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<ul><li> 1. AndyWarholandJean-MichelBasquiatImage via</li></ul> <p> 2. NickCave&amp;WarrenEllis Image via 3. Condence | Creativity | Divergent Thinking Image via 4. WhyCollaborate? Improve your work and skills Improve relationships with other creatives Learn about yourself 5. Image via Alexandria Rivera 6. Collaboration offers you an opportunity to GROW.Image via 7. Collaborativepartnerships... Foster relationships Encourage divergent thinking Build condence 8. FosteringRelationshipsImage via 9. Collaboration also gives artist the ability to learn from others and forge lasting friendships. - David McPherson Image via 10. They say being an artist can be lonely, we suppose we feel together-alone, or alone-together. - Ms&amp;Mr Image via 11. EncouragingDivergentThinkingImage via 12. Every time I work with someone I learn something about myself and another way to do things. - Emm Cryner 13. Collaboration is a means of disrupting the closed economy of production. It short circuits the linear trajectory between idea and execution, and instead opens a space of improvisation and uncertainty. - Soda_Jerk 14. BuildingCondenceImage via 15. You are capable of MORE than you thought. 16. The collaborative process ... has allowed me to try different styles of music that Ive watched from a distance, but never really felt I could play with any authority or conviction. - Stephen FearingImage via 17. Now its YOUR turn...Image via 18. Benetsofcollaborating Strengthen existing relationships and create new ones Gets you thinking outside of the box Helps you to become more comfortable 19. Take your art to the next level Strengthen your relationships Open your eyes to new ways of doing and thinking Image via 20. Imagine what you could accomplish.Image via </p>