Consciousness and Psi Can Consciousness be Real?

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Consciousness and Psi Can Consciousness be Real?. A Presentation for Utrecht ll: Charting the Future of Parapsychology October 2008, Utrecht, The Netherlands Roger Nelson Director, Global Consciousness Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Consciousness and Psi Can Consciousness be Real?

  • Distance: Closer pairs = Stronger correlationsS1: zizj

    S2: zi2zj2Deeper analysis Parametric elements Modeling is next

    Roger NelsonUtrecht IIOct 15 2008

    Looking at categories: EmotionsExplorations: What matters, what doesnt

    Roger NelsonUtrecht IIOct 15 2008

    ~650 Major earthquakes, Richter 6 or moreOnly those on land show a pattern in GCP data 553 ControlsOcean Quakes +/- 30 hours92 Quakes on Land +/- 30 hoursReciprocal linkage to human consciousnessThe realty of consciousnessIs clearly implied

    Roger NelsonUtrecht IIOct 15 2008

    1. Physical and statistical theories are incomplete2. Individual, group, global consciousness are real3. Consciousness is information, not energy 4. Models of the world must include consciousness5. Mind matters it can directly change the world

    Decades of Psi Research Contributions largely unrecognized (Until now But that will change)

    Roger NelsonUtrecht IIOct 15 2008

    What's Next? The Future of Parapsychology 1. Replicate experiments with strong implications2. Dig deeper with clear, sophisticated analysis3. Develop richer predictive theoretical models4. Create applications for science education5. Write articles that focus on Myers point6. Engage our mainstream colleagues7. Foster young researchers

    GCP 2008

    Roger NelsonUtrecht IIOct 15 2008

    Is this the future of Parapsychology?I think not ...Mainstream guysPsi research

    Roger NelsonUtrecht IIOct 15 2008

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