Convergences of the Extremes: Computational Science meets Networked Sensors

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Convergences of the Extremes: Computational Science meets Networked Sensors. David Culler, Moderator SC2000 Panel November 10, 2000. A New Frontier for SCxy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Convergences of the Extremes: Computational Science meets Networked SensorsDavid Culler, ModeratorSC2000 PanelNovember 10, 2000

    SC2000 Extremes

  • A New Frontier for SCxySC is not just about supercomputing, its where the latest wave of technology gets applied to real problems Louis Turcotte, gen. chair SC2000

    SC has been riding the CMOS wave88-92: Rise of the killer micro93-99: Emergence of the killer networksingle chip CMOS networks of the CM-5 and Paragon now the heart of clusters, gigabit ethernet, ...

    along with other emerging technologiesvisualization, haptics, ...Panel Goal: open your eyes to a new frontier

    SC2000 Extremes

  • Where is CMOS going?Not just Moores lawMicro Electical Mechanical Systems (MEMS)rich array of sensors are becoming cheap and tiny Imagine, all sorts of chips that are connected to the physical world and to cyberspace!

    SC2000 Extremes

  • We are seeing the first signs

    SC2000 Extremes

  • Commonality at the ExtremesPushing performance of available resources to solve problemsPushing the technological edgeComplex applicationsPackaging, Power ManagementLong runningCommunication CriticalSimplicityHighly Parallel Programming / OperationFaults, Failures, Availability

    SC2000 Extremes

  • Tapping Experience of SC CommunityExtensive instrumentation and measurement

    Extensive sensor development and use

    Wide-scale distributed computing

    Vast, embedded data sets

    Serious parallel Programming

    SC2000 Extremes

  • Some of the OpportunitiesIntegrating measurement with real-time modelingComplete scientific data processing and analysisDistributed, integrated sensor networksComputational modeling applied to the technology itselfSensor technology applied to high performance systems management...

    SC2000 Extremes

  • The PanelDeborah Estrin, University of California, Los Angeles, ISI network perspectiveWahid Hermina, Sandia National Laboratories MEMS technology perspectiveLarry Arnstein, University of Washington Deeply Instrumented Laboratory James Demmel, University of California, Berkeley, - Computational Modeling

    10-15 minute presentations followed by discussion

    SC2000 Extremes