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<ul><li><p>Page 1 of 6 </p><p> CURRICULAM VITAE </p><p> PRASHANT KUMAR </p><p>E-mail ID Contact nos. for communication GSM :- +96894356765 (Oman) Address in India Village +P.O. :- Mishrauliya, P.S. + District:- Vaishali (O.P. Belsar), Pin Code :- 844120, Via:- Kurhani, State: - Bihar, (India). GSM: +919835821712 (Home) </p><p>Personal Information </p><p>Father's Name : Sri Tribhuvan Mishra </p><p>Mother's Name: Smt. Sumitra Devi </p><p>Date of Birth : 11th Sep 1986 </p><p>Place of Birth : Mishrauliya Religion : Hindu, Brahmin Passport No : J2770645 Expiry : 24-06-2020 Sex : Male Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Married Languages Known : English, &amp; Hindi </p><p> Personal Details Driving license : Indian </p><p>Health : Excellent; non-</p><p>smoker </p><p> Hobbies and Activities </p><p> Meeting people from diverse backgrounds </p><p> Playing Cricket, Listening Music, &amp; Travelling. </p><p> Reference </p><p>Career Objective : </p><p>I want a highly rewarding career where I can use my skills and </p><p>knowledge for organizational and personal growth. </p><p>Work Experience (including Overseas) : </p><p>M/s National Stone LLC - From 17th September 2013 to till continues </p><p> Product : Natural Stone Works (Marble &amp; Granite) </p><p> Location : Azaiba-Muscat, Oman </p><p> Designation : Administrative Assistant to the General </p><p> Manager </p><p> Job profile: </p><p> Preparing, Updating, and Filing the Bid documents (i.e. Cover </p><p>Letter, Bill of Quantity, Cost Breakups, Company Profile, </p><p>Schedule of ongoing projects &amp; carried out projects summary, </p><p>Collecting Carried out Project Work Photographs, Work Force &amp; </p><p>several other relevant documents) for getting new work in local </p><p>market. </p><p> Coordinating project-based works like; Manpower </p><p>Arrangement, Involved in Material Processing/Delivery, </p><p>Ordering Consumable Items (Safety Tolls, Cutting Blade, Fixing </p><p>Glue, Stainless Steel Mechanical Fixtures, Polishing Papers, </p><p>Grinders and drill machine) based on site requirement, </p><p>Preparing Petty cash for Site expanse, etc. </p><p> Attending phone calls from customers/clients and also respond </p><p>to the emails received from customers/clients and concerned </p><p>party members without fail. </p><p> Maintaining accurate &amp; complete documentation, records, </p><p>prepares reports, and composes correspondence relative to the </p><p>work in MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), &amp; SAP </p><p>System. </p><p> Maintaining electronic databases and hard copy filing system. </p><p> Assisting executives in all possible works likes in meetings, </p><p>preparing documents and presentations. </p><p> Resolving administrative problems and inquiries. </p><p> Handling all inquiries within my capacity over phone. </p></li><li><p>Page 2 of 6 </p><p> Checking deadlines on incoming requests (i.e. Tender or several other relevant documents </p><p>submission) and put preliminary work in play. </p><p> Interacting with incoming numerous visitors, vendors, customer/clients representative. </p><p> Managing the day-to-day calendar for Companys General Manger. </p><p> Maintaining &amp; analysing the database for warehouse storage of files (Delivery Note, </p><p>Material Received Note, Material Availability, and Expected Material Requirement for </p><p>upcoming projects) and retrieve from storage as needed basis. </p><p> Corporate Fundraising. Analysing the expected monthly expanses &amp; updating directly to the </p><p>General Manager with appropriate records/attachments. </p><p> Booking unique Job Code separately for Material Supply only, &amp; Supply and Installation </p><p>works of Customer/clients work order (L.P.O.) confirmation in order to start material </p><p>processing and updating the same to all concern individual/department to follow the same </p><p>job code. </p><p> Supervise activities of subordinate/support staff and ensuring all office policies and </p><p>procedures are being implemented. </p><p> Preparing and modifying documents including correspondence, reports, drafts, memos and </p><p>emails. </p><p> Preparing Appointment Letter and processing visa for new employees. </p><p> Implementing and monitoring support