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Caroline Bowers Art Award competition Sports Day News! · PDF file 2020-06-15 · Caroline Bowers Art Award competition Please can you email in photographs of any artwork that you

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    Reception Class

    Hello Early Years,

    We hope you have all had a lovely week and have enjoyed learning about ‘The Farm’. We have really enjoyed looking

    at the photos you have sent in and are particularly proud to see some of your learning those important life skills, like

    tying shoelaces and making lunch! We are all very proud of you, for sticking with home learning and for constantly

    surprising us with the amazing work that you produce!

    We would also like to say a happy birthday to Miss Raba, even though we couldn’t all see her from a 2m distance, we

    have all managed to still stay in contact and make sure she received lots of birthday wishes!

    Caroline Bowers Art Award competition Please can you email in photographs of any artwork that you have been working on for the ‘Caroline Bowers Art

    Award’ competition. We are all looking forward to seeing what has been created. If you haven’t made any artwork

    yet, there are lots of categories you could enter. Act quickly and get your entries in! Please remember to keep your

    'actual' pieces of artwork at home until we notify you otherwise.

    Sports Day News! We were so sad not to enjoy your first sports day last week, but we have heard a virtual one has been planned by a

    parent from Miss Lewis and Miss Owens class. They have asked us to let you know that it will take place virtually on

    Friday at 4:30 via zoom and if you would like your child to join in, please email Helen on [email protected] and

    she can send the information. We hope you have a great time and can’t wait to hear about it.

    Here is what your teachers have been up to over the last week:

    Mrs Ball has had a very busy week making a cake for her uncle’s birthday. She has been sorting out the garden area

    with her husband by planting lots of colourful flowers and now wants to buy a bird bath for the young birds that

    have hatched in her conifer trees. She has been enjoying another zoom quiz with her family where they all played

    'Who wants to be a Millionaire,' but sadly she didn't win the million! Mrs Ball has been for a walk around Castle Ring

    and saw lots of natural treasures such as foxgloves.

    Mrs Morris has unfortunately sprained her wrist falling up the stairs, so it’s taking a lot longer to do things! She has

    learned very quickly that two hands are better than one! She is fine though and has enjoyed getting out of doing the

    washing up . She has saved a bumble bee in the garden, by giving it sugar water. It took him about ten minutes to

    drink what he needed, then he got the strength to fly away. She has also been baking again to keep up with the

    endless snacks that 2 teenage boys eat at home! She says, ‘Thank you for all of the photos and work and is really

    proud of how you are still saying safe at home.’

    Mrs Grimsley has been back at school this week with key worker children, she has spent a lot of time outside playing

    games and being creative indoors. At home she has taken part in a Friday night quiz with her friends and visited her

    parents in their garden to have a chat. She hopes everyone at home is being safe and having fun with their grown-


    mailto:[email protected]

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    Miss Owen has been continuing to plan lots of exciting home learning activities with Mrs Morris. She has also been

    doing some home workouts, walking her dog in the park and running around her local area. Running in the rain is

    actually quite fun and refreshing! She has also started to make a lockdown scrapbook as she thought this would be a

    great memory to look back on in years to come. Why don’t you make a scrapbook too? What have you all been up

    to? She misses you all lots and enjoys seeing your photographs.

    Mr Ferguson has been on lots of nice bike rides this week! He has also been supporting Jake with some home

    learning. He found the Maths a bit tricky! He has picked strawberries that have grown in his greenhouse and they

    tasted beautiful and sweet. He says, ‘Please Take care and stay safe.’

    Miss Lewis enjoyed having her first Mcdonalds since it reopened, even though she did have to wait for an hour! She

    has enjoyed being in school with her new key worker group, but she misses her children lots. Miss Lewis would also

    like to say a very big thank you to Primrose, who sent her a card through the post. It made her cry happy tears. She

    was very busy at the weekend building some new furniture for her son Jack. She hopes you are all ok and would like

    to wish a very happy birthday to Oscar, Sheldon and Madelyn, who have had or are due to have a birthday this

    month. Take care and keep smiling. See you all soon!

    Miss Raba has been in school this week, she has enjoyed spending time with the children of keyworkers. She is still

    trying to keep fit and when she gets back from work, she either goes for a run or joins in with PE wit Joe. Miss Raba

    also celebrated her birthday this week and was very lucky as Mrs Clark made some delicious lemon drizzle cake to

    celebrate. She misses all of you and hopes you are all staying safe and enjoying time at home.

    This week’s home learning is all about ‘Pirates & Mermaids’. As usual, please try to do at least one activity from each

    section. If you can do more, brilliant! Remember to also do the work on Oak Academy website.

    If you would like your work to be celebrated on our school website then send a photograph of it to:

    [email protected] We have all really enjoyed seeing the photographs of you working

    from home, on our school website.

    Enjoy your home learning and stay safe,

    The Early Years Team

    mailto:[email protected]

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    Exploring Pirates and Mermaids (please read the whole document before making as each area of learning is

    focused on a different part of the project) Areas of learning:

    Early learning Goal:


    Expressive Art

    and Design: Exploring and using media

    and materials

    Being imaginative

    Children sing

    songs, make

    music and dance, and

    experiment with ways of

    changing them. They

    safely use

    and explore a variety of

    materials, tools and


    experimenting with colour,

    design, texture, form

    and function.

    Children use

    what they have learnt

    about media

    and materials

    Here are a few ideas. Please choose a few to complete using the resources you have at home

    Make a paper plate Create a pirate flag pirate

    Create a mermaid

    Reception Home Project!

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    in original ways, thinking

    about uses and purposes.

    They represent their

    own ideas,

    thoughts and feelings

    through design and


    art, music, dance, role

    play and stories

    Make a telescope or Createa a ‘CD fish’ binoculors Deep blue sea song – can you learn this song?


    Social and Emotional Development:

    Self-confidence and self- awareness

    Children are

    confident to

    try new activities and

    say why they like some


    more than others. They

    are confident to speak in a

    familiar group, will

    talk about

    their ideas, and will

    choose the resources they

    need for their

    chosen activities.

    They say when they do

    or don’t need help.

    Talk to your adult about the things you treasure and why? Is it a favourite toy?

    Could is be a relative? Ask your adult to share their treasures with you too!

    Communication and Language: Listening


    Children listen

    attentively in a range of


    They listen to stories,

    accurately anticipating

    key events and respond

    to what they

    Make a Paper pirate hat by listening carefully to your adult reading the instructions

    (see attachment How to Make a Pirate Hat)

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    hear with relevant

    comments, questions or

    actions. They give their

    attention to

    what others say and

    respond appropriately,

    while engaged

    in another activity. Children follow


    involving several ideas

    or actions. They answer

    ‘how’ and ‘why’


    about their experiences

    and in response to

    stories or


    Physical development: Moving and


    Children show good control

    and co- ordination in

    large and

    small movements.

    They move confidently in

    a range of

    ways, safely negotiating

    space. They handle

    equipment and tools


    including pencils for


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