Communication Skills Conflict Resolution Skills Problem Solving

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  • Communication Skills Conflict Resolution Skills Problem Solving
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  • Listening The #1 Skill Of An Effective Team Member Good Listeners Offer Suggestions Offer Ideas Take Risks Speak Openly Get Involved Bring Problems to Light Discuss Their Honest Feelings Are Creative
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  • Listening The Co-Teachers Who Listen Will Know what their partners beliefs are Express their ideas about improving teaching and learning Know their students better Deal with problems as they arise Be able to define their role clearly Create more welcoming and supportive learning environments
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  • Rationale for listening Establishes rapport Builds relationships Obtain sufficient and accurate information needed for collaboration
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  • Factors that Interfere with Effective Listening Responding to assumptions Insufficient time for communication Daydreaming Rehearsing a response Stumbling on hot words or phrases Filtering messages Being distracted by extraneous details
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  • Improving your listening skills Mentally prepare for listening Mentally review the information given to you Categorize the information Make notes of informational details Use a signal as a cue to remember ideas Seek to differentiate and make connections between inferences, facts, and options
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  • Principles for effective interpersonal communication Nonverbal communication principles Congruence Individualism Verbal communciation principles concreteness Neutrality
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  • Suggestions for improving your communication skills Read pgs. 236-239 in Interactions text Add to the provided list Share your list with a partner
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  • Application Task With a partner, refer to page 41, activity # 6 in the Interactions reading You have 15 minutes to complete the task Large Group Processing