Child Helplines: Empowering & Protecting Children

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Child Helplines: Empowering & Protecting Children. Afrooz Kaviani Johnson Regional Technical Director Project Childhood Prevention Pillar Hanoi, Vietnam - 26 November 2013. An initiative of the Australian Government. A program to protect children from sexual exploitation in tourism. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Child Helplines: Empowering & Protecting ChildrenAfrooz Kaviani JohnsonRegional Technical DirectorProject Childhood Prevention Pillar

Hanoi, Vietnam - 26 November 2013

1A program to protect children from sexual exploitation in tourismAn initiative of the Australian GovernmentImplemented by World Vision (Prevention) and UNODC / INTERPOL (Protection)Operating in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and VietnamProject Childhood2Key areas of workBuilding community resilienceEnhancing national information and communication mechanismsSupporting the tourism sector to build a child safe environmentTechnical assistance to governmentCoordination, cooperation, research and communications

Our approach



6 Child sexual abuse is a global problem. Girls and boys can be victims of abuse. Children usually know their abuser. Abusers can befriend victims and their families. Children dont always speak up about abuse. Child sexual abuse is against the law. All children have the right to protection.Child sexual abuse the facts7Limited understanding about sexual abuse (penetrative rape only)Limited understanding about who is an offender (strangers and outsiders, foreigners)Overemphasis on girls virginity / insufficient protection of boys

Findings from communities8Limited formal education / peers and media have huge influence (risk of incorrect information)Parental resistance to sex education / limited understanding of risks and participation in prevention effortsSignificant use of ICT / anonymity

Findings from communities9

Educating girls and boys10

Educating parents and carers11

Educating community duty bearers12Strengthening national helplines


The role of Child Helplines in preventing child sexual abuse


Girls and boys.

Aged between 0-18 years old.

Any economic bracket although frequently poor.

Any education level although often little schooling.

Often victims of other forms of abuse and exploitation.

Who are the victims?15Who are the victims?Cases studies and reports of victims of sexual exploitation have often reported suffering from a lack of support and guidance, which can push them to run away from home or migrate unsafely (often to tourism destinations) and become vulnerable to exploitation

The importance of helplinesChildren can reach out directly, before, during or after abuse and access confidential advice and informationHelplines provides the specific intervention to a specific child at the moment when she or he is most receptive17Partnerships with Child HelplinesChild Helpline VietnamChild Helpline CambodiaVientiane Youth Centre for Health and Development (Lao PDR)18

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