services, including procurement of supplies and </p><p>services; transport, &amp; travel, communications, engineering and information technology </p><p>support. </p><p> Maintaining records for staff personal, phones, parking, company credit cards and office </p><p>keys. </p><p> Managing and maintaining executives schedules, appointments and travel arrangements. </p><p> Maintaining the record of office supply inventories. </p><p> Coordinating for maintenance of factory and office equipment. </p><p> Managing the fixed asset procedure, policy, and process. </p><p> Review operating practices and implement improvements where necessary. </p><p> To complete the assigned work at given time without any delay. </p><p> Human Resources &amp; Records Management. </p></li><li><p>Page 3 of 6 </p><p>M/s Pragati Glass Gulf LLC - From 21st January 2013 to 30th August 2013 </p><p> Product : Glass Manufacturing </p><p> Location : Nizwa Industrial Estate, Oman </p><p> Designation : Executive Assistant to the Director </p><p> Job profile: </p><p> Provides administrative all possible and technical support as a primary responsibility. </p><p> Supporting Sales, Plant, Dispatch, QC/QA, Furnace, IS Maintenance and Production </p><p>Managers for required appliance &amp; getting an approval for the same from the Director. </p><p> Maintains schedules and coordinates appointments, Drafts correspondence, reports, </p><p>documents and other written materials. </p><p> Processing all outgoing communication in the form of emails, letters, voice messages or </p><p>other forms of communication. </p><p> Collects and prepares information for use in discussions/meetings of executive staff and </p><p>outside individuals. </p><p> Reviews incoming correspondence, initiates replies as appropriate routes matters requiring </p><p>action by staff or other departments and follows up to ensure actions are completed. </p><p> Takes minutes of meetings and produces document in draft of final format. </p><p> Performs other tasks as assigned in support of the company business operations. </p><p> Record, compile, transcribe and distribute minutes of meetings agenda to all concerned </p><p>department / managers. </p><p> To make sure all the reports and data files are arranged in a perfect manner so as to avoid </p><p>any inconvenience in business matters. </p><p> Ensuring clients satisfaction with company services. </p><p> Performing managerial duties in absence of manager i.e. attending staff meetings on behalf </p><p>of manager or supervisor. </p><p> Preparing and editing correspondence, communications, presentations and other </p><p>documents. </p><p> File and retrieve documents and reference materials. </p><p> Processes invoices and other miscellaneous payments for the department. </p><p> Makes arrangements for travel, lodging, transportation, etc. </p><p> Monitors invoices and presents graphic data reports. </p><p> Monitor, respond to and distribute incoming communications. </p></li><li><p>Page 4 of 6 </p><p>M/s Natural Stones Co. WLL (Subsidiary of M/S. BRAMCO WLL, Manama-Bahrain) - </p><p>From 28th May 2011 to 03rd November 2012 </p><p> Product : Stone Works (Marble &amp; Granite) </p><p> Location : Doha, Qatar </p><p> Designation : Executive Secretary to the General Manager </p><p> Job profile: </p><p> Provide secretarial support for various departments such as answering telephones, </p><p>assisting visitors and resolving a range of administrative problems and inquiries. </p><p> Opening, sorting, categorizing and processing all information and communication in the </p><p>form of emails, letters to the department and getting it to the appropriate people/dept. </p><p>head in a timely way. </p><p> Preparing and Filing of Tender/Bid Documents (Incoming &amp; Outgoing) with Bill of </p><p>Quantity (BOQ). </p><p> Responsible to verify of Material Receipt Note (MRN), Delivery Note (DO), Monthly Stock </p><p>Report, Purchase Report and Sales Invoices. </p><p> Ability to establish priorities handles and resolves recurring problems, work </p><p>independently, and proceed with objectives. </p><p> Preparing correspondence and reports for publications and presentations. </p><p> Scheduling appointments, meetings and personal appearances by the manager. </p><p> Setup and preparing all travel expenses &amp; arrangement like: