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corporate communication project

by VastinVorm

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Translating corporate values

SANYO is dedicated to creating synergy between people, the environment and technology. The philosophy is to be a very dedicated partner. SANYO will always try to support your ambition with the world's most innovative developments. From performance and reliability, to ergonomics and usability: SANYO products are designed with you in mind.

VastinVorm created:

Your choice your SANYO

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Your choice your SANYO

You decide what is important in your career, which steps and products you need to get where you want to be. SANYO will support your decision with the right product.

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Your connection

By combining the the characteristics of the person with the keypoints of SANYO we enhance the Your SANYO message. Everyone should feel that SANYO products fit their needs.

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Your community

Your Choice Your SANYO is supported by a special website. yoursanyo.com will grow to be a news channel. Visitors can use the blog and special events will be announced.

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Your choice; flexibility

All the elements of the Your SANYO style can be used seperately. Therefor it is possible to use it in print, exhibitions and presentations. VastinVorm always keeps an eye on practicality.

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You can relax and sit back when

you need a design agency.

Whether it is a multinational or a

starting company, VastinVorm is

the right partner.

We believe in an individual

approach. Not adapting ideas

from stock and no copy and

paste. That is the way we like to

work. That is the only way you

can be assured that your design

has had all the attention that

was needed. Every time a fresh

look on things.

Just visit www.vastinvorm.nl or

give us a call +31152855980