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Communication Plan

About ArtsMemphis:ArtsMemphis is a nonprofit organization founded in 1963

ArtsMemphis raises in support of art and culture for the city of Memphis

95% of every dollar raised by ArtsMemphis is used to support arts initiatives in the community such as: Africa in April, Ballet Memphis, The University of Memphis Department of Theatre & Dance, STAX Music Academy, just to name a few

ArtsMemphis Communication Plan:

Increased Use of Social Media Applications

Establishment of a Content Management Plan

Creation of an Online Arts Community Forum

Increased Use of Social Media Applications

Increase organizational exposure through increased use of social media applications

Track social media utilization and satisfaction results

Implement procedure of content management through social media applications

Establish a Content Management Plan

Establish a content management to communicate effectively and consistently

Review and update content management plan as needed

Create and Online Arts Community Forum

Create an online, collaborative communication environment to be used by arts groups, donors, members and the community for the sharing of: news and events, organizational updates, best practices, etc.


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