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  • Cost-Effective Test Automation Using Cloud Solution Advancing Test Automation Using New Axiom

  • Today’s Talk


    ▪ Typical Test Automation Problems ▪ Stakeholder Expectation ▪ A video for single instance automation Run ▪ Evolution of Technology (Terminal to Cloud) ▪ What is Cloud-Based Systems? ▪ Effective Parameters in Automation for Business Values ▪ Automation Suite Integration with Cloud Systems ▪ CI & CS in DevOps Process ▪ A demo automation run with cloud

  • A goal without a plan… is just a wish. Who we are?

    Ehsen Raza I have 10+ years of experince in software quality assurance which includes safety testing of avionics, railway, idustrial automation systems and ERP automation till recently. I hold electrical engineering degree with various project management certificates. I wrote few white papers as I discovered few new techniques in source code validation.


    Adeel Shoukat Adeel Shoukat having 6+ years of professional experience in automation testing. Over the years Adeel developed multiple automation frameworks for his customers around the globe and awarded several times for delivering productive automation solutions. His approach to build automation architecture is closely aligned with SDLC processes.

  • 1. Automation Trend Few facts to discuss

    before we start.


  • You are your only limit…

    Typical Automation Problems


    ▪ Uncertain Elements ▪ Large Execution Time ▪ Scripts Crashes ▪ Multiple environments (QA, Dev, Stage, Prod) ▪ Different databases on different environments ▪ Cross browser execution & ETE problems ▪ Underneath hardware maintenance and running


  • Bad attitudes will ruin your team… ▪ Automate bunch of test cases and reduce the

    manual testing cost ▪ Make our production releases as faster as possible ▪ Reduce the budget by eliminated redundant steps ▪ Automation framework portable for other projects ▪ Testing budget shouldn’t increase due to

    automation ▪ Maintainability cost remain as low as possible


    Execute ReleaseScript

    Stakeholders Expectations

  • Single run automation video clip


  • 2. Technology Trend Change in our routine



  • Failure is only truly failure if you allow it to stop you…

    Evolution of Technology


  • Mistakes are proof that you are trying…

    ▪ A service provided by a company to use their hardware resources for our business needs.

    ▪ Hardware and software platform remain accessible through internet in a very simple cloud architecture.

    ▪ Like Google drive (Storage Cloud), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Evernotes (Notes Cloud)


    Cloud Based Systems

  • A video clip


  • Automation with Cloud

    3. Cost-effective solutions


  • Keep asking yourself ‘WHY’

    Rapid builds Instant results from automation

    Multi servers Only one automation suite is required to run on all servers

    Multi browsers Single execution will run all tests on all specified browsers


    Hardware Resources Not complex VMs and PC infrastructure

    Human Resources Maintenance for automation only automation engineer should enough

    Maintenance Cost Shouldn’t exceed the testing budget

    Effective Parameters in Automation for

    Business Values

  • 14

    Integration with Cloud Systems.

    Rapid Builds Connect Automation with CI based Cloud

    Multi Servers Parallel Server will Invoke with Single Command

    Multi Browsers Run all browsers one cloud session

    Hardware Resources Cloud company responsible for hardware and data management

    Human Resources Cloud systems eliminate IT engineer role

  • 15

    Automation Layer




    Automation Suite

    Application Cloud

    Host Pointer

    Win7 – Chrome –


    Win10 – Edge –


    Mac – Safari – Prod

    Linux – FireFox –




  • Cloud-based system video clip


  • Stop Sketching, Start building…


    Prepare automated scripts

    Integrate with CI Servers

    Runnable for all servers and browsers

    Connect it with Clouds and trigger with CI on parallel



  • Where will we in two or three years…

    Microservices In near future we will be working on microservices approach. One small autmated flow will write as a service and some cloud application will be trriggering based on application needs.

    Containers As google already launched google cloud paltform (GCP). Most of the orgainizations are already moving towards product development by using clouds and containers. We will be part of this whole new inovation with our automation tools.

    Cloud Scheduling It is not mature yet but in coming days our automation scripts will be on cloud base machiene and some upper layer application will be running them besed on build requirements


  • Thank you very much for your time


    If you have any questions about this presentation please don’t hesitate to ask:

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