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  • What is copyright clearance? Before anyone can sell, publish or distribute work that does not belong to them, they must obtain the permission/consent of the copyright owner. This rule applies even if you are only using extracts or samples from the work.To avoid copyright infringement laws, I must obtain copyright clearance for a song that I wanted to use for my coursework. This meant that I had to send a letter or an email to the record company who owns the song.

  • Choosing a songThe song I chose was Let her go by Passenger. I believe this was an appropriate song to choose as hardly anyone knows the song (non-mainstream) and folk/rock is my favorite genre therefore I would enjoy creating a music video for one.Below you can see I contacted the record company through email.

  • Success?It was a surprise that they have replied! So they asked where I was located..

  • Luck ran outUnfortunately, I guess I was unsuccessful in gaining copyright clearance as they stopped replying. However, this isnt the end of the world as I will still keep emailing companies for other alternatives!