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Careers Radiology, Photography, Medical Illustration. Wheatcroft, Lucas K. Heidelberg High School, DoDEA. Radiology. Summary Locations Education/ Training Skills/ Abilities Conditions/ Demands Wages Growth. Overview. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Medical Careers


Radiology, Photography, Medical IllustrationWheatcroft, Lucas K.Heidelberg High School, DoDEA1

Hello, my name is Lucas; welcome to my Digital Photography careers powerpoint.1RadiologySummaryLocationsEducation/ TrainingSkills/ AbilitiesConditions/ DemandsWagesGrowth


Lets start with Radiology! Here well cover the basics, locations, education, training, conditions, demands, wages and job growth. Enjoy!2OverviewThe medical specialty employing the use of technological imaging to both diagnose and treat diseases of the human body.

X-ray RadiotographyUltrasoundsComputed TomographyNuclear MedicinePositron Emission Tomography (PET)Magnetic Resonance

MRI Image of knee with a displaced patella3

LocationsRadiology is a big field in the medical industry in this generation. Many hospitals and clinics have a Department of Radiology to provide examinations.A physician, such as a Urologist, Obstetric, Oncologist, Orthopedist, etc. will provide further treatment after radiologic evaluation.4

Education/ TrainingUnited States of America4 years of undergraduate college4 years of medical school to earn a medical degree D.O./ M.D.1 year of internship4 years of residence training1-2 years of additional specialty fellowship training.

To be confined the American Board of Radiology (ABR), you must pass a multiple choice medical physics board exam covering the science, technology and radiobiology. You will take the written board or clinical aspects exam one year later.5

Youll spend a long time studying for Radiology!5

Skills, Abilities, & DemandsPhysical staminaPatienceAble to follow instructionsTeamworkTime managementCommunicationObservationStress ManagementCommitmentGood at reading and writing6

6SalariesThe median expected salary for Physician-Radiology is $387, 284 per year.


Tulsa,) Oklahoma$370, 398Dallas, Texas$385, 274New York, New York$451, 360Las Vegas, Nevada$387, 400Charlotte, North Carolina$384, 216

Most radiologists make good money. The average is about 387.28 grand annually! Check out the salaries by these cities!7Job SecurityHospitals around the globe are in real need of radiologists, especially when we have children of our own. The greater the population, the more security therell be.

Everything dealing with medicine is a very secure career!8

PhotographyAll over the globe! Its a great job, its enjoyable but pays poorly.GovernmentPortrait studiosStock-photo agenciesMagazine publishersAdvertising Agencies9Locations


Now well move on to Photography.Photograph people, subjects, merchandise and other commercial content. Youll spend a lot of hours editing pictures in the desk, too!

All over the globe! Its a great job, its enjoyable but pays poorly.GovernmentPortrait studiosStock-photo agenciesMagazine publishersAdvertising Agencies9Education/ Training3 or 4 years of apprenticeships or several years of vocational school

You must pass a licensing exam

Associates, Bachelors or Masters Degree

1-2 years of training involving both on-the-job experience and informal training with experienced workers10

Skills, Abilities & DemandsA good Eye



Knowledge on technical equipment

Be organized11

Working ConditionsPhotographers for the government and advertising studios usually work 40 hours weekly (8 hours in each business-week).News photographers have irregular hours and can be called at anytime.

Youll spend more time editing images than actually shooting pictures.Some photographers do their job in dangerous, uncomfortable and/ or poor locations, but 129, 000 Americans worked with photography in 2004.12

If you work for the government or an advertising studio, youll work 40 hours weekly, whereas news photographers have irregular schedules. Keep in mind that youll spend more time editing than shooting pictures.12Wages/ SalaryAverage Annual Salary: $36.37kAverage Hourly Wage: $17.4813

This chart gives the photography-salary ratios to all other careers in the U.S.A. from 1999-2009.

Unfortunately, this career does not pay very well when compared to radiology!

The security of this career is known as to remain keen but is much more limited than medical careers.

Wages are quite low. This chart gives the photography-salary ratios to all other careers in the U.S.A. from 1999-200913Medical IllustratorPhotography related to patient care, teaching, education and research.Clinical photographyGraphic DesignMedical ArtVideography

Involved with delivering visual records of patients' conditions, operations and treatments for medical files, education and research. Graphic designers and artists create artwork for posters, leaflets, audio-visual lecture material, websites and corporate publications.14

Welcome to Medical Illustration. 14Job LocationsUniversity, medical center, hospital clinic, or healthcare institutionPublishing company (books or journals)Corporation, small businessMedical legal or law firmWeb, multimedia, or animation firmVeterinary schoolPharmaceutical companyAdvertising agencyOther (government, non-profits)15

Where are Illustrations used?trade and consumer publicationsadvertisingtextbooks and journalswebtelevisionpatient educationcontinuing medical education (CME)interactive learningtrade showsmuseumsveterinary, dental, and legal markets16

SkillsA natural ability in both art and science

Biology and Medical Science


Ability to work independently and with others



human gross anatomyphysiologypathologyhistologyneuroanatomyembryologysurgery

Electronic media in surgical and conceptual illustration to storyboard creation, interactive media development, web design, animation, 3-D modeling, and prosthetics.18

Wages/ SalaryMedian salary for a typical illustrator: $61k-$150k.

Supervisory/ Directory: $75k/$93k, respectively.

Self-employed: $79k-$250k.

Positions for this job expected to increase in the next generation the larger the population, the more medical job positions will be open.19

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