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<p>CONSTRUCTIVIST TEACHING WHAT IS THE CONSTRUCTIVISM? WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT CONSTRUCTIVISM? The Constructivism is a kind of teaching philosophy. A philosophy of learning based on the premise that people construct their own understanding of the world. Construct Construct is verb in the text Construct is build or make For example A company construct oil riys A normally, education is teacher centered. Teacher talk about lesson, and students listen lesson. In this instance, teacher transfers knowledge, the students get knowledge Constructivism is the critical thinking skills. Constructivism teaching is manufacturer learning and discovery learning. Individuals dont take information directly. Individuals reconstruct their information. Constructivist learning is specifying with teachers and students common decision. Purpose on Constructivist Learning Purpose of constructive learning is developing skills. There is student in Center. Constructivist learning provide our thinking on a topic. Students ask theirselves What we will learn in topic. This situation can develop individual learn. Each person has different view. Principles of Constructivist Teaching 1- Students should learn by applying 2- Viewpoint of students is very important Teacher should not be aouthority in the class. Students should be active. Students can tell their thoughts easily. Constructivist teacher should be like the northern star. Teacher is not saying where student would go. Teacher helps them to find their way 3- Teachers should give keywords, students should think on the keyword. In this manner, students think on the keyword. The top is will be more understandable for students and students learn the topic better Information becomes permanent. Characteristics of Constructivist Education Characteristics of Constructivist Education Teaching is not important. The important thing is learning. Students develop entrepreneurship When teachers tell information, student should be questioned. Students dont accept information directly. Students interrogate theirselves. Anticipation, creating, analysis are very important for constructivist teaching. ANALYSS NORMALY 1- Information is outside of individuals. Information is transmitted from teacher to student. 2- Students learn what they hear and read. Learning depends teacher. If teacher tell good, students understand good. 3- When student repeat information, learning is successful CONSTRUCTIVIST TEACHING 1- nformation is personal. Information created by students. 2- Students create their own information. Students interpret theirselves what they hear and read. Students interpret theirselves what they hear and read. 3- When students have a canceptual understanding, learning is successful. QUESTONS 1-What is not important for constructivist teaching? A)Anticipation B)Presentation of teacher C)Analysis D)Creating CORRECT ANSWER- B- PRESENTETION OF TEACHER 2- What is the purpose of Constructive Learning? A)There is teacher in center B) Constructive Learning is developing skills. C)Teacher talk about lesson, and students listen lesson D)Learning depends teacher CORRECT ANSWER B)CONSTRUCTVE LEARNING IS DEVELOPING SKLLS 3-What is not principles of Constructivist Teaching? A)Students should learn by applying B)Viewpoint of students is very important C)Teachers should give keywords, students should think on the keyword. D)Teacher talk everytime CORRECT ANSWER D) TEACHER TALK EVERYTME THANK YOU FOR LSTEN TO US MEHMET YATAAN UUR DVER</p>


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