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  • Concorde - Corodex GroupFire Protection, Water & Wastewater Treatment and Environmental Specialists


  • Company History

    Concorde - Corodex group, a part of M.H. Almana group of companies was established in the United Arab Emirates in 1974. CCG was one of the first companies in the Emirates to offer Water Treatment Services. M.H. Almana Group was originally formed in 1952 to provide support to the industrial development of Qatar, the rapid diversification of the M.H. Al Mana Group led to the formation of individual companies each specializing in their field of expertise and operating independently, yet collectively comprising the strength of the group. Current M.H. Almana Group assets total over 420 million U.S. dollars.

  • Concorde-Corodex Group Profile

    Established in 1974Number of Employees (not including temp. workers): 980Of which are Engineers, Chemists, Biologists, and other technical professionals: 210Operating Offices:Abu Dhabi, UAE (Headquarters)Dubai, UAE Al Ain, UAESharjah, UAEDoha, QatarMuscat, OmanSanaa, YemenAmman, JordanKhartoum, SudanWinnipeg, CanadaLondon, United Kingdom

  • Concorde-Corodex Group Companies

    Concorde - Corodex Group (CCG)Water and Wastewater TreatmentVacuum SewerageFirefighting and Safety Equipment Industrial GasesTechnical Training

    Concorde - Corodex Group (CCG)Water and Wastewater TreatmentVacuum SewerageEngineering / ManufacturingElectromechanical / ContractingProducts / ServicesElectromechanical / ContractingCorodex Industries (Dubai)Corodex Electromechanic (Dubai)Corodex Trading - Equipment Div. (Dubai)Corodex Electromechanic (Dubai)EFLO International (UK)Al Jaddaf Electromechanical (Abu Dhabi)Corodex Trading - Chemicals Div. (Dubai)Integrated Engineering Solutions (Oman)Corodex Trading - Marine Div. (Dubai)Gulf Sail for Water Technology (Jordan)Corodex Trading - Laboratory Div. (Dubai)Corodex Agencies (Sudan)Corodex Agencies (Sharjah)Concorde Trading (Abu Dhabi)IGTC (Qatar)CCG Fire and Water (Canada)

    Concorde - Corodex Group (CCG)Firefighting and Safety Equipment Industrial GasesEngineering / ManufacturingElectromechanical / ContractingProducts / ServicesManufacturingBristol Fire Engineering (Dubai)Corodex Agencies (Dubai)Corodex Agencies (Dubai)Bristol Gases (Dubai)Concorde Technical (Abu Dhabi)Concorde Trading (Abu Dhabi)Dubai Industrial Gases (Sharjah)

    Concorde - Corodex Group (CCG)Technical TrainingWater / Fire / Occupational SafetyFirst International Training (F.I.T) (Dubai)

  • CCG Core Activities

  • Concorde-Corodex Group Quality Policy revolves around four key pillars

    CCG Quality Policy

  • For Everything Water Related

  • After Sales ServiceOne of the first & largest companies in UAE to offer water Treatment Components Short Delivery Time Competitive PricingLargest Stock of Water Treatment components (10 million USD) Quality Products

  • Concorde Trading Co.Concorde Agencies Est.Concorde Technical Est.Gulf European Est. For Company RepresentationCorodex ElectromechanicCorodex Trading Co.Corodex LaboratoryCorodox Agencies Est.Corodex IndustriesBristol Fire EngineeringAl Jaddaf ElectromechanicalEflo International

    CCG Group of Companies

  • One of the first companies in the Emirates to offer water treatment services.

    Engineering and Fabrication of water purification and wastewater treatment equipment and systems from simple filtration to sophisticated membranes separation technologies

    Core ActivitiesWater Purification SystemsWater and Wastewater Treatment SystemsOdor Control Systems

    More than 230 Corodex RO Plants with total production capacity over 3 mgpd in operation in different ME countries like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.

  • ProductsCorodex RO: Reverse Osmosis units for removal of minerals and total dissolved solids (TDS)Corodex Media Filters: Reduction of total suspended solids (TSS)Corodex AC Filters: Carbon Filters for reduction of organic matters (TOC) and chlorine (Cl2) Corodex Iron & Manganese removal filters: Filters to remove Iron and Manganese ionsCorodex Softeners: Removal of hardnessCorodex Deionizers: Total removal of total dissolved cations and anionsCorodex Chemical Injection Systems: Used for pH adjustment, chlorination, and dechlorinationCorodex Degasifiers: Reduction of CO2 and H2S from raw and treated RO waterCorodex RiverPure: Treatment sweet river water to WHO drinking water standardsCorodex DialysisPure: Purification of water, required for Hemodialysis machines

  • Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Reverse Osmosis ProjectsClient: ADWEA Project: Yasat Island, Abu DhabiCapacity: 2.125 US MGPDClient NeedSupply of drinking water for island using sea water reverse osmosis desalination plant.Scope of WorkSupply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 2.125 US MGPD sea water reverse osmosis plant at Yasat Island, Abu Dhabi.

