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CLASS PROPHECYIt was 7:30 in the morning as I stared at my Rolex to check the time. It was my first time I woke up late. I usually woke up at 5:30 to fix up myself for work in the prestigious company in the Philippines, the VILO Company.

As I get out of my bed. I knelt down and had my personal devotion first. I thank Him for everything and asked for his guidance for todays activity.

After praying, I suddenly look at the plaque that was given to me last night.

I was awarded as the Most Outstanding Engineer of the Philippines of 2023 after working at the said company for almost 10 years as an Electrical Engineering Manager.

As recognition of my hard work and loyalty to the company, I was given one month vacation leave with double pay for me to relaxed and unwind around the world.

I went into my kitchen and look for food after I felt hungry. After having my breakfast, I drink a cup of tea and sat on my couch and read the news for today.

The Headline on the front page of the newspaper caught my attention which reads:

P-Noy and Department of Energy Undersecretary Engr. Idamar F. Pelegrino signed a 20 billion project

Yes, Engr. Idamar Pelegrino was appointed by the President as the Undersecretary of Department of Energy.

She was the president of Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the former President of MERALCO.

As I read the details of the news

I found out that Engr. John Dale C. Fuentes is the contractor of the said project.

Suddenly my phone rang. As I answered, it was the secretary of Apitongs Group of Companies - Airline Department, saying that there is someone who will fetch me.

The company is owned and managed by Engr. John Mark S. Apitong.

I prepared myself, packed my baggage, grabbed my High-Definition camera.

I confidently stepped out from my condo and waited for a couple of minute for my service to arrive.

I was stunned by a shining silver-colored Subaru, one of the prestigious vehicles in the world, moving fast towards me. My amazement grew even more when my collegiate will be the one who will take me to the International Airport for my trip to Paris.

It was Engr. Rufino G. Jordan Jr.

On our way to airport, I was pleased to hear on the car radio that Engr. Herle June C. Capeanes had won the bidding for a 1.5 billion project in the province of Iloilo.

On the airport while waiting for the plane to arrive, I sat on one of the benches provided in the premises.

I met Engr. Romeo P. Moreno who had a business trip to London.

We stayed in the airports lobby while waiting for our flight. Then we stared at the wide screen television.

We amazed as we saw Engr. John Mark A. Gregorio,

head coach of Western Visayas Volleyball Team,

was delivering his victory speech after 3-years of consecutive won in the Philippine Volleyball League.

held at Brgy. Bakhaw, Mandurriao, which is now the center of trade and industry in the city of Iloilo.

After a while, my flight was called. As I am entering the plane, I am confident that I am secured because my collegiate design and maintained the plane

It was Engr. Kris Jay Lizada.

While on board and ready for departure, I scan the available International Magazine and I was shocked looking at the familiar face of

Engr. Jhanfed A. Gaan. A partime model of one of the most popular Brand in the world, Dolce and Gabbana. It was stated also that, he was the Executive Vice President of the said brand.

An hour later, a flight stewardess named Engr. Milly L Natinga brought me a cup of coffee which I really appreciated the taste. I asked her what brand of coffee they are served. That was I knew that it was manufactured at the province of Iloilo/ by the largest coffee manufacturer owned and managed by Engr. Rey J. Fernandez.

Arriving at the city of Love and Light, Paris, I was stunned by the huge Billboard beside the welcome arc of Paris.

It was Engr. Jim E. Collado, a multi-awarded bodybuilder and a WWE wrestler of having 10 world championship titles.

Feeling tired and uncomfortable due to long hours of travel, I decided to go to the one of the most visited spa and salon

which owned by Engr. Elna A. Baito in partnership with Engr. Bush H. Bonites. They studied cosmetology in the United States of America after passing the EE board Examination ten years ago.

After relaxation at the said spa, I decided to eat at the finest restaurant in Paris owned by Engr. Roberto G. Barela Jr.

As I waited for my order, I heard two businessman having conversation about their launching of their newly constructed submarine Generator of their own company, which was a well-known generator supplier in terms of quality operations in the world.

Curiously, I walked through them and find out that they were Engr. John Vincent T. Agrante and Engr. Kimberly C. Cabillete.

