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  • CircuitWest is bringing Performing Arts Connections Australias Power PAC work-

    shop to your community.

    Power PAC workshops address the desire (and need) within communities to be better

    connected, build practical skills and nurture and create performance projects in regional


    Because we all want more audiences, better engagement, higher utilisation of our arts

    centre spaces, greater outcomes for our communities and more support for making

    projects happen.

    The three hour workshop is free and youll also

    receive the practical Power PAC guide.

    Connecting artists, arts centres &

    local government

    Artists Theatre Makers Producers Arts Centre Staff Local Government

    If you believe that theres potential for your arts centre to

    deliver a broader range of activities

    If youre a theatre-maker, creative producer or any kind of artist who can see

    potential in partnering with a performing arts centre or other local government

    owned venues in order to make great work

    If you recognise that your arts centre already has a range of resources that

    could be better harnessed to support the creative process

    If you believe you have the capacity to enter into creative partnerships to

    support this creative process and be a key player in the making of great

    theatre... but dont quite know where to begin...

  • This project is being undertaken by CircuitWest in the broader context of the five schemes of the Creative Regions

    program, an investment of $24M by government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural

    Industries and the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development.



    Rick has worked in the performing arts industry for over 25 years. He is the Executive

    Director of PAC Australia (formerly the Australian Performing Arts Centres Association)

    and Director of Push Management, a strategy, planning and project management

    consultancy for the arts industry.

    Rick is an authority on performing arts touring, having been involved in the development

    of national touring for the last 20 years, co-drafting the Australia Councils National

    Touring Framework and completing a five year WA touring strategy for CircuitWest.



    Annette is an Australian dance artist and creative producer who specialises in regional

    cultural development and community engagement.

    Annette provides professional development services to CircuitWest, regional touring

    networks and is considered a national expert on community engagement. Her training

    program An Ecosystem for Art and Ideas has had significant impact on regional artists

    and producers. As an arts manager and consultant, Annette has worked with leading arts

    organisations in Western Australia and London.

    Power PAC workshops are delivered by:


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