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    A KHL Group publication Volume 18 Number 6July-August 2007

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    A KHL Group publication Volume 18 Number 6July-August 2007

    CE July-Aug07 Cover.indd 1CE July-Aug07 Cover.indd 1 23/07/2007 16:14:0623/07/2007 16:14:06


    C-SERIES COMPACT RADIUSMini Hydraulic Excavators 303C CR 303.5C CR 304C CR 305C CR

    Improved performance Enhanced cab environment Easier to service

    For more information, or a demonstration of any model in the C-Series CR range, contact your Cat dealership.

    2007 Caterpillar, All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos,Caterpillar Yellow and the POWER EDGE trade dress,as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

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    FRONT COVER Access under the spotlight on page 41.

    ISSN 09640665 Copyright KHL Group 2007

    M E M B E R O F

    6 News New forecasts from Euroconstruct.

    8 Business Frances courts rule against Sacyr on

    Eiffage takeover.

    12 News Report The CE-100, our annual ranking

    of Europes largest construction contractors.

    14 CE Barometer Activity slows down for the summer.

    17 Finance Equipment shares rally in otherwise

    quiet conditions.

    20 Law & Contract Arbitration in Austria falls in line with


    22 FIEC New commitment to urban


    24 CECE Shifting towards ultra low sulphur


    76 Special report Richard High reports on Icelands

    construction market.

    81 Equipment Topcon Europe

    Positionings EwoutKorpershoekoutlines the huge potential for machine control.

    84 Subscriptionand Advertisers Information

    Find out more about the products and services advertised in CE and receive a free copy of the magazine.

    85 Classified Section

    R E G U L A R S E C T I O N S

    27 Road buildingTechnological innovation in road construction equipment is helping to improve machinery performance and ease labour-intensive operations. Becca Wilkins reports on the latest from the European road-building sector and rounds up the most recent equipment developments.

    53 ConcreteBauma saw the launch of numerous pieces of equipment for the concrete industry, with a focus on safety, service and efficiency. Meanwhile the consolidation among the major players in quarrying, cement and concrete production is having effects throughout the industry.

    41 AccessContractors all over Europe are increasingly using aerial platforms in their business, a fact reflected in the remarkable growth of Europes largest aerial platform rental fleets, as Murray Pollok reports. Plus, CE rounds-up the latest and most significant access product launches.

    67 SurveyingGlobal Positioning System (GPS) technology has become more accessible and affordable enabling surveying equipment manufacturers to advance software, positioning systems and machine control. Becca Wilkins reports on the latest developments in the European surveying sector.

    CE July-Aug07 Contents.indd 3CE July-Aug07 Contents.indd 3 23/07/2007 14:25:1723/07/2007 14:25:17

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    R U B R I Q U E S R E G U L I E R E S

    6 Actualit LActualit de lindustrie de

    Construction en Europe.

    8 Affaires Lactualit des affaires relatives au BTP

    travers lEurope.

    12 CE-100

    14 CE Baromtre

    17 Finance Revue sur les dernires tendances des

    actions et des monnaies, comprenant des informations dtailes sur les compagnies dans les secteurs du contrat, de la production de matriaux et de la fabrication dquipement.

    20 Lgeslation et le contrat

    22 FIEC Dernires nouvelles de FIEC, le

    Fdration de lIndustrie Europenne de la Construction

    24 CECE Dernires nouvelles de CECE, le Comit

    Europen du Matriel de Gnie Civil.

    76 Reportage sur site

    81 Matriel

    85 Petites annonces

    D O S S I E R S

    27 Construction de route

    41 Accss

    53 Concrets

    67 Equipment de Topographie

    Volume 18 Number 6 July-August 2007

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