CERVION SYSTEMS EMAIL MARKETING OVERVIEW Using Email Broadcasts to Change Customer Behavior and Drive Increased Sales.

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Slide 1 CERVION SYSTEMS EMAIL MARKETING OVERVIEW Using Email Broadcasts to Change Customer Behavior and Drive Increased Sales Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 A typical restaurant should allocate 3% - 6% of sales to marketing (For new businesses, this should be more) MISTAKE: Some restaurant owners look at slow periods and think that's when they need to spend money to drive sales, so they spend a big chunk of cash trying to build a happy hour business and forgo building on top of their busy periods but MARKETING IS MORE LIKELY TO MODIFY EXISTING BEHAVIORS THAN CHANGE BEHAVIOR ALTOGETHER BUILD ON YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMER BASE: new customer acquisition is 7-10 times more expensive than building restaurant sales through increased frequency, check average and party size. -http://www.restaurantreport.com/departments/biz_restaurant_marketing.html SOME RESTAURANT MARKETING FACTOIDS Slide 5 Included for as a Service customers High volume rates more cost effective than competitors like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact Cervion offers more features than competitors, with managed service plans available Slide 6 CUSTOM BRANDING DINERWARE POS INTEGRATION AUTO RESPONSE SYSTEM OPEN/CLICK ANALYTICS INCLUDED WITH AS A SERVICE Slide 7 Welcome message is delivered to new subscribers within minutes when entered into your Dinerware Customer Database Choose a welcome message and reward incentive like this free dessert coupon Automated Birthday and Anniversary messaging included Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 EMAIL MARKETING WITH BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY REMINDERS. COULD THIS GET US ONE OR TWO EXTRA TABLES PER WEEK? Slide 11 Gain insights with open / click analytics ! Slide 12 CONVERSION = Making a reservation Placing a web-based order (preferably DOLO ) Downloading the coupon and showing up at the restaurant to spend $$$$ THE EMAIL MARKETING FUNNEL Slide 13 Open/Click/Share Detail for Individual Users Really more relevant for big-ticket items, or for our purposes, but still a cool/nifty feature for Restaurant customers Slide 14 EMAIL LIST BUILDING TIPS Staff Contest Fishbowl Concept Footer of Guest Check Check Presenter Cards Website Form Slide 15 Top-of-mind awareness ( TOMA ) is a brand or specific product coming first in customers' minds when thinking of a particular industry. [1] [1] Slide 16 Slide 17 TOP OF MIND E-BLAST IDEAS Entertainment/Specials Simple Drink or Food Recipe Coupon/Promotion Link to Online Ordering Always link back to Website Slide 18 EMAIL MARKETING: THE HIGHEST ROI PER $ IN THE DIGITAL SPACE Slide 19 THE MESSAGE: WE ARE A PARTNER IN OUR CUSTOMERS SUCCESS WE UNDERSTAND THEIR NEEDS WE PROVIDE THE TOOLS TO HELP THEM WIN


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