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  • 7/30/2019 CabinPressure Feat DL



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    01:00:31:09 REECE: You'd better get going.

    01:00:33:05 JIMMY: What, no good-luck kiss for the Captain, Captain? I'm about tomake history here.


    01:00:48:13 JIMMY: I know you want to, Reece.

    01:00:50:04 REECE: No, I know you want to. I just think we'd last longer as friends,Jimmy.

    01:00:56:23 JIMMY: So at least you're not saying no way, then.

    01:00:59:25 REECE: Just like a kid, aren't you? I was taken maybe straight to thebank. You're starting to remind me a little of someone I used to know.

    01:01:10:05 JIMMY: That's not a bad thing, is it?

    01:01:13:14 REECE: I'm not sure.

    01:01:43:23 CORBETT: I think we deserve a pat on the back, don't you?01:01:48:00

    01:01:50:02 NED: Hey, check it out.

    01:01:55:09 CORBETT: Corbett Aviation and the first 100% automatic-pilot f light inhistory. A job well done, everyone. Thank you all so much.


    01:02:15:26 NICK: Drink up, Tammy. Hey, come on, Gabriel. Drink up, man. Youdeserve it.


    01:02:40:08 JIMMY: Genisys, do your thing.

    01:02:43:13 TAMMY: Okay, we have takeoff sequence. Do you copy, Seattle Tower?

    01:02:46:17 SEATTLE TOWER: We copy, Genisys Center.

    01:03:03:29 JIMMY: So did you bring anything to read?

    01:03:05:29 PARKS: Yeah, really. If this thing works, we may be out of jobs. Checklist up. Levels are good. All systems functioning. And airborne.

    01:03:52:15 CORBETT: I did it. "F"ing-A, I did it.

    01:03:55:28 REECE: Well done, Mr. Corbett.

    01:03:57:02 CORBETT: Thanks to you.

    01:03:58:07 ALAN: Congratulations, Sir.

    01:04:05:28 JIMMY: Wow, this is as good as simulation. I'm passenger and pilot onthe same flight.


  • 7/30/2019 CabinPressure Feat DL



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    01:04:13:09 PARKS: Jimmy, look at the systems.

    01:04:17:24 JIMMY: What the hell? Center, we appear to have a situation here.

    01:04:24:19 GABRIEL: What is it? What's happening?

    01:04:26:02 JIMMY: I'm not sure. System failure. It's all shut down on us here, guys.

    01:04:30:14 GABRIEL: What? That's impossible. Disengage from the computer.

    01:04:33:17 JIMMY: I already have.

    01:04:34:28 GABRIEL: Smythe, go to a soft reboot. Alan, as soon as we're back on,restore mains. Tammy, keep trying the backup systems. I'll try andmanual override.


    01:04:46:00 PARKS: It's no good, Jimmy. Nothing works. We have no control.

    01:04:49:23 JIMMY: Jesus. We're going down. We're going down hard.

    01:04:55:21 ALAN: Altitude decreasing.

    01:05:01:09 JIMMY: We're going down.

    01:05:03:02 TAMMY: Genisys, come in.

    01:05:05:04 PARKS: No control. Nothing works.

    01:05:07:22 JIMMY: We're going down.

    01:06:13:05 CORBETT: Goddamn you, Wingfield. How could this happen? You saidwe were ready.

    01:06:16:29 GABRIEL: We were. Look, Mr. Corbett, it's too early to start speculating,but actually caused the crashes--

    01:06:21:19 CORBETT: This was a computer-controlled aircraft. What else could itbe, pilot error? You heard those guys up there. They had no idea whatwas happening. They had no control.

    01:06:31:09 GABRIEL: Oh, I get it now. I'm the invisible man around here t illsomething goes wrong?

    01:06:35:00 CORBETT: Stop being paranoid. In case you've forgotten, two peoplejust died.

    01:06:39:09 GABRIEL: Yeah, well, maybe you've forgotten. I designed this system,but you owned it and you signed off on it. Mr. "F"ing-A, "I did it."

    01:06:47:01 CORBETT: Get out of here. You're fired.

    01:06:49:08 GABRIEL: You can't do that. I have a contract.

    01:06:50:24 CORBETT: And I just bought you out, and you'll be lucky if I don't sueyou for 50 times that amount by the time the dust has settled.

  • 7/30/2019 CabinPressure Feat DL


  • 7/30/2019 CabinPressure Feat DL



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    01:11:27:01 PETE: Yeah. Well, this and that, you know?

    01:11:31:12 NED: So what's in the boxes?

    01:11:33:08 PETE: Boxes? Oh, well...

    01:11:43:00 SECURITY GUARD: Whoa. That's loud.

    01:11:45:06 PETE: Sweet, huh? Here you go.

    01:11:47:18 NED: How'd you get in here? This place is locked up pretty tight.

    01:11:50:18 PETE: Well, it's not that tight. The door was open.

