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  • 7/29/2019 Compendium of World (volume 1)



    VOLUME 2

    A Dissertation

    Presented toThe Faculty of the Ambassador College

    Graduate School of Education

    In Partial Fulfillment

    of the Requirements for the Degree

    Doctor of Philosophy


    Herman L. Hoeh


    1966, 1969 Edition



    Chapter IEarly History of GermanyAntiquity of the German ReichGermans Shape World Affairs

    The Answer FoundDid the Assyrians Invade Europe?What Did Assyrians Look Like?Why Germans Call Themselves "Deutschen"What Language Did They Speak?Semitic by Race, Not Language

    Chapter IIThe Ancient Kings of the GermansThe Early Settlers of EuropeKings of Ancient Germany

    Chapter IIIAbraham in Early European HistoryEurope's Early History SuppressedAbraham in the Austrian Chronicle

    Chapter IVJews Gain Power in Danube CivilizationJewish Kings from Austrian Chronicle

  • 7/29/2019 Compendium of World (volume 1)


    End of Jewish Predominance

    Chapter VThe Conquests of Odin and Danish HistoryWhat the History of Denmark RevealsThe Genealogy of Dan I

    "Hu the Mighty"The Kings of DenmarkDenmark Enters Roman HistoryChristianity Introduced on the Throne

    Chapter VIScotland -- Key to History of New WorldWhat Historians ClaimFirst Major SettlementLine of Judah in ScotlandEarliest History of ScotlandEarly Line of Scottish KingsKings of Cruithne Continued

    Chapter VIIThey Crossed the AtlanticThe Little Ice AgeWhites Did Not Become IndiansAmerican Indian TraditionEnter VotanEarly Time of MigrationChronology of Mexico

    The History of Toltecs at TullanThe City-State of CulhaucanThe Chichimecs at TexcocoThe Aztecs

    Chapter VIIIThe History of SpainOnly Recently SuppressedEarliest Kings over the SpanishInvasion from AfricaAbraham's ChildrenChaos in Spain

    Time of the Sea Powers

    Chapter IXItaly, Home of Pagan ReligionItaly in the Ancient WorldWhat Italian History RevealsThe History of EtruriaThe History of the Latins

  • 7/29/2019 Compendium of World (volume 1)


    Chapter XThe Story of the Peruvian IndiansModern Scholarship Discarded the FactsWhat Archaeologists FoundIllustration from BurmaThe Inca Rulers

    Chapter XIAncient Persia and TurkestanEarly Kings of PersiaThe Second RaceThe First RaceTurkestan, Turks and MongolsOgus KhanThe History of Armenia

    Chapter XIITrojan Migration to FranceTrojan Kings of IsauriaTrojan Kings of Sicambria and PannoniaKings of AgrippinaPrinces of BrabantDukes of BrabantKings of FrisiaDukes of FrisiaSecond Group of Kings of FrisiaTrojan Kings of the BelgiansKings of the Celts in Gaul

    Chapter XII AFurther Migrations to FranceSicambrian KingsThe Kings of the FranksDukes of the East FranksThe Hapsburgs EnterThe Dukes of GaulKings of FranceIn Retrospect

    Chapter XIIIHistory of Sweden and the Saxons

    The Record SpeaksRenewed MigrationDynasty of YnglingDynasty of StenkilSaxon History

    Chapter XIVThe History of ArabiaWho Were the First Arabs?

  • 7/29/2019 Compendium of World (volume 1)


    The Jorhamites of HejazThe Kingdom of YemenArabia's Indian-Ocean Neighbors

    Chapter XVThe Miracle of the Red Sea

    Do Miracles Happen Today?Background of the StoryWhere Is Goshen?The Land of RamesesGoshen During the PlaguesThe Night of the ExodusIsrael Built PyramidsWhat Road Did Israel Take?Where Are These Places?Crossing the Red SeaEgypt Left DesolateEgypt's Historians Admit What Happened

    Chapter XVIJourney to PetraAfter Mount Sinai -- Where?What Does "Kadesh" Mean?Located in Mount Seir!Israel Whipped in SeirYet Another Proof!Where Was the "Wilderness of Wandering"?Encampments Listed in OrderBene-Jaakan is Kadesh!

    The Return to Kadesh"Sela" Another Name for PetraWhere Did Aaron Die?Where Was the King's Highway?Journey Northward in the ArabahPetra Occupied by Israel

    Chapter XVIIWhere Did the Twelve Apostles Go?Jesus' Commission Tells"House of Israel" IdentifiedWhat New Testament Reveals

    Three Missing WordsWars Reveal WhereTo Whom Did Peter Write?Remnant of Ten Tribes on Shores of Black SeaWhat Greek Historians ReportSimon Peter in Britain!And Andrew His BrotherAnd the Other Apostles?And Ireland Too!

