College Learners' Induction Handbook 2013-14

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An introduction to Barnet and Southgate College for new students

Text of College Learners' Induction Handbook 2013-14

  • College Learners




    course information: 02082664000 main switchboard: 02082008300

  • Introduction and Welcome

    Principals address

    Welcome to Barnet and Southgate College, one of the largest Colleges in London and a great place to study or develop new skills. This handbook gives you some key information about the College and our support services. Our staff are here to help you to achieve your goals and aspirations, our expectation of you is that you attend regularly, work hard and make the most of your opportunities at College. We take the views of our learners very seriously so please do feedback to us on what we are doing well, and what we could do better. I hope you enjoy your course. David Byrne Principal and Chief Executive Barnet and Southgate College

    Term Dates

    Autumn Term: 9th September 20th December 2013

    Half Term: 28th October 1st November 2013

    Spring Term: 6th January 4th April 2014

    Half Term: 17th February 21st February 2014

    Summer Term: 22nd April 27th June 2014

    Half Term: 26th May 30th May 2014

  • Respect

    Equality & Diversity

    Policy Statement

    This means we expect our learners to show respect to everyone and never to

    bully, discriminate against or harass others. We will not tolerate any racist,

    sexist or homophobic behaviour or any disrespectful treatment of people with a

    disability or learning difficulty. Breaches of the Equality & Diversity policy

    would lead to the college taking disciplinary action.

    If you see anybody behaving in a way that contradicts the Equality & Diversity

    policy, please tell your tutor or a member of the Learner Services team.

    Barnet & Southgate College is committed to achieving equality and diversity

    for all of its learners, staff, and the broader community which it serves. We

    welcome, celebrate and value the diversity of our learning community and

    seek to promote an inclusive learning and working environment where

    everyone can achieve to their full potential. We have a zero tolerance of

    discrimination, harassment and bullying of any kind.

  • Code of Conduct

    A reminder of a few College rules

    Your College ID badge must be worn at all times and be shown if requested by a member of staff.

    You are expected to attend all your classes and to be on time

    You should not wear anything that covers your head or face apart from approved safety equipment or for religious reasons.

    You should follow instructions for completing assignments and exams without cheating, copying or plagiarising and you should hand in all assignments on time

    You should keep mobile phones switched off in all learning areas unless directed otherwise and not to use any facilities on mobile phones, personal stereos or similar equipment to cause trouble or affect another persons right to privacy.

    Unacceptable behaviour includes

    Eating/drinking in classrooms/learning resources centres

    Playing loud music from iPods/mobile phones in college buildings

    Carrying of any weapons

    Bringing drugs or alcohol on to college premises


    Staff will not tolerate disrespectful or abusive behaviour and will apply the disciplinary procedure when necessary

    A full copy of College Code of Conduct will be given to you to sign to show you agree with the rules.

    Health, Safety and Security We want to ensure your health and safety while studying at the College and take the security of you and your belongings very seriously.

    Security We need you to help us make Barnet and Southgate College a secure, safe and friendly place for all our students, staff and visitors. Please help us to do this by wearing your student ID Card at all times unless you have been asked to remove it for health and safety reasons. Never lend your card to anyone else or swipe someone else in at the turn-stiles using your ID card.

  • You are responsibility for the safekeeping of your own property (money, phones, bags etc.). Never leave your personal belongings unattended.

    Safeguarding What to do if you are worried that someone is at risk of physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect: You can talk to your tutor or any other member of staff. If they are not available and the matter is urgent, speak to a member of the Learner Services team who will contact someone for you to talk to. The information you tell a member of staff is private, we wont tell anyone else without your permission unless we find that you or someone else are in danger of being harmed. We will be open and honest with you and endeavour to support you through this. Safeguarding Contact :

    Looking after our Environment Please help us to keep our campuses clean and tidy by using the litter bins providing around the College. Please do use the recycle bins where they are provided.

    Fire and Emergency Evacuation If the fire alarm sounds, leave the building by the safest route possible and follow the instructions of the Fire Warden. If you are away from your classroom or learning area, do not return to collect any of your possessions. Go to the nearest assembly area outside and do not go back into any of the buildings until you have been told it is safe to do so. Please make sure you know what to do in an emergency and if you have any concerns, please report to a member of staff immediately.

    First Aid If at any time you think a First Aider is required, please contact the nearest member of staff or reception.

  • No Smoking Policy

    You must use the permitted areas only. This means that:

    Smoking or being in possession of lit cigarettes, cigars or pipes is not permitted in any buildings or vehicles used by Barnet and Southgate College staff, students, customers and visitors. (This includes the use of E cigarettes)

    Smoking is not permitted immediately outside the entrances or open windows of the College premises.

    The College raises awareness of the dangers associated with exposure to tobacco smoke.

    Disciplinary action: any student or visitor disregarding this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

    Refectory Opening Days & Times Southgate Term Time: Monday Thursday 08.30 15.00

    Holidays: 10.00 14.00 Closed over Christmas

    Wood Street Term Time: Monday Thursday 08.15 20.15 Friday 08.15 15.15 Holidays 10.00 14.00 Closed over Christmas

    Grahame Park Term Time: Monday Friday 08.30 14.00 Starbucks Monday Thursday 09.30 20.00 Friday 09.30 14.45 Holidays 10.00 14.00 (Caterlink only) Closed over Christmas

  • Functional Skills Functional Skills are qualifications in English, Maths and ICT. They are available for all Full Time students and are very important for student progression. The qualifications are from Entry to Level 2 (GCSE C equivalent). Students who have these classes on their timetable must attend and take the exams. BKSB learning resources are available online to help you make progress and pass. Work with your Functional skills teacher and classmates. You can attain these qualifications and make progress.

    Support Services

    Learner Services

    Support for your Studies, Careers & Welfare

    The College offers a broad range of support services such as

    Learning & Community (L&C) Advisers to help with your course work, Moodle and assignments

    Counsellors for help with emotional issues

    Student Advisers for help with welfare, housing & health issues

    Careers Advisers for help with University applications, courses & CVs

    To book an appointment with any member of the team, L&C Adviser, Counsellor, Careers Adviser, Student Adviser, just pop in to your campus Learning Resource Centre and an adviser will be there to make you an appointment.

    Alternatively phone Grahame Park 020 8266 4030 phone Southgate 020 8982 5123 phone Wood Street 020 8275 2832 We offer a professional, friendly and confidential service. These services are accredited by Matrix, an external standard that recognises quality in advice and support services.

    Staff will help you to find the help you need to succeed!

  • Additional Learning Support (ALS)

    Learning Support is available to students who require additional help in order

    to be successful on their course. Depending on the individual cases and

    funding available, this could include:

    1:1 support with specialist dyslexia, literacy, language or numeracy (additional classes 1 hour a week)

    In class support Exam Access Arrangement Specialist equipment loan service & specialist software Specialist assessment for dyslexia or dyscalculia BSL signer/Communicator Support Mobility support/personal care support Small group support You can be referred for learning support as a result of a previous history of

    support needs or if you need extra English or Maths. Our staff will help to

    identify your support needs according to your course demands and put in

    place an appropriate individual learning programme.

    Please contact one member of the ALS team as below or talk to your personal


    Southgate Campus: Lisa Woollard, Centre for Supported Learning, B4 Graham Park Campus: ALS Staff J107 Wood Street: ALS Staff, EF16 or Patricia Gladstone DG12

    Customer Services

    Financial Assistance