COURIER Chief, 'IC Liai-on section 10 September 1951 Chief of Station. Karl-rube OperatlIns1 Walte/ IMPEL Reference: MOLA-15 1 , 4CIA-47W Your attention I.- invited to MGLA-780 which obviously you had not received at the time MGSA-4 . 74wwr dispatched. Di-t: v'l cog 1 _Fmtmonmonset 1 - ELS 2 - DE CLASSIFIED AND R ELEASED BY CENTRAL INT ELLIGENCE AGENCY SOURCES METHODS EXEMPT ION3B2B NAZ I WAR CRIMES D ISCLOSURE ACT DATE 2003 2006 I N COY

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Chief, 'IC Liai-on section 10 September 1951

Chief of Station. Karl-rube


Walte/ IMPEL

Reference: MOLA-151 , 4CIA-47W

Your attention I.- invited to MGLA-780 which obviously you

had not received at the time MGSA-4.74wwr dispatched.


v'l cog1 _Fmtmonmonset1 - ELS •2 -



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...,ECRET EXHIBIT "IdsimminStatement eft Welter GUM Addreses .?ASSIINUIRSIMI 81

iWo.t$tth* 19 APril 1916 •ttel 10 September 19,1

Mee et births 7LAUDIVilogt1.

I make the following statement voluntarily, not Winn been threatened,net having been pelmalsod anything and net having bees 111P4reated.

signatersm e/

1. Salter CUM C over Wm* 1 Gunter WAWA

water MAI/GUserum GRUM?

2. Kenakertes MAU D 513 923, booed oo 10 november 1949.


4. Free birth up Lathe 113th yeer of eget PLAUSW/Vegtl. Pestalonsistr. 28.Pram the 18th t• the 21st year of WI nnninnnsenAGANUNOI»From the 21st to the 22nd year or Nei MOUN3CHWEJ0, Junkarschula

(etttoer aspirants training eabeel)Fromm 198 to 1945, In the knur in MUNICH, MOWN, DACHAU, BRAURSCHU1C,

Wand, MUM, GOWN Wormy, Intesla, Da1, litgeslavia.peon jono 1945 to *stabler 1945, Is BrAgNO st Wt.?rem Dermaher 1945 to September 19461 In mama new ENRACW/Ofr.,

under the nano DOM.?rum Octebar 1946 to January 1947: At hems in YASSMAHMONVU. This /1103

knoeu„ hoalver, only to my wife and ether geed acquaintances.January 1947 up to December 19471 ln the ergo DACHAU, RECEMDUX,

HAHWALBURG.3Ince December 19471 In Fi4skusuorni•

Dials, 182 cm, 80 kg, eyes blue, hair broom, build slander, married, Garmancitizen, Born 15 April 1916 in PLAUHAffectl., Lamer moldier, nme OaraWr...OW representative, religion evangelic, scar at the rUht Upper part Dfthe thieh.

6. Folitacal Affiliations: Defog.* 19331 Nom1933 - 1945: HJ, HODAP, tightinc :J5After 1901 34a0

Jpgweo Friends t nalativas„ Aiseociates:

t, Evrta 014/11, nee Dk.dFANG 0 11 Uay 1917 in FLAAL.::/';',, fn

rAJZ;i4VZ.L6H/1711 h house-wife.

L. zUocfriall UM:14UNU, anomdaat4y 3 ni,cotmmrtiel trnyellar.

.1 ,

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Ststotasst hes 2E COPY

Dr. Maas 6CHAICR?2, approximately 34 years old, living in COBURG,physician.

Reinhold DOLL, approximately 37 years, rAnAAHMSRAUTH 76, bricklayer.

a. Motherl Johanna GEM., nos HAM, berm 9 August 1894 in PLAWY.,needle-woman, living in BAMBHRO, Hammerleinntr. 17.

Fathers August CEIVEL, neer :AUTTGAAT, approximatoly 60 yearn old,locksmith. (The marriage of m7 parents is divoroed minas 1923, I wnsliving with sy *ether).

A MAI:brother, living in MAMA with the 2M wife of ny father, iscalled Rudolf. Ho is apyroximate37 22 years old. I never saw his.

Father-in-lawl Deed since 1917.

Mother-in-Lamt Minna =PAM, nee MISR, spprosisata4 66 years old,bars in Saxony, ponsinsod.