accommodation and </p><p>entertainment arrangement for company personal and visitors. </p><p> Maintained confidential personnel files of the General Manager. </p><p> Ensure that client issues are dealt with an efficient manner. </p><p> Preparing written responses to routine enquiries. </p><p> Updating executive about appoints with various clients. </p><p> Analyze the data and things to find out if there is any fraud, violation of laws. Regulations </p><p>and management policies, duplication e.t.c. </p><p> Evaluates and verifies employee performance through the review of completed work </p><p>assignments and work techniques. </p><p> Secures information by completing data base backups. </p><p> Responsible for the operation and maintenance of office machines such as Computers, Fax </p><p>Machines and photocopying machines, etc. </p></li><li><p>Page 5 of 6 </p><p>M/s Pragati Glass Pvt. Ltd. - From 5th January 2009 to 15th May 2011 </p><p>Product : Glass Manufacturing </p><p>Location : Kosamba, Gujarat (India) </p><p>Designation : Sales Coordinator </p><p> Job profile: </p><p> To respond &amp; follow up quickly and efficiently to all in-coming sales enquiries / queries &amp; </p><p>proposals, by telephone, fax and email, quotations &amp; invoices as required. </p><p> Co-ordinating all details for the client. </p><p> Assisting in implementing the sales strategy as set by the Sales manager. </p><p> Assisting customers/clients to find the products they are looking for. </p><p> Responsible for processing cash and card payments. </p><p> Reporting discrepancies and problems to the Manager concerns. </p><p> Giving advice and guidance on product selection to customers. </p><p> Balancing cash registers with receipts and involved in stock control and management. </p><p> Responsible dealing with customer/client complaints. </p><p> Identify and correct or advise, on operational issues with client/user. </p><p> Duplicating, filing, recording and logging of data shared between departments. </p><p> Summary of Skills: </p><p> Experienced, energetic, reliable and detail-oriented Administrative Assistant. </p><p> Highly skilled in greeting visitors, determining nature of business and directing to </p><p>concerned person. Able to give accurate and detailed information to visitors. </p><p> In-depth knowledge of typing correspondences, reports and other documents. </p><p> Quick at compiling and typing statistical reports and charts. </p><p> Thorough understanding of making copies of printed documents, and </p><p>filing correspondences, reports and records. </p><p> Computer: Excellent knowledge of office systems/applications software, i.e. Microsoft Office </p><p>applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint Presentation), SAP, Oracle (RDBMS), Adobe </p><p>Photoshop, Networking, Hardware, SAD, Oracle (RDBMS), UNIX, HTML, Visual Basic, &amp; </p><p>Computer Languages (like C, C++, JAVA) etc. </p><p> Communication: Able to work and converse efficiently with all levels of colleagues, clients </p><p>and other external contacts. </p><p> Provide technical assistance to office staffs as needed &amp; assist in software and hardware </p><p>upgrades. </p></li><li><p>Page 6 of 6 </p><p>Achievements: </p><p> Ability to work hard with efficiency. </p><p> Independently &amp; successfully handled all the job responsibility. </p><p> High degree of motivation and commitment, positive attitude. </p><p> Provided backup support for other departments which was highly admired by the General </p><p>Manager. </p><p> Reduced file retrieval time 30% by employing a user friendly electronic filing system. </p><p> Educational Qualifications: </p><p> Intermediate 1st Division with 60% marks from B.I.E.C., Patna. </p><p> Matriculation 2nd Division with 52% marks from B.S.E.B., Patna. </p><p> Professional Qualifications: </p><p> Pursuing Master in Computer Application (MCA) from S.M.U. DE. </p><p> Bachelor in Computer Application (B.C.A.) 1st Class from M.P.S. Science College </p><p>(under B.R.A. B.U.), Muzaffarpur. </p><p> Declaration: </p><p>I hereby declared that above mentioned aspects are true, to the best in my knowledge. </p><p>Place: Azaiba (Muscat), Oman </p><p>Signature </p><p>Supporting Documents will be provided on request. </p></li></ul>


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