Conducting Collaborative Projects Part 3

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Conducting Collaborative Projects Part 3. OSP Awareness Feb 9, 2011 Collaborating with Others. Todays Topics Subawards Lisa V. Kaley-Heyn What is a Subaward? Using the Request to Issue a Subaward form Consultants Caroline McMullin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Conducting Collaborative ProjectsPart 3OSP AwarenessFeb 9, 2011osp.syr.eduospoff@syr.edu1Collaborating with OthersTodays TopicsSubawards Lisa V. Kaley-HeynWhat is a Subaward?Using the Request to Issue a Subaward formConsultants Caroline McMullinWhen is a Consultant Agreement needed?Submitting the Consulting Agreement2Overview3How do you tell what is what?Subawards/SubcontractsCharacteristicsAccount Codes = 561401/subject to F&A; 561402/ not subject to F&A

Vendors/Purchased ServicesCharacteristicsAccount Code = 569914/Educ & Res Svc; 561399/Other prof fees

ConsultantsCharacteristicsAccount Code = 561101/Consultants

Indicators of Subawards, Purchased Services and Consultants

4Authorization Process FlowProposal Who

SU Faculty/Staff submit the IRR and proposal naming planned collaborators

Non-SU entities submit commitments via letter, form or quoteAward Who

SU Faculty/Staff submit the Request to Issue a Subaward , or Non-Personnel Worksheet and Consulting Agreement with attachments to OSP

Non-SU collaborators submit statements of work, budgets and budget narratives sufficient to define the work to be doneAuthorization Process Flow

Award Who

SU Faculty/Staff - Works with subrecipients , consultants and vendors to assure that work is done as plannedCreates consultant and vendor commitmentsMonitors all work and expenditures on the project

Award Who

SU OSP Reviews all Requests to Issue a Subaward and consulting agreementsNegotiates and executes all agreementsMonitors subrecipientsCreates subaward commitments

Subawards7Subawards at the Proposal StageThe following items must be provided to OSP five business days prior to proposal submission:Either the Subrecipient Commitment form or a letter of intent to collaborate containing comparable information, which has been signed by an authorized institutional official (NOTE: this is ordinarily not the PI/project director at the partner institution);A budget justification and budget (in format required by sponsor) authorized by the institutional official;A brief statement of work.Any other documentation that may be required by the application guidelines (e.g. current and pending support, biographical sketches, etc).

8Issuing SubawardsPI/Project Staff ResponsibilitiesRequest to IssueMonitor quality of work/progressApprove InvoicesRequest to ModifyApprove CloseoutOSP ResponsibilitiesSubaward NegotiationsSubrecipient MonitoringSubaward Commitment SetupPre-Audit Invoice Review and ProcessingCloseout 9Request to Issue a Subaward Request to Issue a SubawardMust include:Statement of WorkBudget/NarrativeCurrent Contact InformationRequired FFATA Data10Request to Modify a SubawardRequest to Modify a SubawardThings to Think AboutDo you want to continue collaborating?Is the work progressing according to plan?Have invoices been submitted and are they appropriate?Are compliance issues in order?Are reporting requirements sufficient?Who is authorized to approve?

11Consultants12Consultants at the Proposal StageThe following items must be provided to OSP five business days prior to proposal submission:the service to be provided;the number of days of service involved (per year, if applicable),the daily rate of compensation, andwhether travel will be separately itemized.

13Engaging a ConsultantOSP ResponsibilitiesAvailable to discuss with the PI/Staff the work being done by the project collaborators to help determine appropriate actionReview Worksheet and supporting documents Assure that the Consulting Agreement is complete and fully executed

PI/Project Staff ResponsibilitiesSubmit the Consulting Agreement, SOW, Budget and Worksheet to OSPSetup Consultant Commitment and process appropriate invoices14Consulting AgreementConsultant Worksheet

Consulting Agreement15Questions?16Collaborating with OthersWhats Next?Part 3 February 16, 2011Reviewing Subaward InvoicesClosing your SubawardPart 4 April 6, 2011SU Collaborators - Voices of Experience17