Ghilireas Lore OA1PEL, born 24 July 1940 in 1,649374/Austria.Annals GUM, born 4 Outotrer 1944 is MARICAMP.D.as= GEUnit born 4 KV 1948 is FAXIMARZSRUITM.

COUSiAl Iltriodo GIMEZ, moo MARAZ, born 30 Jonsary 1910 in FLAUER/T.,living in MAW, Larol41 onsits.,14„ kosso-wite.

d. Dr. Jnhannem WESBA, phrlialsn, appresimete4 40 years of age,RHOMIULOSAC near RUM.

Georg LUDING, approstratoliy 48 years '? forcesa„ R241=03AU.

Links KNOLL, approximately 36 years, housewife, FASsMAXMARWTH 76.

Kurt GUMMI, approximately 31 years, carpenter, FA3S1LAMA3ILKUM.

Robert RIGHTER, approximately 44 years, FAHSKAMHSREUTH, No. Slomanufecturor • of Lotter.

Earl a6MI17T, Approximately 46 year3, Febrikcoile:

Max ROW&L, F.ZHAU ., Aacherstr. 1 butcheq.

Hermann MM.:, KY.HkUp Un1itnateig 1 6) bookkeeper.

k_. •

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887 AV IL C PY0110

statamt Av. 3

Cares a Lit's:

Oa 15 April 1916, Iuse horn in ILAOINA., as tho mingle child at myparents, the meahmais August ORIP21 and his alto Misuse is NAM. From 1922to 1124 I attemded the alementary Isabel there tram 1924 to 1927 Us. nelasset languages,* fraa 1927 to 1933 the Comm 211h Aeheel.. 2a 1933 and 1934I warkod as volunteer far the *Vegtleendiseho naechlaantahrik* (TOW inPLAUEN/Y. At that time I min for 3 months a member at BJ.

oL 5 ootober 1934„ I joined the fighting 0 in DUADMharmACUNBERGE.After a abort training I use ordsred to I./83 2. ?rem 1 April 1957, apt.30 Marsh 19,2,1 atteaded me "Faehariah" (Wiser emndidate) the 33-Junkerschule(officer aspirants training ochool) in AUALIN8C23223. There I was advancsd-ea 1 October 1937 to the rank of a "Stamdertenjankne (Pashariah), on 1Askruary 1918 to a stitaadertenoberjunivars (Obertasharich), ca 13 itsrek 1938 toan of Ontecretarratehrer 0 (Liautament). Later I served tars the 38 Administrative&awl in DACRAU up to 1 November 1938, the 88 laglan (Obershoohnitt) FULDA-CERRA in MIMS up to 1 April 1939, the 841-Junkersaha1o.(efficer aopdramtschool) inBRAUNOCHNLIO ip ts 1 Daseehar 1939, as chief of SWAM* Si instrac-tism in 2223LAU up to 1 April 1940, se adjutant of the aeheal mf non-saaniasimedatriums in imam= p to 15 June 1940. On 20 April 150, tins advanced toan 3S-0Sursturnitthrer (lot Lieutenant). .

ftrther mOloymentas rlateen-leader and adjutant of Idols ratLAND in=WO up to 1 Maroaber 19401, eampaqy comasadar of the £3 reAmmement battaliamin0051.41 up to 1 Februsx7 1941, adjutant of the 9 in North Norway up to7 September 1941. There I mea wounded new MIRUANZLIE (Smola). Up to 1 Psbrusx7152 in the bompitele TUMOR, NARITA and SCHWIN. Than sespagr essmander ofthe headquarters stapes; e the taak•4otachmant 83 Division WIXING in WILD-PlaCKIN, 2224HLA0111 and Imola (R06T0V, Ganeessa Nmentains, Mime, Donau). Oa

Jonbor7 1943, 1 its adveaset to ociptain, Mating been weeadod again and IllI was trauaterred ea 1 April 1943 to the 83 lank Trainimg RIO. in MISCH.There Iwo the ocommader of the 5th sampan,. Pros there Iwo ardared azteacher at tactics for tooko and chief of inepsetioa to the lkmit-Oshool of the

to ?MOS and raumasostrao There I was up to the 1 Mar 1944. ra411 Ibeeame cespaur ceasensdar at the 2./88 Task Mgt 16 in Rangary. la the beginalne,at Atom 19e;4 I vas transferred to ItAy. Oa 2 J Y44 1944 Iwo, wounded againtand NW in the hospitals BOLOGIA and BAD XIBUNG3N. Inc. 1 Occher 1944 Imac a solar of the bssavortent et the Tank Training 2gt in SENSELMER. Pra•15 jnnmory 1945: I ars ecamsndar of the IlIrd Traialeg grmap of the eahavl

offin farn in LAIDACH0 There 1 Tow at the end of the? r!mr

pleM.10 a retriever of war cg the Aglinh. &Doped in the Hit-Suna:l!p.45 vuggaimva. near 3ALZBUM. eran there I at hone. Aa the plcoo uns6117AraWiA tc7 the Astarlsona; rent to ay nrether-in-lco. Dr. ILSZTINJ im MMHG/