  • Client : Occidental Mukhaizna LLC Sultanat of Oman Project: Reverse Osmosis Desalination PlantCapacity: 6000 m3/day Client Need

    Supply of potable water to thermal plant on site for steam generation. The Treatment Plant was specially designed to treat the H2S in the water. Vacuum Sewerage System for labor accommodation 5000 inhabitrats, 7km of sewer line, 127 Vacuum Chambers (3valve). 350 m3/day MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    Scope of WorkSupply, supervision of installation, testing and commissioning of a water treatment plant.

  • Reverse Osmosis Projects

    Client: Best Water, Ajman

    Capacity : 300,000 USGPD

    Client Need: To produce high quality water for drinking purpose

    Scope: Design, Build, Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of a Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant

  • Reverse Osmosis ProjectsScope: Design, Supply, installation, Testing and commissioning of sea water Reverse Osmosis Modular Plant with four Reverse Osmosis production lanes

    Client: Abu Dhabi Distribution Company

    Client Need: Supply of potable water, for the island of Ras Ghurab, Abu Dhabi

    Capacity: 2x300,000 IGPD

  • Reverse Osmosis Projects

    Client: Perini Corporation US Army Corps of EngineersCapacity: 40,000 GPD Location: Southern IraqScope: To treat brackish water to use in plant. Potable water supply for site consumption and deionized water supply for fuel treatment in power plant.MADE IN DUBAI

  • River Water Purification PlantClient: Parsons (Iraq) (Multiple Units)Client Need:Treatment of Euphrates river water for drinking purposesConstruction Time: 7 WeeksCapacity: 660 cubic meter/dayScope: Design, Build, and Installation, of water purification plant with river water intake system

    MADE IN DUBAIPlant Configuration: River water is collected via a floating intake device in to coagulant dosing unit, flocculent dosing unit, and a lamella clarifier, The water is then passed through a media filtration system, activated carbon filtration system, 5 micron cartridge filtration system, UV disinfection system, and finally 1 micron cartridge filtration system. The product water is further disinfected via a post chlorination dosing unit.MADE IN DUBAI

  • Concorde Trading Co.Concorde Agencies Est.Concorde Technical Est.Gulf European Est. For Company RepresentationCorodex ElectromechanicCorodex Trading Co.Corodex LaboratoryCorodox Agencies Est.Corodex IndustriesBristol Fire EngineeringAl Jaddaf ElectromechanicalEflo International

    Engineering and Fabrication of Packaged Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

    CCG Group of Companies

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems:1.EFLO DAF: Dissolved Air Floatation for FOG, COD and SS reduction2.EFLO Constant Transfer: Extended Aeration Biological treatment for reduction of BOD, COD and TSS3.EFLO Filandraw: Sequential Batch Biological treatment for reduction of BOD, COD and TSS4.EFLO marine: Biological treatment for reduction of BOD, COD and TSS 5.EFLO Oil/Water Separators: for reduction of dissolved and emulsified Oil6.EFLOSAF: Biological treatment process based on Submerged Aerated Filter with a very high specific Surface area.7.EFLO MBR: High rate biological wastewater treatment using Membrane BioreactorProducts

  • Project Name :Alliance Const. & Logistic (ACLC)End User : ISAF Headquarter (NATO)Country : AfghanistanCity : KabulModel : EFLOSAF 450 ECS STPCapacity m/day :450m/day Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Sewage Treatment Plant

    Client : Sharjah Municipality Project: Dibba Al Hisn, Sharjah, UAECapacity: 10,000 m3/day Eflo MBRClient Need: Sewage Treatment for Dibba Al HisnEffluent: 5mg/l BOD, 5mg/l Suspended Solds, 2mg/l NH4Description: EPC Contract to Design, supply, install, commission, operate and maintain EFLO MBR

  • Wastewater Treatment PlantWastewater Treatment using Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)

    Client : Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Project: Phase 1 of Mafraq WWTPCapacity: 50,000 m3/day

    Client NeedTo expand the existing capacity by SBR at Mafraq WWTP.Scope of WorkSupply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 50,000 m3/day Sequencing BatchReactor (SBR) wastewater treatment plant.

  • Wastewater Treatment PlantClient : Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Project: Zakher, Al Ain, UAECapacity: 15,000 m3/day Eflo MBR Client Need:Sewage Treatment for Zakher, Al Ain.

    DescriptionEPC Contract to design, supply, install, commission, operate and maintain Eflo MBR Unit with the capacity of 15,000 m3/day.

  • Client: Abu Dhabi Sewage Services Company

    Model: EFLOMBR-30000

    Capacity: 30,000 m3/dayDescription: Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioningof 30,000 m3/day sewage treatment plant forlabor camp in Mafraq, Abu DhabiWastewater Treatment Plant

  • Client: Palm W