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  • Configurations and specifications

    Camio Studio - The full metrology solution for CNC and manual CMMs

    Direct CAD integration and intuitive programming tools enable the user to quickly and effectively create DMIS inspection programs for multiple sensor types, including tactile probing and Nikon Metrology laser scanners. Comprehensive reporting tools ensure that inspection data can be delivered to the end user in easy-to-use formats. Regardless whether using an embedded production tool or one-off inspection, Camio Studio can be configured to provide the correct solution.

    Camio Inspect - Metrology software for CMMs (non-CAD)

    If CAD data is not available nor used Camio Inspect is the solution. An easy-to-use interface provides access to wizards and intelligent inspection tools that allow the quick creation of DMIS inspection programs. Built on the same platform as Camio Studio Camio Inspect offers full multi-sensor capability and reporting functionality to be used efficiently in any manufacturing environment.

    Camio Off-line

    Full CMM machine and sensor simulation including rotary tables combined with advanced collision detection functionality ensures that DMIS part programs arrive ready-to-run, with little or no prove out required. The machine launch option allows different CMM environments to be selected just by clicking an icon one Camio off-line seat can be used to provide programs to multiple CMMs of different sizes and configurations.

    Supported probing systems

    Manual probing systems: MH20i, RTP20 Nikon Metrology laser probes: LC15, LC50, XC50 and XC50-LS, LC60D, LC60Dx, LC50C, LC50Cx, XC65D(-LS)Motorized probing systems: PH10T, PH10M and PH10MQ, TP20, TP2005-axis scanning: REVO* RTP2 and RTP3 3-axis scanning: SP25M-1 to -5Tool changing: ACR1 and ACR3, FCR25, SCR200, MCR20 Optional analysis and reporting

    Camio advanced reporting & SPC Multi-piece reporting, SPC charting and historical databaseQ-DAS export & launchpad Data export to Q-DAS SPC

    Optional Add-on Applications

    Camio Launchpad Easy-to-use CMM operator interface for production environmentsCamio Digigraph 2D profile analysis software with optional blade analysis capabilityCamio Gear Gear inspection and analysis software for involute form gearsCamio Automation Bespoke integrations for automated CMM production solutions

    Camio at the center of the action

    Camio offers an integrated approach to the quality control process of inspection planning, data acquisition, data analysis and report management. Design and manufacturing teams rely on Camio to provide them with the information necessary for maintaining control over production processes and for making informed decisions.

    Multi-sensor support

    Camio multi-sensor metrology software supports touch trigger sensors, analog tactile scanning, including the 5-axis REVOTM probe and the full range of Nikon Metrology laser scanners. Integration of tool and probe changing systems enables Camio to support different sensor types and use them in a single inspection program, ensuring the correct tool for the job is always used.

    Furthermore, Camios sensor-independent approach to create DMIS programs guarantees program code compatibility across sensor types. This allows legacy DMIS program to be quickly adapted to latest sensor technologies, such as Nikon Metrology laser scanners.

    Focus on feature inspection

    Regardless whether inspecting stamped, molded or machined parts, Camio drives accurate and efficient inspection of geometric features, based on discrete measurement points or point cloud data sets. Easy-to-use drag&drop tools allow the programmer to quickly produce and edit features in inspection programs while process efficient focused probe path and touch-point patterns optimize the inspection cycle time. PTB-certified algorithms are then used to extract and analyse the data. Easy-to-use wizards make feature construction as simple as clicking on the inspected features in the CAD window.

    High-throughput serial inspection

    Camio offers powerful off-line programming capability, including full machine, rotary table and component simulation and inspection process imitation together with collision detection. Combined with a dedicated production mode and automatic scanner and tool path definition, Camio can easily create, verify and speed up repetitive inspections.

    Quick on-line inspection

    Efficient single part inspection is achieved using Touch-and-Go. Using only the CMM handbox, Touch-and-Go automatically initiates a new program, sets work piece datums, measures and outputs features productivity at your fingertips.

    Industry-standard compliance: DMIS, PTB, ANSI, ISO 9001, Q-DAS

    Camio is fully compliant with DMIS, the industry-standard CMM programming language. In addition, Camio supports a wide variety of CAD data formats to provide the maximum scope to users for intelligent CAD-based component inspection programming. Where quality control is concerned, metrology software should not compromize and Camio sets high quality standards being fully compliant with PTB, ANSI, ISO 9001, Q-DAS and others.

    Integrated Nikon Metrology soltutions

    As part of tightly integrated Nikon Metrology solutions, Camio streamlines the bi-directional communication between the operator and the CMM. Camio brings the intelligence and efficiency necessary for the challenging standards and obstacles that are found within the demanding needs of todays manufacturing environments.

    I++/DME standardization

    I++/DME standardization allows Camio software to connect to any leading CMM brand that has an I++/DME Server. This provides powerful on-line and off-line programming capabilities and DMIS compliant measuring programs to be available to non Nikon Metrology LK CMM users.









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    Camio CMM software


    Productivity focused metrology softwarefor tactile and 3D laser CMM inspection

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  • Fast measurement preparation High-throughput inspection Crystal-clear reports

    Powerful off-line programming

    Camio is configurable as a complete off-line programming module featuring:

    Complete CMM simulation Full machine structure and sensor assemblyMultiple machine configurations a new CMM environment with a single icon clickCAD-driven programming directly from native CAD formatsFull off-line collision detection ensures a new program is ready to run with

    no prove out required

    PMI import

    Camios Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) module reads FTA data directly from native CATIA and UG CAD files automatically applying GD&T and maintaining design intent through the inspection process.

    Camios flexibility allows the software to be used as a fully automated solution in a high-volume production environment or as a one-off inspection tool in a small, dedicated manufacturing shop. With either solution, Camio captures the complete inspection process in a straighforward way.

    Berichterstellung von Merkmalen mit Form- und lagetoleranzen

    Die fortschrittliche grafische Berichterstellung von Camio verbessert die SPC Ergebnisdarstellung sowie die Darstellung mehrerer Messobjekte in einem einzigen Messprotokoll. Kleine Fhnchen und Abweichungsmarkierungen geben deutlich das Ergebnis der gemessenen Daten wieder. Informationen ber Form- und Lagetoleranzen knnen verschiedenfarbig dargestellt werden und zeigen, ob sich das gemessene Merkmal in- oder auerhalb des definierten Toleranzbereichs befindet.

    graphic part-to-cad comparison

    In support of laser scanning applications, Camio automatically extracts features from the acquired point cloud and verifies their positions and dimensions. The software supports the extraction of burred and tapered edge features, in addition to automatic recognition of features, such as point, line, circle, slot, plane, cylinder, cone and sphere. Graphic part-to-CAD files can be appended to automatically generated output files.

    Camio reporting database access

    To easily feedback inspection results, Camio provide