    01:11:55:03 NED: I told you your ass was grass if you ever forgot to secure one ofthese doors again.

    01:11:59:13 SECURITY GUARD: I didn't, Ned. I mean, I don't--

    01:12:02:16 NED: Shut up already. What the hell does my sister see in you, anyway?

    01:12:06:27 PETE: You see, the thing is, Ned--

    01:12:09:26 NED: Pal, I don't want to piss in your pageant, but if you think you'reactually going to sell one of these shirts, I mean...

    01:12:16:18 PETE: No, I'm not selling these things. These are, you know, giveaways.They're promos for my new customers. Now, check this out-- Sun andSand Charters Incorporated, okay? The Pacific Northwest's first discountdiscount holiday travel service.

    01:12:32:03 NED: No kidding?

    01:12:33:01 PETE: Yeah.

    01:12:33:15 NED: A charter company? Bird Dog? Well, you're still flying, then?

    01:12:37:20 PETE: Well, no. I haven't actually, you know, flown in about two years.The FAA didn't have much of a sense of humor when I told them that Iflew straighter drunk than sober.

    01:12:46:20 NED: No, they wouldn't.

    01:12:48:04 PETE: No, but anyway, I'm working on that one. Meanwhile, okay, I'vegot a business partner who's got the money, and I've got a line on alease on a 737, okay, so what I'm saying, is all I need right now is a dry

    place to keep these stupid shirts until I can get the key to my office fromthe terminal.

    01:13:05:05 NED: Well, I don't know, Bird Dog. This is a private hangar. Ty Corbett'sa real hard-ass.

    01:13:10:28 PETE: I'm coming from way down, all right, both personally andprofessionally, but I'm on my way back up.

    01:13:16:04 NED: All right, fine. A day or two tops, okay?

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    01:13:19:10 PETE: Hey, you got it. That's Ned. I love you, man. You're beautiful.

    01:13:23:01 NED: Okay, well, let's...let's get this stuff stowed.

    01:13:25:08 PETE: All right. You're a good man, Ned.

    01:13:29:08 NED: You don't have a problem with me helping out an old Air Forcebuddy, do you?

    01:13:32:10 SECURITY GUARD: No. Don't suppose you'd have this in extra large,would you?

    01:13:36:23 PETE: Hey... for you... for you I've got a triple X.

    01:13:43:10 SECURITY GUARD: Woo.

    01:13:46:20 NED: Unbelievable, man. You look good.

    01:13:50:00 PETE: You too, bud. Hey, listen...


    01:14:25:15 CORBETT: I'm very happy to see everybody here this afternoon, no onemore than my board of directors. Thank you for your faith. Six monthsago, there was a lot of people in the media and the aerospace industryitself here in Seattle who thought I was finished, who thought thatCorbett Aviation would not take to the skies again. Well, to all of them,or you, as the case may be, the Genisys II. They say that every failurebrings with it a valuable lesson to those that are willing to learn. Well, avaluable lesson I learned after the tragic crash of Genisys I lastSeptember's this, don't quit. The Wright brothers knew that over acentury ago. They didn't quit when their first prototype refused to takeflight. NASA didn't quit after the Challenger disaster in 1986, and I couldgo on, but the point is every major advance in the history of aviation hasbeen made by the bold, not the faint-hearted.

    01:15:34:01 PETE: Self-important windbag.

    01:15:37:22 CORBETT: And now, for those who haven't had the pleasure, I'd like totake this opportunity to introduce you to my very lovely daughterBrandee. Brandee, would you and my future grandson please stand up?

    And the man who made an honest woman out of Brandee is my son-in-law David Caulfield. David. David Caulfield is not only one of the hottesttrial attorneys on the west coast, he also happens to be the son of mygood friend Senator John Caulfield.

    01:16:13:05 PETE: Is that the same Senator Caulf ield that's behind the big push in

    Congress to triple federal funding for the private aerospace RNDs?

    01:16:20:12 TV REPORTER: Well, Corbett's no dummy.

    01:16:22:23 CORBETT: The software we've developed after the last year's tragedy,now gives Corbett Aviation a fail-safe fully computer-integrated aircraft-control system, the first in the world, I might add. I've very pleased andexcited to tell you that 18 hours from now, this very important trio behindme will be joining me onboard Genisys II for her maiden flight betweenSeattle and Los Angeles. And last but not least, I know you all want to

  • 7/30/2019 CabinPressure Feat DL



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    meet the pilot for tomorrow's historic flight, Captain Reece Robinson.Reece. They're all yours.


    01:17:16:06 REECE: Well, I wouldn't say I know as much as the technicians whodesigned our computer systems, but I'll do my very best to answer anyof your questions.

    01:17:23:02 TV REPORTER: How does it work?

    01:17:24:16 REECE: Terrif ic. I've tested this aircraft extensively, and we're ready.

    01:17:29:10 TV REPORTER: No, I mean how does it work?

    01:17:31:15 REECE: