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By Stephen Nolan, Mark MacKinnon and Rezarta Matoshi

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Text of By Stephen Nolan, Mark MacKinnon and Rezarta Matoshi

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  • By Stephen Nolan, Mark MacKinnon and Rezarta Matoshi
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  • The Home Depot Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank Atlanta, Georgia on June 22, 1979 Currently 355,000 associates 2,040 stores in: the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.
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  • Strengths $44 billion in total assets 179 net new stores opened this year, including relocations-- total count of 2,042 40,000 to 50,000 products in each store Knowledgeable help Location Infastructure Infastructure
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  • Weaknesses Culture of Fear CEO Compensation Job Security Fast Growth Problem Fast Growth Problem Customer Satisfaction
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  • Opportunities Ongoing Housing Maintenance Superfund Site Superfund Site China Market-from China Market- from 20 estimated $50 billion home-decoration market by Home improvement loans Home improvement loans HD buys EnerBank USA
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  • Threats Overheated housing markets are cooling off CNN MoneyCNN Money FED keeps raising rates Wal-Mart Lowes
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  • Store Layout and Design Warehouse Club Storage on shelves Loop Shrinkage
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  • Larry The Cable Guy
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  • Sources "The Home Depot, Inc.." Our Company. 06 May 2006. "Hot home markets to cool will your home fare?." CNN Money. (2006). CNN. 06 May 2006. Renovating HOME DEPOT, By: Grow, Brian, Brady, Diane, Arndt, Michael, Business Week, 00077135, 3/6/2006, Issue 3974