Consciousness & the Two-Track Mind. What is the difference between the brain and the mind? “The mind is what the brain does”

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  • Consciousness & the Two-Track Mind

  • What is the difference between the brain and the mind?The mind is what the brain does

  • Dual processing and the two track mindUpper - ConsciousnessDeliberate thought and actionLower - UnconsciousAutomaticDoes most of the brains work back stage then moves it into our consciousness

  • Upper consciousOnly completely focus on one task at a timeE.g. Tap 4 times with left hand and 3 times with right (difficult)

  • Selective attentionCocktail party effectDriving and cell phone

  • Sleep

  • Circadian Rhythms24 hour sleep cycleChanging from working nights to daysTranspacific flightTokyo to SeattleGoing West to East is hardestSun is moving East to West)

  • Brain Waves during SleepAlpha wavesSleep spindlesDelta wavesREM sleep

  • Brain Waves During SleepAlpha waves Awake & relaxedTransition (Stage 1)REM (Rapid Eye Movement)Sleep spindles (Stage 2)Bursts of rapid rhythmic brain activityLasts about 20 minutesDelta Waves (Stage 3 & 4)Deep sleepSlow wavesLasts about 30 minutes

  • REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)90 Minute cycleMore in infants than adultsDreamingHelps consolidate memoriesSexual (genital) arousal

  • Typical nights sleep

  • Sleep DisordersInsomniaPersistent trouble falling or staying asleepNarcolepsySleep (seizure)Falling asleep immediately for about 5 minutesMay occur at many inopportune (or serious) times (e.g. having sex)

  • Sleep Disorders (Cont.)Sleep apneaYou stop breathing while asleepSnort air and fall back asleepNight TerrorsMostly childrenAppear terrified - sits up or walks aroundUsually remembers little or nothing the next morning.

  • Sleep & the life cycle

  • HypnosisA relaxed state in which the hypnotist suggests certain perceptions and feelings or thoughts.Some people may be more susceptible to being hypnotized than others.Particularly if they strongly believe they can be hypnotized.You can not be hypnotized against your will.

  • Posthypnotic suggestionSuggestions given during hypnosis that you will act a certain way after the session.Cigarettes or weight loss

  • Social influence theory of hypnosisHypnotized subjects are simply acting out the role of a good hypnotic subject.


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