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contoh-contoh judul skripsi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (PBI) tersebut. 1. The Effectiveness of Imaginative Reading Materials in Improving Reading Comprehension of The Second Year Students of SMA Negeri 1 Bengkalis.

2. The Effectiveness of Self Assessment Techniques in Improving Students English Speaking Proficiency at FIQIH Program of STAI Al Kautsar Bengkalis.

3. The effectiveness of The Aesthetic Realism Method in Improving Reading Skill at The Fourth Class at the Elementary School 2 Bengkalis.

4. The Effectiveness of Using English Song in Improving The Students Ability in Writing An Essay At The Second Year of SMAN 3 Bengkalis.

5. The Effectiveness of Word Analogies in Improving the English Vocabulary Mastery of The Second Year Students of SMAN 2 Bengkalis.

6. The Implementation of Porto Polio Assessment in English Learning of SMAN 2 Bengkalis.

7. The Influence of Peer Response in Writing Process to Improve Students Writing Ability : A Case Study at The Tenth Grade of United English Forum (UEF) Pekanbaru.

8. The Responses of Students and Readmes if Teachers For Developing of English Teaching System in KTSP Curriculum MAN Bengkalis.

9. The Roles of Args Model in Improving Students Motivation in Learning English Study at The Second Year Students of Pondok Pesantren Terpadu Darul Falah Bengkalis.

10. The Students Ability In Analyzing Santences Of Reading Texts Using Cooperative Learning At The Fifth Semester Students Of English Language and Literature Departemen

11. The Use of Dictoglass To Increase The Students Speaking Achievement At The Third Year Students of SMP Negeri 1 Bengkalis.

12. The Use of First Language Acquesition Approach to Teach in Speaking in Improving The Students Proficiency of Pendidikan Agama Islam Program STAI Bengkalis.

13. The Use of Guided Writing Procedures in Improving The English Writing Proficiency of The Second Year Student of SMAN 1 Bengkalis Regency.

14. The Use of Start Simple Stories (SSS) Extensive Reading Method to Make The English Reading Learning Effective at The Second Year Students of MAN Bengkalis.

15. Understanding The Position Of Orientation Complication & Resolution To Write A narrative text At The First Year Students Of SMAN 3 Bengkalis.

16. Using Class Analysis Method To Assist Students Problem In Learning To Read To The First Year Level Of SMPN 1 Bengkalis Regency.

17. Using Coenitive Learning Styles To Increase The Students Vocabulary Mastery Of The First Year Students (PPM) PP Modern Darul Falah Bengkalis.

18. Using Directed Reading Activity Strategy to Improve The Reading Comprehension of The Second Year Students of SMP1 RSBI Bengkalis Regency.

19. Using English Song to Improve Student Prounanciation Ability Second Year Students of MAN Bengkalis.

20. Using Genius Method To Improving The Sudents Vocabulary Mastery Of The Ninth Grade Students Of MA Darul Falah Bengkalis Regency.