The next day, I proceeded to Los Angeles. As I roamed the city, through a street decorated with names of Hollywood stars, though in agonizing numbers, I carefully read each one, then I suddenly stopped,

when I read the name Engr. Dennis T. Catalua, below the name was stated BOX office king of 2023, Oscar awardee, and a highly demand Basketball coach.

San Francisco wasnt that far from L.A., I passed by a Filipino lounge downtown where I met

Engr. Stephen S. Somongcad, he told me that he took his masters degree in Electrical Engineering at Harvard University,

where Engr. Dean S. Descalsota Jr. was working as the Dean of College of Engineering.

Then, I stayed at one of the most prestigious and elegant condotel owned by

Engr. Iver John U. Pait.

While having rest at my unit, I browsed my facebook in my I-ceal Laptop/ which given to me by

Engr. Iceal A. Benliro, the founder and the owner of one of the biggest laptop manufacturer in the Philippines and also one of the hottest bachelor in our batch.

I found out in my notification that Engr. Prymrel Bryan R. Molina, an Engr. who used to be a popular music artist, is going to married his longed time fiance

Engr. Joy Mae S. Suerte, who owns one of the Engineering Firm in the Philippines, and a model of Victoria Secret Underwear.

Their wedding was scheduled two days after my arrival at Molinas Mansion at Guimaras Island Resort.

For my way home, I decided to ride a cruise. After buying my ticket, I walked inside the ship, there were lots of successful Filipino seamen like Engr. Hector S. Arnaiz, Engr. Jenrry Paul M. Monares, Engr. Joemer C. Flores, Engr. Bernadin B. Lorca, who assists

Engr. Roel S. Paampag as the Chief Engineer of Harder Cruise, one of the biggest shipping Line in the Asia owned by

Engr. Cherry Lyn H. Salem.

The ship landed at the port of Iloilo. I wave each other goodbye and went on my own way.

Before going to Guimaras, I wandered the city of Iloilo which already called the Queen City of the West. I saw many high rising building. I passed by also in our Alma Mater, the Western Institute of Technology which became the most outstanding school in the Visayas in terms of academic excellence for almost 5 years.

While waiting for the departure of the motor bangka going to Guimaras, a guy approaching with his motor vehicle to the bangka. The face looks familiar for me and he seated beside me. I approached him, and amazed that he was

Engr. Carlo Jame I. Bandoja. He told me that he is now the owner of the Honda Philippines Inc.

On the way to the mansion, where the garden wedding will be held, we passed by the new school in the Guimaras named Guimaras Institute of Technology founded by Engr. Rafael Patrick June A. Estorque.

When we arrived at the mansion, ceremonies were about to start. The Godparents were the first to walk the aisle as

Engr. Mitchell V. Villador, now a singer-idol in Italy began to sing romantic serenades.

First came Engr. Arlo Jay D. Labindao with his partner, Engr. Mark John C. Dela Pea, with his partner,Engr. Sed John Penetrante with his partner in life

and last came Engr. Joy Mae A. Suerte who was in tears of joy and walking down the aisle while the groom, Engr. Molina was waiting at the altar.

The reception that followed nearly became an alumni homecoming. We talked a lot, giving primary concerns to our batch mates, and there we met

Engr. Art Ful A. Costanilla,was awarded as PBA coach of the year.

Engr. Julie A. Capitpit and Engr. Arvin N. Muyong who pooled all their knowledge to build a 100 storey building that became the center of business in Iloilo City.

Engr. Fernando G. Gadong Jr, who became the youngest PEE in Philippine history ,and luckily.

he was selected to replace Coco Martin in Indie Film, was now a multi awarded best actor in Philippine cinema.

Engr. Goodwell Richard G. Segutier and Franc Pol B. Bejo are both corporate businessman and they are now own more than half of the stocks in the Philippine Stocks Exchange.

The last but not the least arrived in the reception after 12 hours of preparing herself, the multi-billonaire, walkdown her mercedez benz with her 5 armed personal bodyguards. All were stand looking at

Engr. June D. Araneta as escorted by Coco Martin.

Before the party ended, I inquired the manager of the hotel to express my appreciation in the kind of service they made to my batch mates wedding. The manager then faced me and I amazed that he was Engr. Emmanuel V. Maigue.

As I stepped out from the hotel door, I saw

Engr. Xeboy C. Chua, who owned one of the construction and electrical company in the Philippines, riding on his Nissan skyline. He as