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<p>Code ...... Course item.... </p> <p>1. INFORMATION ABOUT THE COURSE </p> <p>A. Basic information </p> <p>Name of course Jigs and Fixtures </p> <p>Study level first degree </p> <p>Unit running the study programme </p> <p>Faculty of Mechanical Engineering </p> <p>Study programme Mechanical engineering </p> <p>Speciality </p> <p>Name of teacher (s) and his academic degree </p> <p>Robert Polasik, PhD </p> <p>Introductory courses Machine Design, Mechanics / Statics, Mechanical Drawing </p> <p>Prerequisites Basic knowledge of mechanic / statics, machine design and mechanical drawing </p> <p>B. Semester/week schedule of classes </p> <p>Semester Lectures Classes Laboratories Project Seminars Field </p> <p>exercises ECTS </p> <p>summer 30 3 </p> <p>2. EFFECTS OF EDUCATION (acc. to National Qualifications Framework) </p> <p>Knowledge After the course, students should apply the basic concepts and principles necessary to develop instruments / jigs /, clampings / holders and handles, know the areas of application and use of jigs and fixtures, know the rules for designing universal and specialized holders etc., properly selecting jigs &amp; fixtures for the various machining tasks </p> <p>Skills After the course, students can choose and use standardized jigs and fixtures for the various tasks machining, design and use instruments and handles for non-standard machining, solve problems of clamping workpieces </p> <p>Competences After the course, students should actively and creatively, in a conscious and organized way solve standard and non-standard problems with workpieces and tools clamping systems </p> <p>3. TEACHING METHODS </p> <p>multimedia lecture, project, discussion, visiting manufactures / trades </p> <p>4. METHODS OF EXAMINATION </p> <p>colloquium, test, project, short paper </p> <p>5. SCOPE </p> <p>Lectures Basic concepts, including: degrees of freedom, determination, fixing, mostly used the symbolism and the signs; standardized jigs and fixtures; development of specialized clamps, jigs, etc. Rules; examples of solutions; application and proper use of devices and handles areas; rules of jigs and fixtures selection for specific machining tasks. </p> <p>6. LITERATURE </p> <p>Basic literature </p> <p>Feld M., 2002. Uchwyty obrbkowe. WNT Warszawa. Dobrzaski T., 1987. Uchwyty obrbkowe. WNT Warszawa. ebrowski H.,1983. Przyrzdy i uchwyty obrbkowe. Polit. Wrocawska. </p> <p>Porembski J.,1982. Przyrzdy obrbkowe. Podstawy teoretyczne i zasady projektowania. PWN Warszawa. </p> <p>Supplementary literature </p> <p>Feld M., 2000. Podstawy projektowania procesw technologicznych typowych czci maszyn. WNT Warszawa. Praca zbiorowa: Poradnik inyniera. Obrbka skrawaniem. Tom I, Tom II, Tom III. WNT Warszawa 1993, 1994. Clamping systems/jigs/fixtures, Producers Catalogues </p>


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