, October 12, 2014. the Butner Presbyterian Church, located

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    ThursdayOctober 9, 2014

    Volume 50 Issue 52


    LGAHA HARVEST SHOWSee sports inside On page 7bon page 8a


    CANDIDATE FORUMThe Granville County

    Chamber of CommercesSunrise Forum, theGranville County HumanRelations Commission andThe League of WomenVoters Unit of GranvilleCounty are sponsoring aCandidate Forum.Candidates who have filedfor the 2014 Novemberelection have been invitedto participate.

    The forum will be heldThursday evening, October9th, at the GranvilleCounty Convention andExpo Center, 4185 Hwy 15-South, Oxford. It will beginat 6 p. m. with lightrefreshments. Thecandidate presentations areslated to begin at 6:45 pm.

    Candidates will begiven three (3) minutes togive a brief summary oftheir campaign platforms.There will be timeremaining for questionsfrom attendees at the endof the candidatespresentations.

    The public is invited toattend.

    GCDP MEETINGThe Granville County

    Democratic Party meetingwill be held Saturday,October 11th, at the SouthGranville Library inCreedmoor (across fromVance - GranvilleCommunity College),starting at 10 a.m.

    For more information,contact Cuz Spirio at(919)943-0804.


    The public and militaryveterans are invited toattend the Pray forAmerica Rally to be heldSaturday, October 11th at7:00 p.m. at the SoldiersMemorial Sports Arena,located at 416 24th Streetin Butner.

    Contact Lonnie Holt at919-528-9298 for moreinformation.

    The rally will be held toshow support for the troopsand to veterans.

    PINK GAMEThe Pink Game will be

    played on Friday, October17th at South GranvilleHigh School Football field,located at 701 N. CrescentDrive in Creedmoor. Gatesopen at 6 p.m.

    Come early to shop atthe vendor and craft fair insupport of a great cause.Proceeds will benefit breastcancer patients in need oftreatment in GranvilleCounty. Then, stay to watchthe varsity Vikings footballteam play in pink jerseysversus Southern VanceHigh School.

    Game time is 7:30 p.m.

    Officers of the Creedmoor Volunteer Fire Department are shown above. Kneeling on the front row, left to right, are Jerry Sorrell,Lieutenant; Carl Norgaard, Lieutenant; Bobby Ray, Chief; Mike Allen, Captain; Billy Fisher, Captain; Jimmy Minor, Assistant Chief;Richard Ray, Captain; and Robert Way, Lieutenant. Members of the Creedmoor Volunteer Fire Department standing on the back rowleft to right are: Chris Clark, Tyler Hahn, Steve Haskins, Nicole Ramsey, Robin Edwards, Bobby Harmon, Daniel Fuller, CharliePollock, Dwayne Watkins, Brian Fisher, Jeff Allen, and Tonia Brantley. Members not pictured are Matt Foley, Captain; Joey Kapherr,Lieutenant; and Jerry Beckum, Tyler Duke, Adam Haithcock, Will Kapherr, Kevin Keith, Vernon Morton, and Scott West.

    CVFD Celebrates 75th Anniversary

    Butner to honor fallen firefightersOn Sunday, October 12,

    2014. the ButnerPresbyterian Church,located at 310 16th Streetin Butner, will hold a FallenFirefighters remembranceduring their 11 a. m.worship service.

    Members of the Butner,Creedmoor and Stem FireDepartments as well asCounty, City and Townofficials in southernGranville County areencouraged to attend thisappropriate tribute inconjunction with the 4thAnnual Bells AcrossAmerica activities.

    During the Sundayworship service a momentof silence will be observed,a brief prayer, a hymn, andtolling a ceremonial bell in

    honor of all firefighters thathave answered the finalcall.

    The Town of Butnerpassed a proclamation toobserve National FallenFirefighters MemorialService on October 12,2014. The proclamationreads as follows:

    Whereas, The UnitedStates Congress and thePresident of the UnitedStates have designated theday of the annual NationalFallen FirefightersMemorial Service as a dayto honor firefighters andemergency servicespersonnel who havesacrificed their lives to saveothers by lowering theAmerican flag on all federalbuildings to half-staff; and

    Whereas, an average of100 firefighters coura-geously make the ultimatesacrifice in the line of dutyeach year; and

    Whereas, the events ofSeptember 11, 2001,brought national attentionto the duties,responsibilities, hazardsand sacrifices faced by fireand emergency ser-vicespersonnel on a daily basis;and

    Whereas, firefightersand emergency servicespersonnel play an essentialrole in the protection oflives and property in ourlocal community; and

    Whereas, the NationalMemorial Service marksannual Fire PreventionWeek observance; and

    Whereas, it is of majorimportance that weincrease our efforts toreduce deaths, injuries andproperty losses from fire.

