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Presentation from Carers Northern Ireland's Innovation in Respite conference, February 2012

Text of Caring breaks

  • 1. CARING BREAKS LTD A respite service for carers of adults withlearning disabilities- making a real difference to the lives of carers

2. CARING BREAKS INTRODUCTION Registered Charity since 2000 Research and Consultation with Family Carers Carers/Business/Statutory Partnership Service located in the context of GovernmentPolicy and Research Independently Evaluated Found to be delivering excellent outcomes forcarers and adults with learning disabilities 3. Carer Involvement Dedicated carer sub group Actively involved in managing the service Establishing company standards Monitoring and reviewing policies 4. VISION FOR THE SERVICE To provide regular conscience free respitebreaks for carers enabling them to pursuelifestyles of their choice. To work in partnership with carers and adultswith learning disabilities to develop socialactivities in the local community. 5. Criteria for Referral to Caring BreaksPriority is given to: Older carers Those coping alone Those who care for more than one person Those who do not use any other services 6. Beneficiaries - Recognising andmeeting the needs of family carers Right to a life Peace of mind Flexible and responsive support Time to pursue their own interests Equal partners nature of respite determinedby carer and adult with learning disability Carers are actively involved in managing theservice 7. Regular respite breaks Safe, reliable and person centred service Offer a range of activities that encouragecommunity participation 8. Beneficiaries - Recognising and meeting the needs of adults with learning disabilities Social and personal development Reduce social isolation A variety of social, recreational andenvironmental activities Short breaks Raise the profile of people with learningdisabilities in the community 9. Activities for Adults with Learning Disabilities Variety of fun leisure activities Promoting choice Weekend break activities Environmental activities 10. RACHELS STORY 11. Project located in the context of policy and research National Strategy for Carers 1999 Valuing Carers 2001 Equal Lives Report (Bamford) 2005 Caring for Carers NI Strategy 2006 Standards for Carers Support 2008