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  • Cooperative EducationDo. Experience. Learn.

  • AgendaCooperative Ed GoalsCooperative Ed TeamCooperative Ed BenefitsCooperative Ed CandidatesCooperative Ed Partners


  • Cooperative Ed GoalsCo-operative Education provides students with opportunities to gain the experience required to make wise career decisions, develop employability skills, earn secondary school credits and to integrate experiences with academic study.

  • Cooperative Ed TeamStudent & Parents TeacherEmployerSchool Community (faculty ~ student services & GLC2O teachers, staff, student peers)Board

  • Do. Experience. Learn.Cooperative Ed Team2Existing Skills + Knowledge(Candidate)New Skills + Knowledge(Employer + Teacher)Reflection + Revelation(Candidate)Mentoring + Monitoring(Employer + Teacher)Theory+Skills+Practice+Reflection=Learning

  • Cooperative Ed BenefitsStudentBridge the gap between school and the world of work; explore occupation and job choices; provide references for future employmentReceive on-the-job trainingDevelop attitudes & skills necessary to work successfully in school & on the job (self-confidence, teamwork, independence)Become more aware of the demands and responsibilities of employmentAn alternative method of earning credits for students who have trouble in the school environment; may lead to OYAP entry (apprenticeship)

  • Cooperative Ed Benefits2Employer & CommunityPreview potential future employees; develop supervisory skills in existing employeesProvide input to school curriculum; Participate in the education of young peopleEnhance public image of the employerProvide better trained young people & more responsible citizens; Develop a better student attitude towards the communityUse community resources more effectivelyImprove communication between school and community

  • Cooperative Ed Benefits3SchoolUse modern equipment available in the communityAssist students in making informed career choicesIntegrate business attitudes & expectations into the school curriculumProvide relevant, practical experiences which complement theories and practices taught in school

  • Cooperative Ed CandidatesMust have 16 credits (including Careers/Civics); Grade 11/12 course codesChoose day (2 credits) or full day (4 credits); Co-op is tied to an in-school credit (Shop, Biology, Engineering, Hospitality)Work regular business hours (i.e.. 7:30 am 5:00 pm ~ shift work as required)Must participate in In-Class sessions throughout semester to consolidate learningAre evaluated by Employer/Teacher teamAre not paid; are covered for WSIB premiums by the Ministry of Education

  • Cooperative Ed PartnersProfessionaleducation, legal, financial, medical, managementIndustrialmanufacturing, trades, labourOthertourism, retail/wholesale, creative, IT

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