  • 7/29/2019 Compendium of World (volume 1)


    Paul in Britain, Too?On the Shores of the Caspian SeaWhere Did Matthew Go?

    Chapter XVIIISince the First Man

    Scientific ConfusionWhy Hypotheses?Uncovering the FactsHow Geologists ThinkDiscarding the FactsFacts of GeologyConfirmation of Genesis OneThe World of AdamThe Sin of Cain and GeologyEarly Post-Flood World

    Appendix AThe Enigma of Dynasty I and II of Kish Resolved

    Appendix BEthiopian King ListAgdazyan DynastyDynasty of Menelik IThe Christian SovereignsDynasty of AtseSovereigns Issued from ZagweA Jewish DynastyHouse of Gondar

    Tribe of OriLine of Ham

    Appendix CKashmir -- Chronology from the RajataranginiGonandiya DynastyUsurping DynastyRestored Gonandiya DynastyKarkota DynastyThe Dynasty of UtpalaFirst Lohara DynastySecond Lohara Dynasty



    The first volume of the COMPENDIUM OF WORLD HISTORY exposed theradical new interpretation of history now taught on all levels ofmodern education. It revealed the fallacy of the "historical method."It explained WHY God is left out of history.

  • 7/29/2019 Compendium of World (volume 1)


    Volume I restored the history of ancient Egypt, of Assyria andBabylonia, of Media and India, of Greece, Ireland and Britain. Thisvolume completes that restoration. For the first time, in this secondvolume, the early history of Europe will be made plain. Its connectionwith the New World, with American Indian civilization, with the earlyBiblical heroes is an astounding revelation.



    The time has come to reveal the true history of Europe.The Germans for centuries have dominated the heartland of Western

    Europe. Because of the geographic position Germany's transportationlines constitute the vital arteries of the continent. Without thebeating of the German heart, Europe would lose its economic andpolitical prominence in world affairs.

    Ancient Roman writers would have us believe that the Germans inthe Roman heyday were mere barbarians, an insignificant people roamingthe forests of northern Europe. Was this Roman report the whole truth?Were the ancient Roman writers keeping back from their people the factsof German history?

    Rome conquered Spain, Gaul, Southern Britain, all North Africa tothe Sahara, Illyria, Greece, Asia to the Euphrates. But Rome had todraw its boundary in the north along the Rhine. Why? Why was Rome notable to subdue all Germany? Why, after centuries of bloodshed, did Romefinally succumb to the hammer blows of the Germanic Goths and Vandals?It is high time we were told the true history of early Germany.

    The origin of the German people in Europe is rooted in patriarchaltimes. The history of early Germany, suppressed by the Romans, wasrevived briefly in the German-dominated Middle Ages. But before theclose of the seventeenth century not even the Germans remembered theirpast. It had been stamped out in the name of education and religion.

    But not all was lost. From early documents and local traditions itis still possible to recover what has, in recent centuries, been buriedunder the rubble of modern educational superstition. The Germansthemselves are in great part responsible for this condition. Theyfostered modern historical concepts. They have tried to hide their pasteven from themselves -- just as they did at the close of the Hitlerera. If the Germans admitted to themselves and the world who they

    really are, all the world would recognize in Imperial Germany thereconstituted Assyrian Empire -- once the terror of all the civilizedworld!


    Germany has set herself up as the bulwark of Europeancivilization. Germany for centuries has claimed to stand as the wall of

  • 7/29/2019 Compendium of World (volume 1)


    defense against the barbarism of Asia.The German Reich long endured as the oldest political institution

    in Continental Europe. The German people called their Reich the HolyRoman Empire. It bore rule over Europe for a thousand years. This "HolyRoman Empire of the German People" was officially designated by theChurch in the Middle Ages as "The Kingdom of God" on earth. Its

    citizens, the Germans, felt themselves true Romans and bearers of theChristian Reich or kingdom. They were therefore the chosen people ofthe Christian era, entrusted with a world-mission to be the protectorsof Christianity.

    German leaders and philosophers have never forgotten this notionof the Middle Ages that the German, in place of the Jew, has a specialmission from God.

    This strange concept, which lies behind modern political thinkingin Germany, is plainly stated in the German work "Die Trag"die desHeiligen Reiches" -- in English, "The Tragedy of the Holy RomanEmpire." It is by Friedrich Heer. It is a remarkable volume. It laysbare the reason for the secret motives of the German to dominate Europe-- and the world.


    The story of the ancestry of the German people, and their role inprophecy, is one of the strangest stories ever written. It is grippingwith interest, amazing -- yes, astounding!

    "The History of Germany," writes Bayard Taylor, "is not thehistory of a nation, but of a race ... Thus, even before the fall ofthe Roman Empire, it becomes the main trunk out of which branch

    histories of nearly all European nations, and ... the connecting linkbetween ancient and modern history. The records o