'vhvt-1; I wee llring ander the noes taunter 'WU up to the Ckteblv• 1945.Thra .7%.5.7M.1 Guator war In BEESTBACH near WBOGH/Otterfrenkria uptfl. Oetober

T.ts livt/ag ,!It halloo not ebcorva4 by any virtkacrm I mttm

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Stiktesost Fags 4

to be confined in a asap, becsuse I fell under the orders of automatic arrest.Cftly near relatives ksew that Ives at ham. At the end of Jammary 1947, Ireported myself to ths Constabulary in Min. I was transported through HOFto DAGEAU, tram thin to the camp loOZUSDUDG and later to the chop HONEIBURG.Cn 24 December 1947 I was sentenced by the Spruchksamer and released.

In February 1948, Herr MRDATSCH living as sub-tenant Um: apartments, wascalled upon by three men being dressed in leather-cloaks and having a Yolks-wagea. Hy wife told as that these men are of the CIO. 8he told ao slreadirwhop I was still in thenampRACEASSUBC, that the new tenant in cur house, thechief if the Herder Polies Poet ntERH, works for the American nearest Service.The wife of ORR had told it to my wife, end gave her also something a thecigarettes and the eaffeo they had received from these mma. Later Herr UM

. brought to this boos. also Barr BRADATSCR.

I akyself WW1 also interested in this work And *eked Herr BakDATSCH for theaddress of one of these Amen. (At that ties Herr WAR did not work longer forthese men). I received the elser address ef the chief of R 131, cover-namemum. I visited him sad I received after Approximately 4 weeks the task to

/.."';'-----"Tsitatison in fast -Thuringia and Morth-gOst.-Sameny. In April 1948, I wenteasy trip with I-pass. I demanded a Yonakerte and I-pass far the name WalterGIINURAsoorespending to the manegree W.O. on my ring and clothes). InFICSUILCK I *eat te the police ti get billets, and I would have bad nearly abed luck, because the papers were issued not for Walter CO*, but for GunterWALTER. I wee saved only by my premises of sind. This thoughtless action ofthe organisation caused the, first interior break in no. I had geed gumless&and returned after about) 'mks. I had occupied, as far as I remember, 11teens.

In the begi nning of Hay 1948, I WOO ordered the 2Ad time to drive therewith I-pass. I had ;pin geed muasessee at4 returned well. The 3rd time Idrove only in August 1948. In the meantime, in a discussion in July 1946 in

LINUES at the Organisation 120, I was reprimanded that my men did not reportthomeelvoo. How^ver, the confidential men had not yet received this ardor,because only in the above-mentioned conference was fixed to write the reporteby secret ink. This mean*, that I was reprimanded obsolut,aly unjustly,

For ay 3r4 drive I oadn't get an I-pass, but I W4B ordered tm croas theharder illegally with false East-Zonal dentinal-to. I couldn't un4erstan4 that.They pretended the issue of a pass takes too muchtime. This action wonabsolutely unconnoientious, booms. I View at that tine approximately 18 co-operator; in the a:est Lone. awing executed my task I drove to ileat KaLIA„reported myself to tto CIc and requested to fly back to the *et Zone.made there EV etr4tementa at the CV, officer aud told his my cover amerf4Loymanher. They asked is the Neat by radio for the t:orract;ieas of my statementmnd reoeved a nagetive epowert They didn't know mei Se I was coapcliod toarum again the border illegally. I lea, however, my documents in 6,'„C.,11■grid ...-oquiietrld to mail them by airmail to the Orgallaetion 120. UT doubt.a

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COPYStatement - Plq.0 5

about the illIgal return to the US Zone were Justified, bessuee I was standingat the border 34 heirs in e distanse of 5 meters behind a Russian double poet.Only with greatest caution I succeeded in retiring and greasing the border.They bed premised to me at that time a wrist watch for the execution of theteaks of the ,rd trip, however, I never received it. The greeter part of thepremises of the segszioetion were net kept, and the rest of the promises werekept unpunstually.

