Contoh Judul Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris

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<p>contoh-contoh judul skripsi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (PBI) tersebut. 1. The Effectiveness of Imaginative Reading Materials in Improving Reading Comprehension of The Second Year Students of SMA Negeri 1 Bengkalis.</p> <p>2. The Effectiveness of Self Assessment Techniques in Improving Students English Speaking Proficiency at FIQIH Program of STAI Al Kautsar Bengkalis.</p> <p>3. The effectiveness of The Aesthetic Realism Method in Improving Reading Skill at The Fourth Class at the Elementary School 2 Bengkalis.</p> <p>4. The Effectiveness of Using English Song in Improving The Students Ability in Writing An Essay At The Second Year of SMAN 3 Bengkalis.</p> <p>5. The Effectiveness of Word Analogies in Improving the English Vocabulary Mastery of The Second Year Students of SMAN 2 Bengkalis.</p> <p>6. The Implementation of Porto Polio Assessment in English Learning of SMAN 2 Bengkalis.</p> <p>7. The Influence of Peer Response in Writing Process to Improve Students Writing Ability : A Case Study at The Tenth Grade of United English Forum (UEF) Pekanbaru.</p> <p>8. The Responses of Students and Readmes if Teachers For Developing of English Teaching System in KTSP Curriculum MAN Bengkalis.</p> <p>9. The Roles of Args Model in Improving Students Motivation in Learning English Study at The Second Year Students of Pondok Pesantren Terpadu Darul Falah Bengkalis.</p> <p>10. The Students Ability In Analyzing Santences Of Reading Texts Using Cooperative Learning At The Fifth Semester Students Of English Language and Literature Departemen</p> <p>11. The Use of Dictoglass To Increase The Students Speaking Achievement At The Third Year Students of SMP Negeri 1 Bengkalis.</p> <p>12. The Use of First Language Acquesition Approach to Teach in Speaking in Improving The Students Proficiency of Pendidikan Agama Islam Program STAI Bengkalis.</p> <p>13. The Use of Guided Writing Procedures in Improving The English Writing Proficiency of The Second Year Student of SMAN 1 Bengkalis Regency.</p> <p>14. The Use of Start Simple Stories (SSS) Extensive Reading Method to Make The English Reading Learning Effective at The Second Year Students of MAN Bengkalis.</p> <p>15. Understanding The Position Of Orientation Complication &amp; Resolution To Write A narrative text At The First Year Students Of SMAN 3 Bengkalis.</p> <p>16. Using Class Analysis Method To Assist Students Problem In Learning To Read To The First Year Level Of SMPN 1 Bengkalis Regency.</p> <p>17. Using Coenitive Learning Styles To Increase The Students Vocabulary Mastery Of The First Year Students (PPM) PP Modern Darul Falah Bengkalis.</p> <p>18. Using Directed Reading Activity Strategy to Improve The Reading Comprehension of The Second Year Students of SMP1 RSBI Bengkalis Regency.</p> <p>19. Using English Song to Improve Student Prounanciation Ability Second Year Students of MAN Bengkalis.</p> <p>20. Using Genius Method To Improving The Sudents Vocabulary Mastery Of The Ninth Grade Students Of MA Darul Falah Bengkalis Regency.</p>


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