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  • Ignite the curious learner in you

    Belkis Vasquez-McCallJune 2017


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    My willingness to embark in unique learning opportunities has enabled my growth and success in lifeLearning Philosophy: Willingness to change as individuals is powered by our ability to continuously evolve through obtaining new skills

    Personal Learning Values:(1) intense focus fosters results, (2) continuously improve your game, (3) trade perfection for speed, (4) imitation is the best form of flattery

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    Personal learning values

    Intense focusfosters results


    Continuously improve your game

    Trade perfection for speed

    Imitation is the best form of flattery

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    Todays objectives

    1 2 3Discuss why it is

    important to focus on your learning agenda as you embark in an Agile


    Recognize that mastery is about igniting the 'test &

    learn' mindset

    Understand how to get results by experimenting

    with uncomfortable situations

    Appreciate the need to adapt your learning agenda based on changes in your



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    What's a career in Tech like a decade ago?

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    Basically, everything changed!Including how companies work.

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    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

    Albert Einstein

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    What can we learn from the Agile Mindset?

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  • 11McKinsey & CompanySOURCE: (March 2008) 11McKinsey & Company

    Agile is not a new process design, it is a way of working

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    Continually improveBest practice and knowledge

    Direction and contextResponsibility to experiment

    Plan effectively

    Reflect on learningPrepared for high perfomance

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    it is a focusedLearning agenda

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    Alignment and engagement

    Continuous improvement


    People development

    Collaboration and idea sharing

    translated into a statement of desired learning behaviors

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    creates foundational learning mindsets, behaviors, and skills.

    Learning mindsets,behaviors & skills

    Leadership andmanagement skills

    Technical andfunctional skills

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    How can you boost your organizationand your personal learning process?

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    Adopt 4 basicmantras

    Learn how tomanage


    Ignite the'test & learn


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    Adopt 4 basicmantras

    Learn how tomanage


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    Ignite the'test & learn


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    Thomas Edisonfailed on thousands of attempts until he found the correct filament for the light bulb.

    Kleenex tissues were originally created to help women remove make-up.

    WD40 gets its name from the number of attempts to get the water displacement formula correct.

    Post-It notes were invented to replace bookmarks. Their idea was a failure.

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    Learn how tomanage


    Ignite the'test & learn


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    Adopt 4 basicmantras

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    Ask for feedback


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  • Experiment with new approaches


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    Look for connections across seemingly unrelated areas


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  • Make time for reflection


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    Adopt 4 basicmantras

    Ignite the'test & learn


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    Learn how tomanage


  • Be water my friend.- Chinese proverb

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    Perhaps at no other time in recent history hasadaptability been more important than it is now.

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    The power of adaptation

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    Managing uncertainty through agility, adaptiveness, learning, and anticipation is often more efficient and effective than trying to do it through standardization, tightness, fixedness, barriers, and restrictions

    Its more popular too

  • Walt Disney was fired by the editor ofa newspaper because he had no good ideas.

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    Once upon a time

    Give time and space for your curious learner side to grow!

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