Alter my 3rd trip I was together with my wife invited by the chief of theOrganisation 120, Herr HIR_Haaaever name), to 33SLI1GEN. He offered to me'Mai for my expenses far fare, however, I took only 230 Mi. They were notliving badly at this erganinatleal and I myself was Os° lirinti; fine, however,there was no comps:doom with than. I remenber only the great number of pecklesat chocolate taken by Herr msakto to his Wife boing in the hospital,. 4r thebox with hinch cognise standing on the street beside the automobile. Insteadof theme things we received: toilet-paper, pipe cleaners and wicks for theligkter and etc.

Per the service at this organisation are characteristic the f011owing feats,which I can state by oath:

I. In the office of R 131 Harr FloThER criticized the frivolous kespir4of the personal data by the C. 120. *In a weeden chest locked up by asimple lock.

S. On the SA00 ecteasien Herr FISCHER said: °The blond (or rod-blond ?)girl, the red devil (ha • secretary of 120) has atte;4ted to commitsuicide. First she 014 in the bed with Harr NRBER (at 120), and thwi with HerrHSRMAEW.° —7

3. On raster 1949 I W*0 with my wits far some days in UBERSZ,h tlt theCHUMSEE (lake), sad the restaurant nun Hinterwirt* there was attended ala:)by Herr 1431IER and MOO. One evening we were sitting together with the tipsyinnkeeper. He asked me courteously, it I am also a member of the espionagecircle. BOMB, Herr 4EBBR had told his. about that. One, he was tkiere alsowith a mre of the Zeiss Works in JENA. They make economic espionatse, 8utOBER is o fine customers end spends ablys much money. (NOTE: The rt_yv,r_of the innkeeper).

4. Although Herr DM and later alto Bert BRWO,MCE had ro frkrr.won., 1 wan Tivited all the time in my sportobtalte by Herr KURZ, Ri1NNI;N• (cfncer names) * The VollmweEen eutemobiles were standine beftwe thv• Frku FXTIR called from the window: 4 Row the an of tho eIChoL'r GEML." The men or the organization uncovered mt at that tles,

otall eompletoly unknown in this community.

x-adlo operator appointed to work for my group, ctvar; tko:

inotructionn However, the instructors uf the orEAniil rfcr,,p:mvowat,, Nei this anw;.2. compelled after some day, 0; br.112,


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Statement - Page 6


• 6. They intended to consul from to the transportation of a wirelessapparatus determined for my group. The result wao an intervention of the Bav-aria' Border Police. Later the apparatus was laid down is a certain, prettyopened place in the East Zone .

7. Th* 9rganisatift-13144;;;;4 ,000 Da each month. I was severaltimes an eyewitness that sad* on a slip a private settlement ofaccounts, and I saw an the strip, the money was bundled with, the cipher 5,000(than, were 2 bundles). The organisation had approximately 35 co-operators.mrsalf had 28 of them. However, I received altogether 3,000 Di.

Thews were only some examples. My fault was, that I retained too muchmousy, however, I didn't emboss'. this money. In my apartments it WAS sometimeslike in a restaurant. There came ee-oporators from the ens and from the othersides who were always, when they were at ma or ip a restaurant in the vicinity,living Tory sent sr took with them hams always many things. I myself was'compelled to travel very macho end it was impossible to pay the expensess for thee.trips from the mow given to me for these tripe. To the automobile boughtby Herr rISCNER, 1 was oempellsd to pay 600 DM. However, when I needed theamtanshils, it Win not there. Later I bought, with the permission of HerrFISCHER, myself an automobiles and he lent as for this parehase 800 DM. I./erthis momainma deducted tawny salary.

This purchase of the satamsbile was disappzeved by the organisation.Sesidss that, fornicated a leave of h&--, TIMM and his wife, and also AURA

other things. lb. August 1949 tn. the E 31 was taksn a hews in BAntrAin, andI should get with my family apartments La this hoots. fret:toed, however, tolows to this hems because Herr FISCHER demanded the followings

1. To lire there under a cover name. I have 3 ehildren, 2 ef thenattend the sehool. I couldn't understand how the children should co to scalpel.

2. hot to use the main entrance. of Use hams.

3. Not to open the shutters in the front of thin house.

4. Zio childrsn are not permitted to play in the garden.

resigned to live in such a madhouse, and I WAS again disaprovod thoorganisation. At the end of August 1949 we had in BAYREUTH a serisue qt:&rrel.