    Therefore, I Thomas W.Lane, Mayor of the Town ofButner, now call upon allcitizens of the Butner andupon all patriotic, civic, andeducational organizationsto observe the day ofOctober 12, 2014, inrecognition of the patrioticservice and dedicated ef-forts of our fire and emer-gency services personnel bylowering American flags onall buildings to half-staff. Iencourage appropriateservices and ceremonies inwhich all of our citizens mayparticipate to honor fire andemergency services

    personnel, past andpresent, who, by theirfaithful and loyal devotionto duties, have rendered in-valuable service to ourcommunity and its citizens.

    I further call uponcitizens of the Town ofButner to remember all fireand emergency personnelwho have made theultimate sacrifice in serviceto their community and topay respect to the survivorsof our fallen heroes.

    Accordingly, the Mayorand Council encourageparticipation in the servicescheduled by ButnerPresbyterian Church onOctober 12th, 2014, at11:00 a.m. to honor Fireand Emergency ServicesPersonnel.

    The 2014 South Granville Vikings Homecoming Court members are: Brooklyn Fuller, Hayden Laws,Courtney Ewing, Kristopher Monroe, Jenna Pitzer, Elizabeth Holmes, Blake Ellis, April Liner, AnniePreddy, Kevin Hixson, Amber Black, Jordan Pitzer, Abby Rich, Megan Sealy, Tyler Adcock, KeithHardie. Not pictured: Earl Green, Sean Bowman, Grayson Parrish and Cameron Willis.

    Jordan Pitzer was crowned Homecoming Queen and TylerAdcock was named Homecoming King.

    [Continued On PAGE 9a]

    Editors note: Thishistory of the firedepartment wascompiled with excerptsfrom articles written byour late editor, HarryColeman, and the latestaff writer, DavidToby Rogers,combined withinformation provided toour office by currentmembers of theCreedmoor VolunteerFire Department.

    Creedmoor Volunteer

    Fire Department iscelebrating their 75thanniversary. FiremansDay, sponsored by theCreedmoor Volunteer FireDepartment, will be heldSaturday, October 11th.The parade will start at3:30 pm.

    A barbecue and homecooked stew supper will beheld after the parade atSouth Granville HighSchool and last until 7 pm.The cost per plate will be$8.00 per person.

    Each year there is a FireQueen chosen by themembership of theCreedmoor Volunteer FireDepartment to be in theparade with preferencegiven to the daughters orgranddaughters of activeand retired members.

    For many years therewas a dance following thedinner as part of theFiremans day activities.When asked whathappened to the Saturdaynight dance as part of

    Firemans Day, CarlNorgaard gave thefollowing response.

    The Street Dancebegan in the early 1960's asa major part of FiremansDay. It began literally as astreet event in front of theold Masonic Streetfirehouse (where the CityHall now stands) withacoustic string bands andvery large crowds.

    Many can rememberBilly and Clara Mangumalways being one of the first

    couples to lead out theother dancers. Old folks,children, and everyone inbetween enjoyed the squaredances that were mixed induring the evening.

    Cakes baked by someof the finest cooks in theworld were auctioned off tohelp bring in contributions.In later years as the publicmoved more towardelectronic music the dancewas moved indoors to theold Creedmoor High Schoolgym. There were manygood years there, too, but acombination of events afterthat led to the Saturdaynight dance beingdiscontinued.

    The public'sattendance slowly declinedover many years which leadto the point where therising cost of music for thedance made the event notprofitable. After the dancewas discontinued otherevents such as Bluegrassmusic concerts were heldbut they were also notprofitable so theDepartment simplydecided to stop having theafter supper events.

    The departmentmembers are grateful tothe public for the many,many years that theSaturday night dance wassuccessful and theadditional contributionsthat it brought in.

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