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This document represents the operating principles of the Bellevue Borough Conditional License Agreement Committee




    Background: A Better Bellevue (ABB), a community based organization, and the Bellevue Initiative For Growth And Revitalization (BIGr), a non-profit Community Development Corporation for Bellevue, have established a practice with regard to new and renewed applications for liquor licenses in Bellevue Borough.

    The process involves scheduling a Conditional Licensing Agreement Committee meeting with the business owners/applicants and nearby community neighbors and businesses to determine the nature of the business and then determining if a Conditional Licensing Agreement is necessary to proceed.

    The Conditional Licensing Agreement (CLA) template is attached hereto as Exhibit A. Each Conditional Licensing Agreement is individualized according to the nature of the proposed Liquor License applicants business.

    Committee Structure and Composition: The Conditional Licensing Agreement Committee (Committee) is representative of the Bellevue community at large, an 11 person Committee comprised of three residents, two business owners, three elected officials one member of the Bellevue Borough Police Department and two members of ABB or community at large to maintain balance. This composition reflects diverse backgrounds, experiences, and opinions, and was selected to provide balanced, objective input into the CLA process.

    Prior to each new application process, all members of the committee will be screened to ensure that no conflicts of interest exist with the potential applicant. Any Committee member identified as having a conflict of interest shall recuse themselves from the entire process for the application being considered.


    Committee Members (2015)

    Grant Saylor, A Better Bellevue Tom Fodi, A Better Bellevue Paul Cusick, Elected Official Linda Woshner, Elected Official Henry Lenard, Elected Official Matt Sentner, Boro Chief of Police Shane McGraw, Resident Andrew Belsick, Resident Christine Kubicky, Resident Aaron Stubna, Business Owner Carolyn Laquatra, Business Owner

    A quorum will consist of a simple majority of Committee members being present.

    Committee Member Resignation: If or when members of the Committee submit their resignation, the Committee at Large is tasked with the responsibility to fill the vacancy according to the Committee Structure guidelines as outlined above. To maintain balance, if a citizen resigns then a citizen will be sought to fill the seat, etc.

    Conditional Licensing Agreement Public Meetings: It is the duty and responsibility of the Committee to schedule and advertise with a minimum of 7 days notice via numerous outlets the date, time and location of the Public meetings. The purposes of the meetings are two-fold: (1) For the Owners/Applicants to present their business plan to the community as part of a respectful and productive facilitated discussion. (2) To provide information to the community and for ABB and BIGr to receive feedback from the community on the proposed business to consider when finalizing the CLA.

    Committee Voting Process: Decisions regarding the content of the CLA will be based upon the Conditional Licensing Agreement development with a two thirds vote required. If less than 66% of the present Committee members cannot vote in support of a given issue, the issue will be further discussed and objectively researched until such a time that 66% of the participating committee can agree. This system is in place to ensure a more unified, and less political decision is ultimately reached on all matters at hand and gives the minority voice an opportunity to be heard. In the event that a Committee member is not able to attend in person reasonable accommodations will be made to include the member via telephone or internet connection. Remote voting will be permitted during such circumstances.

    Minutes: A designated member of the Committee will record minutes of each meeting and will provide the minutes to each of the Committee members. The minutes will be made for public record by placing them on the ABB and BIGr websites, and other websites as is deemed appropriate for complete transparency purposes.