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<ul><li><p>Customer Appreciation Booths </p><p>I am a future executive with Mary Kay and I work with local small business to help them appreciate their </p><p>customers. Basically I come in during a busy time and set up a little booth. I thank customers as they </p><p>come in and tell them that you appreciate them as customers and give them the opportunity to enter </p><p>into a drawing to say thanks! I provide some prizes and normally the store provides some prizes as well. </p><p>I will NOT be selling anything, and am really just there to thank and appreciate your customers, because </p><p>they are so important, especially now! This is a free service I provide to local small businesses. Is there </p><p>any reason why we couldnt set up a date to do that? </p><p>You ask to speak with the manager at local, franchise (non-chain usually works best) establishments. </p><p>Buffalo Wild Wings, Qdoba, Small boutique shops (that carry accessories are usually great). </p><p>Then set up a small table (card table works well) with a display of Mary Kay products, and a vase for </p><p>them to enter surveys in. Use small Mary Kay surveys as entry into the drawing. Simply thank customers </p><p>and they come in and let them know you are holding a customer appreciation drawing today to thank </p><p>them for being customers and ask them to enter. </p><p>Talk to them and connect with them while they are entering so they remember you when you call them </p><p>the next day. Tell them you will call the next day to let them know what they won. You can also give </p><p>them your business card and a sample if you like. </p><p>This is a GREAT way to get leads! After everyone enters you simply call them the next day and let them </p><p>know what they won! Of course they also win a Free Pampering Session, Facial and Makeover with </p><p>you!!! </p></li></ul>