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    T R U T H L I B E R T Y I N T E G R I T Y

    Chabot College Thursday, October 15, 2009


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    I-Chapter hits Chabot

    The Parking Devils strike back! Another innocent victim talks...

    How good does winning feel? Just ask the Gladiators.

    Everyones favorite childhood book comes to the big screen.

    A look into Chabots latest theater show, Our Lady of 121st Street.

    Is Chabot keeping up with modern technology?

    Veteran Charley Trujillo recounts his Vietnam days.

    Look for GSA coming out

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    The Chabot College Bookstores newest enterprise, I-Chapters coupled with E-Books, is helping to make Chabots students access to their learning materials more convenient than ever. Kathleen Kaser, the bookstores manager, has made it her mission to make the texts necessary for Chabots classes accessible through every available alternative.

    The I-Chapter feature allows students to purchase a digital download of the book or select chapters needed for classes instead of buying expensive bulky textbooks to tote back and forth to class. Students are able to purchase the book for up to a year, during which they can view it in a dual screened format (almost as if the book were right in front of you).

    People dont realize that this isnt available everywhere, I wanted to make sure that students can get the materials they need for their classes by every possible means, Kaser said.

    The innovative I-Chapters is a convenient and significantly cheaper way for students to get the materials necessary for success in their classes. All students have to do is go to the bookstores web site

    ( and click the I-Chapters link at the left side of Chabot Bookstores home page. There, students are able to simply browse through the list to find the class they need and select the Buy at I-Chapter link.

    Its simple, convenient, and it even offers a cool incentive: the first download is free. This makes it an attractive buy for students who are waiting on their financial aid or simply dont have the money to purchase books, who often fall behind and sometimes end up having to drop the class as a result.

    The total cost of my books last semester came to about four hundred dollars, and half the time, the teachers didnt even really use the book, just certain

    chapters. I wish I had known about I-Chapters sooner so I could have saved a little bit of money and just bought what I needed, said Chabot student Shawn Jackson.

    Further, I-Chapters allows the student to search comprehensively for specific information needed when studying for tests instead of having to tediously flip through the pages.

    Its really a greener alternative to textbooks. Just think of all the trees and paper that goes in to printing these books for the thousands of college students in the world! commented Kaser.

    While book purchases prices vary, E-Books and I-Chapters are as little as half the price

    of bookstore texts. I-Chapters makes getting access to course materials a hop, skip, and a click away.

    By ElizaBEth akintomidEcopY EdIToR

    Student assessment woesBy ana navarrocHIEf copY EdIToR

    In fall 2008, 85 percent of students who took the English assessment test at Chabot needed pre-college (basic skills) English courses and 81 percent of those who took the math assessment test needed basic skills math courses. Chabot has seen similar percentages for years.

    Chabot assessment tests have been created to predict whether or not a student will succeed in college-level courses.

    The Dean of Language Arts Marcia Corcoran recommends a new program for students.

    The Jump Start program, which is a pilot this year, requires assessment, places student in English 102 their first semester, puts them in a math refresher diagnostic class to make sure they get placed into the correct math course, and requires them to take a Psychology Counseling class about how to succeed in college. During these past two years we have had great efforts

    in student services to make sure that new students persist to the spring.

    When students are referred to basic skills English, they have a choice of taking English 101A, which is a two-semester sequence (you also take 101B) to prepare for college-level English 1A, or English 102, which is an accelerated one-semester course to prepare for college-level English 1A, said Corcoran.

    Our research is showing

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    photo by jack barNwell

    Bookstore Manager Kathleen Kaser

    A new download service helps students avoid the high costs of textbooks

  • NewsThe specTaTor Thursday, ocTober 15, 2009


    NEWSLINEPink Ribbon DayThe Chabot Student Health Center is promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Tuesday, Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Cafeteria Lobby. There will be pink ribbons, information materials and brochures and other prizes.

    Chicano Latin Education Association (CLEA)The association is having its Fourth Annual Tamalada Fundraiser on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 6:30 at Celias Reaturant across the street. Tickets are $25 and all monies go to scholarships. For tickets visit Rachel Aziminia in Room 219, or Philomena Franco in the Financial Aid Office. For questions contact Patricia Molina, (510) 723-6733.

    Chabot College Foundation EventThe foundation is holding its fall fundraiser Chabot goes Zydeco at the Starlight Club. The event will be held at the Hayward City Hall Rotunda on Saturday, Oct. 31 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Cajun Appetizers by Horatios, a wine bar, tarot and palm readings, live music, dancing, a chocolate dessert fountain and a silent auction will all be included in the $75 ticket fee. For faculty and staff, tickets cost $50. All proceeds go to campus programs. For more information contact Heidi Finberg at (510) 723-6936.

    Congratulations to the Forensics Team This past weekend, Oct. 10, the team traveled to Santa Rosa Junior College for the second tournament of the year. Even with half of the team having the flu, and not being present, Chabot still placed fourth among all community colleges.

    Associated Students of Chabot College Halloween Event This will be celebrated Thursday, Oct. 29 at noon in the Ceasar Chavez Courtyard. It may be moved to the cafeteria for weather reasons. Any clubs that want to participate in the event need to reserve tables and chairs by Oct.23 Contact Inter-club Council Allan Samson for information, (408) 607-3677.

    ObituariesTwo former Chabot administrators recently died. Arthur L. Vargas, 79, was the public information officer at Chabot in the 1980s . Bill OMahoney, 65, was the interim Dean of Academic Services. OMahoneys funeral service will be held this Friday in Las Vegas.

    that students of all test scores are doing just as well in 102 as in 101A/101B, and they are more likely to make it to and succeed in English 1A, because they dont have so much time to drop out.

    We cant tell by test scores which students need the two semesters of preparation, so students should decide for themselves whether they want to try the more accelerated course.

    All English and math classes at Chabot are for college credit, but not all remedial courses give transferable credit. Still it isnt wise for students to skip pre-college courses. They will be less prepared to succeed if they do.

    We see too many students fail, said Dean Corcoran, because they did not take the English and math courses that would have prepared them for work in the other college

    courses.An interview with Chabot

    student Jose Valenzuela gave some fresh insight on how assessment tests impact an individuals attitude. He was grateful to the assessment team, because they made it easy and convenient by going to his high school, James Logan, instead of requiring students to take the tests at the Chabot Assessment Center. He believes that if they did not put the effort in to reach students at their high school, he would not have gone to Chabot at all. I wouldnt have known how to apply.

    As far as his results on the assessment test, Jose was pretty optimistic. The math was accurate. I cant complain.

    He successfully transitioned from that subject, but felt upset his assessment test led him into English 102. In his interview, Jose said his 102 English

    class was extremely crowded. Luckily, the class emptied out due to a lot of the students dropping the course. It was a completely different experience from his English 1 class where hardly anyone dropped from 1A.

    So many students come out of high school unprepared for a college course in English and math, but Chabot is improving ways to help incoming students succeed. It may be that the high schools need more preparation for college, however, college life is a major transition that a lot of students struggle to adapt to.

    A good idea is for students to take the assessment test early so that more classes are available and this gives them a head start. In the end, success depends on the student. How much students prepare and how much information they gather for the future is in their hands.

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    photo by elias pasillas

    Chabots assessment center, where students come to get placed in their appropriate math or English classes.

  • FocusThe specTaTor Thursday, ocTober 15 2009


    The number of reports in the news about deaths among young adults ages 18 through 24 in the United States is astonishing, mostly because in previous years such numbers w