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CAPITAL TURF CLUB. THE REASON - Library of .CAPITAL TURF CLUB. The Proposed Plan of Permanent

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    The Proposed Plan of PermanentOrganization.

    _?_eport of th Committee to bo Sub-

    mitted at a Club Meeting

    This Evening.

    The committee selected by the CapitalTurf and Driving Club, at its last meet-ing, to formulate a plan ofpermanentorganization lor the club, bas arrangedand willreport at tbe meeting to be heldto-night at tbe Golden Eagle Hotel, thofollowing charter and by-laws:

    CHARTER.Article I.The namo of this association

    shall be tbe "Capital Turf and DrivingClub."

    Article 2.The principal place ofbusi-ness of this club shall be Sacramento,California.

    Article 3.Tho object of this club is topromote good fellowship among its mem-bers, and to encourage the ownership,breeding and driving ofhigh bred buggy,carriage and track horses, and further tomaintain a permanent spring race meet-ing each year at Sacramento, and to pro-vide for driving meeting at stated timesduring the year, for tho purpose of ex-hibiting and speeding their noises, andfor any other business connected withthe breeding or exhibition of live stock.

    Articlo 4.The rules for the organiza-tion and management of this club shall beprescribed by tho by-laws.

    BY-I.AWS.Membership.For the purpose of pro-

    viding ways aud means for tho mainten-ance ofthis club the membership shall bodivided into permanent and annualmembers.

    Class A for 1891. Permanent membersare designated to mean all who subscribeto a "550 membership, upon which pay-ments thereto shall be made as follows:Twenty dollars upon signing the roll; $15on or before April Ist of the second year;SIO on or beforo April Ist of the thirdyear; "So on or beiore April Ist of thofourth year after signing.

    And It is hereby provided that at theend of the fourth year after subscribing,all moneys in this class, over and abovethe amount necessary to be set apart as areserve fund for the expenses of tho filthyear, shall be divided pro rata among thomembers of this class in good standing.

    For the year 1892, and each subsequentyear thereafter, a new series, or class ofpermanent members shall be opened, andat the end of every fourth year subse-quent to the opening of each series, thesain" disposal o* funds shall be made asis provided for in class A, of 1801.

    Itis further provided that any memberin good standing at the end of four years,shall be thereafter known as an honorarymember, and shall receive all the priv- jileges of the club during lifetime, with-ont cost, but shall no longer have anyvoice in tbe management ofthe club after jthe time he shall cease to be a permanent 1member.

    ANNUAL MEMBERS.A person shall become an annual mem- j

    ber of the club upon tho payment of :*?._>each year, but shall not be eligible to any jollico in the club, nor have any vote in 1tbe election of its officers, or voice in its Imanagement; nor shall they be entitled jto any profits of the club, or bo liable forany of its indebtedness.

    Forfeiture of Membership.All perma-nent members, who do not meet pay- jments on their subscriptions within ten idays after they shall have become due,shall forfeit their membership and have jno further voice in its management, or beentitled to any profits of the club.

    The Board of Directors shall havepower, by a vote of two-thirds of themembers thereof, to forfeit the member-ship of any member of the club fr.r anyconduct on his part likely to endanger thewelfare, interest or character of the club, \u25a0or for any conduct in violation of therules of the club. Permanent membersare not liable for any portion of tbeir un- ipaid subscription alter membership* isforfeited.

    MANAGEMENT.The entire management of this club is

    vested Ln b Board ofDirectors consisting 'of nine members, who shall be elected by jthe permanent members of this club. 1Tiiis board shall be divided into threeclasses ofthree members each, numbered jconsecutively, the term of offlce of thefirst class to expire on the day of the an-nual election of 1862, the second, oneyear thereafter, and the third, two yearsthereafter.

    Directors shall hold over until theirsuccessors are elected. The annual meet-ings of h Priv. Gilchrist 'JBSergt. J. /.utilizer..-.. _0 i'riv. Holland 42Hergt. \V. 11. Kern..4o Priv. b Herds 36Sergt. Mitchell OO Priv. Kelloug 33Sergt. TMreaa 13 Priv. Kiees 37Sergt. Klein 38 Priv. Lawrence 32COrp. WillSheehan.4l Priv. Laare 22Corp. McKenna. 86 Priv. Mott 41Corp. Wiiite 3-r Priv. Maukel 34Corp. WillKellogg...;.i Priv. Miller.. 38Corp. Benteen 39 Priv. Manning 30Corp. >iiu)ison io Priv. Nottingham .30Priv.Armstrong 35 Priv. Odell 30Priv. Black 15 Priv. O'Keefe 14Priv. Burnett 34 Priv. Ed Sheehan 37Priv. Braun :ruths,< 75C

    Lawn Tennis and Baseball Shoes.Full Line of these goods, with rubber soles, for men,

    women and misses,


    Weinstock, Lubin & Co.400 to 412 X Street. Sacramento.

    r^^___\^^W:' y& Reduced from .