First they reproached ma with having called RAIRLUTH at 3 o'clock in the

morning, although I Was in a party. I called already in tho. ev.;:2;1.

itt 7 o'clock, and at 3 o'clock in the night I URA at the border, I 1!..

a man of my group (7). I learned later, that this tall eon aco tn tt.0 riziatat ) o'clock from HOF. Probably the resident uf 126 or 127 cnaice. from L1-140-,

11“Al vata reprimonned„ boom(' I had said "my ao-oraratars." 141-m,y 3eLethat those men arc tlea co-oporosterr, paid by khtir. money. I .7.11-15v;ovu,:

bld rinked my life for thaw. It is true, I drove ham from YIATi=i,

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'ftstaint . - Peg' 7

*eat Nothing more to the II 111. I didn't hear tran thee for a leas time.la October or November I was called by the chief of the Orgaidsattma 120.He wanted to eyeak with me in MAP. We not each other, and Herr CHBR wasalso present. lb this conversation was fixed that I should work again withwimp bat ter another eremalsatisa. I agreed with it. Before Herr UZAKANIsaid too aa, that I was somehow suspected by a men of the erganisatioa to workales "for the other elds." Bemis I wrste so often to my father. however,I didn't i.e and hear anything *fay father sins* 1944. OY masa Of thismean suspicion, holever, I wrote actually once to AMU. I received ananswer frau ay stepbrother, who Warmed no, that my father works since alonger tine in some works near 5TUTT0Ata. So tea' aeon suspicion broke down.

• On 20 December 1949, Ins ordered to MUNICH gad became acquainted therewith ley new chief, Herr BARI (cover naes). ln January 1950, I had again a dis-eux:sion with Ida in MUINBEW. There it was fixed that I should get the monthlysum of 1,000 MI 400 for as, 200 DU far my trips, and 400 for the co-operators.Th. work get on very wall. Hammer, when the so-operators seas to get heresame inetruetions, I didn't have enough money. lt happened several times,that I was °impaled to glee a wrist watch to the pawnshop is OCIVRC (I havevitmeeees). Possibly I was also too generous to eons sc-operaters. tenetswere net celebrated, as Herr BAER reprinaadedhme later. I also 4i !t celebrateSiesta aloes andIdid not drink. Mese efeyso-epereters Dawns ever drunk.It le true, I bought tram this money some new things without the knseledas ofHerr BAR. Ibis mos not eeriest of me, and I understaod that. I wonted alwaysto helper se-eperatere, and I gave even mele a false report to Herr BUR aboutthe daily *orrice if a Volkspolise salt, because the ladyes.-operater camioginto gave to as only very for informations. I knew that I didn't met correctly,and in July 1950 I experienced the osemequencees Imo dismissed. I had intry ayertments in the Moons, of wife a vehement discussims, and la Um°sures of this discussion I bees. more and more excited. SeVerthelees HarrBAER was so Musette send tom* ia 3 or 4 months still the sea of 1200 CM.

I took than a Job as e eammeriaal representative of liquor, end I earnedup to Janmsry 1950 en average 250 Dtmanthly. I would net have been this tolive with gi family from this Jimmy, however, I never told my wife, howmuelzoom I earned. the result was that I became indebted. I awe to my mother400 Mit, to the chief of the liver enterprise still 4) Di (He gave me anatio' of dianieslin in February 1951). A bill of exchange of 300 UM expiredma ) aeptember 1951. I was net able to discharge it. to a grocer / ewe 40 Le,to a salesman of twain' 100 LIM. I sold sky bicycle for 50 M. Iv a fishsalmon r see 50 DW„ to an acquainted woman in 11020 50 at, to a shoe shop 50 Ug.Utegether I have debt/ of about 1,600 UM. I had even to do with the bailiff.

I didn't tall my wife anything though for a long time, sad when the dunningletters and the creditors came to our louse ay wife yes shocked. If shewould not have beau, we would have died of hunger. She eared some money in thegood yors 194049, and I did not have any idea about it. She wanted to buildcour mac little house and saved as much mono as she could. I don't knew, howmu;i1 it was. I was able to give beak soma money to the most urgent areditora,

Page 9: COY - cia.gov

eha onuld 'bait Daly the4140■440:' .,..1114,t'. 4 ' ' ' .1, i' 'A •job.' X van , at title labor

.iit i tiettor ''..ai. t4. 4` . eieit''.airkere: iiM're.1412.3 isatillIto

ill. 'ilk 'iont fik a pclarcalsion.al eicadiar,,,Jiel'inralid ,... .,, niaethini.. 1..do.1 1 1.. set fre<4/1 an,t '' ' ' t aT,Imigiere qupr....rt. , X rsatta ioputi.

