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  • 1. Online Meetings. Product Release News: ClickMeeting Embargoed until October25 , 2010 Do more with less

2. Agenda

  • About Implix
  • Market Overview
  • ClickMeeting
  • Features
  • Pricing

3. Implix solutions that drive results 4. ImplixQuick Facts

  • 12 yearsexperiencefocused on SOHO and SMB space
  • Privately funded, cash-flow positive with43 % ARG
  • Employsover 1 00professionalsin international offices in
    • Wilmington, Delaware (U.S.)
    • Halifax( Canada )
    • Gdansk(Poland)

5. Implix Product Lines

  • Email Marketing
  • Online Meetings

6. Why OnlineMeetings? current market situation 7. Web Conferencing Market

  • Expected to peak in 2011 at27% growth rateand reach$4.12 billionby 2014 at 19% CAGR.
  • 53%of survey respondents say the economy has motivated their organizations to use more web conferencing

* Source:Frost & Sullivan 2010, Wainhouse Research 2010 8. SMB Chall e nges

  • SMBs need tocompete against bigger players
  • Businesses need toexpand their reachto stay competitive
  • Huge travel budgetslimit the scope of operations and growth
  • Dynamic environmentsrequire key people to be in many places at the same time
  • Travel downtimedisrupts effective decision making

9. ClickMeeting we proudly present The next wave of evolution in online meetings, presentations and webinars 10.

  • ClickMeeting
    • for all onlinebusiness meetings
    • up to25participants
  • ClickWebinar
    • for allconference needs
    • up to1000attendees

ClickMeeting 11. ClickMeeting for usein many different scenarios 12. ClickMeeting Team Meetings 13. ClickMeeting Sales Meetings and Product Demos 14. ClickWebinar Lectures and Conferences 15. ClickMeeting benefits everybusiness 16. Productivity 17. Reliability 18. Scalability Best offer on Market! 19. ClickMeeting features that set us apart from the competition 20. ClickMeeting Rebranding New GUI Interface 21. ClickMeeting Video

  • Multiple simultaneous video streams

22. ClickMeeting Instant Access

  • Join a meeting fromany computer, anywherein the world
  • Access itlike any other web page
  • No software to install- ever
  • Joining a meeting is aseasy as clickinga link
  • All data issafelystored on our servers

23. ClickMeeting Introduces the most affordable pric ingon the market 24. ClickMeeting Pricing

  • No strings attached, all features included
  • 30-day Free Trial
  • Competitive, affordable pricing

Best offer on Market! 25. Thank you 26. how we leapfrogalltheothers Competition 27.

  • All featuresincludedin every package
  • No extra fees , no additional charges
  • Know-howand experience to manage complex SaaS products
  • 24h multi-channelsupport

ClickMeeting 28.

  • Vemma Europe is comprised of hundreds of Brand Partners in 30 countries.

Since we started using ClickMeeting for most of our outside communication, our travel costs have dropped significantly. But we not only save money.Organizing and holding a meeting now takes only minutes instead of hours or days, so weve increased our productivity and can focus more on developing our core business and building good relations with our partners. I can honestly say that ClickMeeting contributes to Vemma Europes financial success but, as importantly, to our sense of community. ... 29.

  • Vemma Europe is comprised of hundreds of Brand Partners in 30 countries.