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CAN and CANT (ability)

He can She canIt can They can I can You can We can What? speak English.

see through walls fly fast force people to tell the truth fight create an invisible object use swords breathe in outer space learn languages fast talk to animals hear from distance run fastWhat can she do? WONDER WOMANSay these sentences in negative

He can cook.

I can skate.

They can dance.

We can sing.

The baby can read.

You can wash.Lets check your answers He cant cook. I cant skate.You cant wash.They cant dance.The baby cant read.We cant sing.Say the questions in the correct order.A:theydance? CanB:they can. Yes,A: high?Canjump monkey theB: Yes, can. itA: ride aCanthey horse?B: can. Yes, theyA: swimCanfast? heB: cant. No, he

A: walk she fast? CanB: she cant. No,A: they very ice-skate Can well?B: can. they Yes,A: play well ? Can basketball heB: he can. Yes, A: play he golf Can well?B: cant . he No,

CAN and CANT (permission) Ask for, give or deny permissionCan I come in? Can I borrow your book, please? Can I stay at my friends house tonight, please? Yes, you can. No, you cant. Yes, you can.No, you cant Yes, you can.No, you cant.

Rules in my roomYou can come in only when Im home. You cant play loud music. You cant eat and drink. You can use the computer. You cant lie on my bed.You cant play with a ball.You can read my book. You cant touch my personal things.You cant bring animals in.

House rulesYou cant be late for dinner.You cant watch TV after 9 p.m.You can go out after you finish homework. You can invite friends.You can play computer games only an hour a day.You cant fight with a member of a family.You can t jump around the rooms. You cant go out without asking your parents.You can keep a pet.

Classroom rulesYou cant come late to school.You cant make noise during lessons.You cant talk without permission. You can ask questions.You can play games during breaks.You cant fight with your classmates.You cant run in the classroom.You cant write on the walls.You can use the computer to present your ideas.You can read a book when you finish your work. Elinda Agiq m 18.11.2013Sh.F.K. Vllezrit Milladinovci- Strug