'an tactic., New / hav() egaeo, sot ArT,14,ce,t,It.,,t,. , , , ,and' tb ;law ',.tici last lip".

oict ntbta to t.tta ozaot. , xi c •dor to c.swaIN

' AY ttt434e`a64,, tad tutMighti suit be.Li , attar i,mast'lepaeyl t.h.3

Itt' eitopmaie ,

S190,0 a vr;liviPollAiult,,?,. ecr, nalltiti. 111ASIVL 'ititrirawramtr-, 23, bra--.tag 'neiried 2 7 children' ".terfeer enlace 'rice! b*.-.1.4thatiez

'panine0449 , he iie1tdei*i, mil tut mt car....;;s4;cttina. .e " ' in kiln &MD fr,:-

2114 kar



utpri,int4' tor v:$.2%,1.-.

NA , net'etttit4;6-44,

t.62' 4414tUi' k.lt JtVer

ktfti 41.3.40k4,-;" tS

t:ik itrdrai, 0.%

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tSECITStatmaent - Page 9

I reported that ut once to Ur. CIC 60F. I wrote it aleo toHerr BAUR and requested him to moot him in B AXB1RG. However, I came late tothis meotine for 1 hoar. Shortly before or after Chriatmee Herr KLLial, appearedAgain. This time he was ordered to make the propotal to me to work for theother side. They had ssid that I ma a chief agent and a criminal and that hcwould be able to a:co:grate himaelf for this crime, only if he woad work forthem. If I would refuse, they would ea able to reach Ile. They would pay verymale . The answer for mo. was tiY411 by my wife: "It. you will do that, you willAC longer have ohildree and a wife." I reported also this visit and the lee%ens to hr. AMER. The last visit is supposed to heve been made in February.KIXklt was ordered to ask me again, it / am ready for cooperation. In the SOMOaoment, however, he said to as mailing, I ehould quietly refUse to do it,becauae he was Ordered to tell me in this case, that they would deeiet from me.

de agreed to =kg uome-buoineas with material, but this business was_notrealised. Probably his mail is controlled, and he is not permitted to writeto me. Nevertholees 1 received recently a postcard, which I enclose here. 1weLad like to streee that 1111101 wee only compelled to make these tripe as aimmosenger, and that ho is certainly opt a Hassien agent.

Dy Herr F=HER I was introduced in 1948 to Air. ILL at the CIC UELP. HerrFI5Gi1la requested Ur. ILL to help me, if it would be necessary. I asked also

11•.*.4"-"■AA this help,. when sometimes: co-operators amine came from this• were apprehended by the Harder Police, and I vas• - Once the office in sua helped mo to c;;I:.t.PLmo

in which were American eaude. I ha-f, bo.znthat time by Herr MR. In the autumn 1969 I called upola 1;:r. ILL

8. I Asked him, if he has A work for M4 and mr cw-operetors. haahould am* ono* again. However, Ur. ILL wac transferred to BAYaZTJTli t awl

to Hiartilanta (as I heard). I sa i led a le,ter to 1:EIDiaBilL i, howT.-Pi3r,t MC.813,0 an answer.

Irr!;.I.L131 11111 comz sisain to t. VS Zone, I vial 1-tpori-- it,-Cur yo4:1 ria to arrest him, b.seauso bo is ilDt

.4,-...ricvd and I never will work againat the US Loae. Itm.i=1;;Av. to my reaidGnas near the larder, and I requeat you, eteerdie ,

1, otivity ieknown oa the other side and they mlki.ao. 2, Ioannet find an existence in ay residence, t,o f;Jrblo

Of mo nd y faci17. I have already mcdo an applictti ,z.rt tnaltferent per5en,?. in F injMNSRInTh mndIE.WtO 1%c:

!or the LI) Alnd beca of my kno7led,t! 7

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E C T 14rAktement — Page 10

dOn't know other women. I eta not a drinker, although I like to drinkhoer. X Am nct a 'bee or • party, and I don't want to be ft member at anyparty.

I made this etatemant voluntarily and it is true.

head through, &moved and signed