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1. Character ScreenshotsFirstly I used the pen tool to outline my characters clothing and detail; I used the pen tool (curvedand straight).This is the tool I used. 2. I used this tool to get the basic colours from my photograph onto my charactersclothing.Once I had the basic colour chosen I then used the K slider on the colourpallet to give my character some effect of 3D and shading by making theoriginal colour a little bit darker or lighter. 3. This is the tool (free transform) I used to make the pieces or clothing and accessoriesfit to my character. 4. This is my finished characters, competed with effects, ground and background. To get the background I went onto Google and looked for what I wanted and placed it behind my character andused wooden flooring for ground, as my character uses a flying machine. The red eye effect is tosymbolise that not everyone is completely good and have their dark side, I created it by using thecircle tool and use the Gaussian blur.