Computer Science and Information Technology Electives at the High School

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Computer Science and Information Technology Electives at the High School. Don Sawyer October 18, 2011. Introductory Electives. Web Programming I and 2 Web Based Programs HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL 0.5 credit courses. Visual Basic I and 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Computer Science andInformation TechnologyElectives at the High SchoolDon Sawyerdsawyer@methacton.orgOctober 18, 2011

  • Introductory ElectivesIntroduction to JavaObject-Oriented Programming0.5 credit course

  • Follow-On ElectivesAP Computer ScienceObject-Oriented ProgrammingEquivalent to First Semester College Level Computer Science CourseMost Students take the exam and all have received 4s or 5sAdvanced Java ProgrammingOpen to Students that have completed AP Computer ScienceIn the Program Planning Guide for the past two years but never had enough eligible students to actually offer the courseCovers advanced data structures, possibly Android OS

  • What Does Code Look Like?private Triangle triA, triB, selectedTri;private int x, y;public TrianglePanel( Color backColor ) {setBackground( backColor );int [] x1 = { 50, 100, 150 };int [] y1 = { 25, 25, 75 };triA = new Triangle( x1, y1 ); int [] x2 = { 100, 250, 100 };int [] y2 = { 150, 225, 300 };triB = new Triangle( x2, y2 ); selectedTri = null;addMouseListener( new PanelListener() );addMouseMotionListener( new PanelMotionListener() );}Short snippet of java code from the AP Computer Science Class

  • What Does Code Look Like?

    Exericse 4

    input{ text-align:center }.out{border-style:none; font-size:140%; text-align:left}

    function calcSlope(){var x1 = parseFloat( document.frm.txtX1.value );var y1 = parseFloat( document.frm.txtY1.value );var x2 = parseFloat( document.frm.txtX2.value );var y2 = parseFloat( document.frm.txtY2.value );var c = ( y2 - y1 )/( x2 - x1 );c = c.toFixed( 3 );document.frm.txtC.value = "The slope is " + c;}

    Some source code from a web page in Web Programming 1

  • Who Takes These ElectivesThe introductory electives are open to students in grades 9 to 12.AP Computer Science is open to grades 10 to 12.Generally successful in mathMostly boys (would love to have more girls take these courses)

  • CostTeacher salary.Computer lab (though available for other uses)All software is free except for Flash and DreamweaverAP Computer Science is the only course with a text book. All other courses rely on resources that either I develop or are free on-line. Go to to view course materials.

  • Robotics ClubFirst year at high school. Lots of interest.Design, build, and program robots.Initial funds from parents ($2,000) and Home and School association ($200).Initial purchases include Lego Mindstorms, Finch, and Arduino Inventor Kits.Participating in MIT/NASA robot programming competition involving physics, advanced math, programming, and strategy. Placed 39th out of 88 high schools in the nation in the first round. Details of competition at