Cash Management Fundamentals - Oracle ERP Cloud 7.pdfOverview: This course teaches you how to manage

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  • Overview:

    This course teaches you how to manage bank, bank branches and bank accounts, while also managing and reconciling bank statements. It will also teach you how Fusion Cash Management generates accounting entries for reconciled transactions.

    At the end of this course you will be able to:

    • De�ne banks. • De�ne bank branches and accounts. • Enter bank statement information manually and through an automated process. • Process automatic reconciliation. • Process manual reconciliation.

    • End Users • Accountant • Project Manager

    Cash Management Fundamentals

    Audience: • Con�guration Implementer • Con�guration Consultant • Functional Implementer • Financial Analyst • Business Analysts • Implementation Consultant • End Users

    Suggested Prerequisites: • Basic Understanding of Bank Statements • Basic Understanding of Reconciliation Process • Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger Fundamentals • Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables Fundamentals • Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables Fundamentals

  • Audience: • Presales • Delivery • Con�guration Implementer • Financial Analyst • Financial Reporting Manager