COMENIUS PROJECT. Health insurance -medicines -dental work -vaccinations -prosthesis -transport -fertility treatments Medical costs… Belgium - Orthodontic

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  • Health insurance -medicines -dental work -vaccinations -prosthesis -transport -fertility treatments Medical costs Belgium - Orthodontic under the age of 18 - Plastic surgery in case of accident - Wheelchair (in special cases) - Refund on glasses Hungary
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  • Sick pay Belgium : Agreement with employer? (contract) Right for governmental support while you are sick Maximum 2 years ~ contract is valid Compensation payment, no loan ~ contract not valid Paid by national health insurance Follow certain rules ~ e.g. get back to work as soon as possible
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  • Sick pay Hungary: Paid by National Health Insurance Profession plays an important role Payment is calculated from the tax paid by the person In case of having a full time job for at least 2 years its 60%, under 2 years of previous employment, it is 50% of the average monthly salary It is paid in the first 30 days of the illness 90% salary is paid in case of accidents at work
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  • Unemployment benefits Belgium: receive governmental support because: Cant work Retired Unemployed Extra costs: Children Doctors, medication You dont have a job, but you are actively looking for one
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  • Unemployment benefits Hungary: It is provided if you are not eligible for sick pay or insurance There are 3 types: People currently in search of a job, after having finished their 180 day unemployment benefit Who are not eligible for unemployment benefits, but have worked at least 200 days Those who are maximum 5 years away from pension Below the age of 50 it is 90 days, over 50 it is 180 days 60% of the average daily payment
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  • Maternity leave Belgium 16 weeks minimum Choice when maternity leave starts Baby born before maternity leave: then still 16 weeks before + after birth Hungary Up to 3 years In case of twins, until they reach school going age In case of disabled children, they get more In case of twins it is the double of the average (2006 data)
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  • Childcare benefits Belgium The person who raises the child receives the childcare benefits If there are 2 parents: mother gets priority Money you get monthly: first child: 86,77 euros Second child: 160,55 euros Third child: 239,72 euros
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  • Childcare benefits Hungary: Families where there are any children can get this, they can be adopted. The monthly amount changes according to the number of children: 1 child/family: 12 200 Ft (40-50 euros) 1child/single parent: 13700 Ft(45-55 euros) 2 children/family: 26 600 Ft (100 euros) 2 children/single parent: 29600 Ft(110-120 euros) 3 or more children/family: 14800 Ft /child (50-55 euros) 3 or more children/single parent 17000 Ft /child (65 euros) permanently disabled or sick children: 23300 Ft/child (90 euros) permanently disabled or sick children: 25900 Ft /child (100 euros) It is paid until the child turns 16
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  • State financial help for education Belgium Some students get scholarship if they go to university Certain conditions Always follow the lessons Student have to study regularly Always pass your year or go to a lower level of education if you dont pass Parents may not have a very high income
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  • State financial help for education Hungary If someone acquires enough points at the graduation exams (and in the specific subjects), that person can get state funded university education Because of the economical problems, the state will cut down on these places (mostly because a lot of people leave Hungary after receiving their diploma) If someone studies hard and gets good grades, the Ministry of Education gives scholarship
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  • University dormitory possibilities Belgium: Kot Peda Hungary: Rooms housing 3-8 students Monthly fee (30-75 Euros)
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  • Accident At Work Belgium The Belgian Social Security pays the medical costs back Hungary The company gives 90% of salary, if that person is unable to earn money because of an accident at work
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  • Retirement Belgium Men: 65 years Women: 60 65 years If you have a hard physical job 58 years Women: career of 30 years or more Men: career of 35 years Early retirement Less money
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  • Retirement Hungary Men: 65 years (If born before 1952 it is 62 years) Women: 65 years (If born before 1952 it is 62 years) Depending on previous earnings, it is between 200- 1000 euros
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  • The End Annelore Vandewalle Leonie Callens Mehdi Ben Ali David Frisch