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Powerful Bones. Powerful Knowledge

(50 min)

Objectives: Understand the functions of calcium to health, peak bone mass period, and the prevention of osteoporosis.

Keywords: Calcium, bones, teeth, peak bone mass period, osteoporosis

Games: Wizard Mat, Oh My Word, Heavy Duty Words

Utah State Office of Education Objective

Food and Nutrition II. STANDARD 20.0118-03.

Objective 20.0118-0302. Classify common food and nutrition related health concerns.

National Standard 14.2.3 (The emphasis is on understanding the relationship of diet in the prevention, control and maintenance of these health concerns. A doctor should always be consulted regarding any of these concerns)

Discuss specific health concerns and risk factors for: anemia, colon and rectal cancer and osteoporosis.

Teachers Guide. V2/2010 Active Bones & Calcium 2009 by Utah State University

Lesson 1. Powerful Bones. Powerful Knowledge. 22

TIPS: To set up the momentum, this lesson is best team-taught where each teacher switches between major sections.

Lesson Plan

1. Give Pre-test (Folders)

2. Teach

3. Games (pick and choose game(s) that fit your class duration)

4. Give Post-test/evaluations (Folders)

A. Calcium

Ask: How many of you have heard of the word Calcium? Raise your hand.

Calcium is an essential mineral that is needed to do many things in our body.

Build strong bones and teeth

Move our facial muscles so we can smile

Move our muscles so we can run and play

Help send nerve signals (impulses) to pull back our fingers from being burnt from a pan

Help stop bleeding

Heals cuts and scrapes.

Calcium is stored in different places in our body.

99% is stored in our bones and teeth.

Up to 70% in bones and 30% in teeth.

The other 1% is in our blood going throughout our body.

Calcium needs vitamin D to be absorbed. It is called calciums best buddy.

Ask: What is calciums best buddys name again? (Vitamin D)

B. Peak Bone Mass Period

Peak Bone Mass Period is important in every persons life. Lets break these words down to understand what it means.

Ask: Can anyone tell me what peak means?

Peak means the highest point, like the top of a mountain.

Bone Mass means the mineral content of bone.

Period means an interval of time.

Therefore, Peak Bone Mass Period is the time when our bones reach the highest mineral content. This falls between ages 15 and 30 years old.

9-18 year olds need 1,300 mg of calcium each day.

Unfortunately, most teens are not getting the amount of calcium they need.

If you dont get the calcium you need now, you cant catch up later in life.

After age 30, our bones begin to lose calcium instead of storing it. Most teens reach 90% of their peak bone mass by age 17 after they finish their growth spurts.

Ask: How many of you save money using a piggy bank or a bank account to buy something you really want?

Our body gets calcium from food. If our diet gets enough calcium, it is stored in the bone bank. If our diet doesnt get enough calcium, our body will withdraw calcium from the bone bank to provide calcium. By getting enough calcium, our bone bank will increase to achieve the peak bone mass.

Our goal is to save enough calcium in the bone bank to prevent osteoporosis.

We use our bones just like we use our piggy banks or bank accounts.

C. What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease that elderly individuals can develop after a long time of not getting enough calcium in their diet.

Ask: How many of you have heard about hip fracture or hip replacement? Raise your hand.

Osteoporosis is the disease that can cause these things to happen.

Bones are living tissue that continually grow and shrink.

When they shrink or begin to have holes this is osteoporosis.

The word Osteoporosis is made up of two words.

Osteo meaning bone

Porosis meaning holes and passage.

Ask: What happens when your bones have more and more holes? Will it become weak for strong? (weak)

Ask: When you add pressure to the weaken bone, what will happen? (It breaks!)

Osteoporosis is a disease where a persons bone loses calcium faster than the calcium can be stored back into the bones making them holey and weak.

Osteoporosis has a lot of Os in it reminding us of holes in the bones and that it occurs when we dont get enough calcium.

Optional illustration: What makes a bone strong so it is difficult to break?

Example 1: Place a block of solid cheese on a table. Try to press it down from all direction. Start poking little holes randomly with the tip of a peeler, remove and/or eat them. Then try to crush it this time. (Ask: Is the cheese much easier to crush now?)

Example 2: Cut a hard packing sponge into femoral shape. Cut out holes that you can remove.

i. Demo 1: Put a heavy book on the bone. See how flat it becomes.

ii. Demo 2: Remove the book. Remove holes randomly. Put the heavy book back. See how much flatter the sponge becomes this time.

D. Consequences of Osteoporosis

1. Storing enough calcium in your bone bank during the peak bone mass period will help prevent osteoporosis.

2. What are the consequences of osteoporosis?

Broken hips with lots of pain.

Lose their height and become shorter because their backbones collapse (show optional posters).

Suffer from long term pain and troubles in moving

So, while you can still power up your bones, do it!

Lesson 1. Powerful Bones. Powerful Knowledge. 2


P-1. Osteoporosis Definition

P-2. Osteoporosis Bone Matrix


Optional Posters to Order

Visuals in power point form and other documents available online at



P-1. Osteoporosis Definition


P-2. Osteoporosis Bone Matrix

(Because calcium is important to my health, I am going to set a mini goal for me totry out for one week. My goal is: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________) (H-1)Say YES to Calcium!

1. What is Calcium? 2. What is Peak Bone Mass Period?

(The time when our bones absorb and store the greatest amount of calcium, between 15 and 30 years old.) (A Mineral)

(SMART)3. What is Osteoporosis?


(A bone disease where bones become holey and weak. )Strengthens bones

Helps prevent osteoporosis

Improves lifelong dental health.

Players: 2 or more (individually or team of 3).

Materials:Game mat, 2 foam die, question and answer set, Mystery Moves and Treats cards.

Duration: 15-30 minutes. Modification: Use two dice if you have less time to play this game.

Goal: Be the first player or team to move forward one round and return to the starting point.

How to Play

1. Each team rolls a die. The team with the highest number starts moving first.

2. Each team assigns a member to move as a game piece by standing in the box where the team lands.

3. The first team rolls two dice. The sum represents the number of steps the team can move forward in that turn.

Your team must correctly answer a question. If you fail to answer the question, you will lose the next turn and attempt to answer a question. If you fail to answer the second time, you will go to TIMEOUT CORNER.

**You must stay in the TIMEOUT CORNER until you answer two questions correctly in the same turn. After answering correctly, roll the die (dice) to move immediately.

Immediately draw a MYSTERY MOVES CARD and follow the directions.

Immediately draw a TREATS CARD and follow the directions.

Safe zone. No action is needed.

The player must give a big smile to all other players.

4. The first team to make it around once (or more depending on time) wins.

Wizard Mat Question Set


1. 99% of what mineral is stored in our bones and teeth?

a. Calcium

2. Where is 99% of calcium stored in our body?

a. Bones and teeth

3. True of false. Bones are living tissue?

a. True

4. How can we increase our bone mass?

a. By getting enough calcium

5. How do bones become weak?

a. We lose more calcium in our bones than we can store back in them.

6. What does osteo mean?

a. Bone

7. What does porosis mean?

a. Porous/holes and passage

8. A person with osteoporosis has high or low bone mass?

a. Low.

9. Do the majority of children and teenagers get enough calcium?

a. No


1. Besides our bones, what other part of our body needs calcium to be healthy?

a. Our teeth

2. Peak Bone Mass period is the time when our bones absorb and store the greatest amount of calcium. When is the period of Peak Bone Mass?

a. 15 to 30 years old

3. When do we start losing calcium in our bones?


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