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  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

    Preliminary Draft Local Plan Consultation

    May 2018

    Form A: Minerals and Waste Local Plan

    Consultation Response Form

    From 16 May to 26 June 2018 the Councils are consulting on the Preliminary Draft version of the Minerals and Waste

    Local Plan. This is the first of three rounds of consultation on this new Plan, which can be viewed at or

    This form can be used for responding to the consultation, however we would prefer you to make comments online at: Alternatively you can email this

    form to or post it to Joint Minerals and Waste Planning Team, ℅ Peterborough

    City Council, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HF.

    All comments must be received by 11.59pm on 26 June 2018. Late comments will not be accepted.

    Part A: Your Details

    Name: Keith Bird Agent name:

    Organisation: Hanson UK Organisation:



    Postcode: Postcode:

    Email: Email:

    Tel: Tel:

    Signature: (not required for electronic submission)

    Date: 20.06.18

    Important information about data protection:

    Any comments you make as part of the consultations into the Minerals & Waste Local Plan will be made public

    as it is a statutory requirement to publish comments. We will publish these online. If you have any concerns

    then please contact us. The Councils will however remove email addresses, postal addresses, telephone

    numbers and signatures. Your information will be retained by the Councils as part of our statutory plan making

    duty, until no later than six months after the Plan is adopted, at which point your information will be securely

    deleted / destroyed. We will consult you at subsequent stages of the Plan’s preparation to seek further

    comments from you and to keep you informed. If you do not wish to be contacted at subsequent stages of the

    Plan, please let us know using the contact details at the top of this page. By submitting this form you are

    agreeing to these conditions.


  • Part B: Your Comments If you want to comment on several policies, paragraphs or other matters, please use a separate Part B for each

    representation. Please provide as much information as possible: for example, if you disagree with a policy

    please let us know why and tell us what alternative wording or approach you think we should use. If you need

    more space, please continue on a separate sheet. If you wish to submit a site to be allocated for mineral or

    waste management development, please use the appropriate Form 1 (for minerals) or Form 2 (for waste


    Which policy, paragraph or other matter are you commenting on? e.g. Policy CP1

    Support: I support the above referenced policy /

    paragraph because:

    Object: I object to the above referenced policy /

    paragraph because:

    General Comments:

    I neither support nor object to the above referenced policy / paragraph but I make the following observations:

    Please email your comments to: or post a hard copy to Joint Minerals

    and Waste Planning Team, ℅ Peterborough City Council, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HF. If

    you have any queries please call 01733 747474.

    Thank you for taking time to respond

  • Form 1: Suggested Minerals Site (May 2018)

    Contact Details:

    Name: Keith Bird Phone number: Email address:

    Postal address: Hanson UK, ,


    Please indicate your relationship to the site? If you are not the landowner please provide information to support deliverability. For example, is there an agreement / lease to use the land, etc?





    Site Information:

    Site name / location: Needingworth Quarry OS reference: TL 396 718

    Site address: Needingworth Road, Bluntisham, Huntingdon, Cambs PE28 3RJ

    Type of mineral development proposed: Please also state type of mineral.

    ☒Extraction – Sand & Gravel

    ☒Processing – Sand & Gravel


    Is the site adjacent to an existing operational or allocated site?

    ☒Yes (details): Existing site extension allocation.


    Site operational details: Please provide your best estimate for the information opposite.

    ● Start date: 2025 ● Operational life (y): 3 years ● Annual production (t): 1 million tonnes per

    annum ● Total yield (t): 3 million tonnes

    Has the site previously been submitted in previous plans or as a planning application?

    ☒Yes (details): Existing allocation ref M1B.


    Please include with your site submission the mandatory information listed opposite: Please tick the boxes opposite to indicate that you have attached the requested information for consideration

    ☒OS map base showing site boundary in red and other land in / or likely to be under applicants control, in blue

    ☒geological evidence to support the reserve

    ☒highways access points

    ☒location of processing plant

    ☒environmental mitigation measures

    ☒restoration scheme details

    It would assist us in determining the deliverability of your site if you could also include the additional information listed opposite: Please tick which additional information you have provided

    ☒proposed working hours

    ☒details of lorry movements and routes

    ☒details of phasing

    ☒likely number of employees

    ☐intended use for reject materials including stone, sand and slit

    ☐estimated area of best and most versatile agricultural land before and after development

  • Supporting Information

    Site Boundary & Phasing:

    The proposed allocation area is shown on the attached drawing number O2/767 (edged dashed

    orange), adjoining the existing planning permission area of Needingworth Quarry (edged red). This

    plan also identifies the expected phasing of extraction to be followed in working the extension


    Those parts of the proposed allocation where Hanson currently owns mineral interests are indicated

    shaded blue on drawing number O2/671a. These comprise both freehold minerals with working rights

    and manorial interests. The remaining interests within the extension area would be pursued should

    the existing site allocation be retained and subsequently planning permission be issued for mineral


    Geological Evidence:

    The proposed allocation is estimated to contain circa 3 million tonnes of sand and gravel based on

    the site investigation undertaken to date. The positions of existing boreholes drilled within the

    allocation area are shown on the attached drawing number O2/769. Further drilling investigations

    would be conducted in advance of any planning application to extend the existing Needingworth

    Quarry should the allocation be confirmed.

    Highway Access & Processing Plant Location:

    All material extracted from the proposed allocation would be conveyed across the River Great Ouse

    via the existing main conveyor and processed for sale through the existing Needingworth processing


    All material sold from the site would be transported via the current highway access onto Bluntisham

    Road, Needingworth. The location of the existing processing plant site is shown on drawing number


    Environmental Mitigation Measures:

    The processing plant site is generally the most intrusive part of a quarry operation but the existing

    plant located approximately 2.5km from the nearest settlement (Needingworth village) is well

    screened and sufficiently separated from the village that any impact on local residents is within the

    limits of acceptability.

    Any planning application to extract minerals from the proposed allocation area would be

    accompanied by a full Environmental Impact Assessment to address potential impacts and mitigate


    Restoration Scheme Details:

    Hanson is currently working in partnership with RSPB to restore the adjoining Needingworth Quarry

    sand and gravel workings to create a reedbed priority habitat of international importance (Ouse Fen

    Nature Reserve). Whilst a restoration scheme for the proposed allocation area has yet to be

    formulated, it is clear that a complementary restoration would offer an opportunity to extend the

  • existing approved restoration scheme to achieve even greater nature conservation benefits, thereby

    adding significantly to the wildlife and recreational value of the reserve. This approach has the

    support of the RSPB.

    The successful phased reinstatement of reedbed, wet scrub and grassland habitat carried out at

    Needingworth Quarry to date demonstrates the feasibility of restoring the allocation site to high