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Chapter 12: Manifest Destiny. By: Madison Maynard. Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny The idea that the destiny of the United States was to expand westward so that it stretched from sea to sea. Facts Idea or phrase coined by newspaper publisher John L. OSullivan Coined in 1845. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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By: Madison MaynardChapter 12: Manifest DestinyManifest Destiny Manifest Destiny The idea that the destiny of the United States was to expand westward so that it stretched from sea to seaFactsIdea or phrase coined by newspaper publisher John L. OSullivanCoined in 1845

Oregon CountryOregon Country huge area of land between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific OceanStatesWashingtonOregonIdahoMontanaWyomingFactsObtained by a treaty with Great BritainIt was a joint occupationJoint occupation the possession and settling of an area shared by two or more countriesOregon TrailFacts2000 mile journeyStarted in the Mississippi ValleyGoes through and over the Great Plains and the Rocky MountainsRivers CrossedPlatteSnakeColumbiaFifty-Four FortyDemocratic slogan for the presidential election of 1844Referred to the longitude and latitude that the democrats believed should be the nations northern border in Oregon

TexasMain Idea Texas won their independence from Mexico and asked to be admitted to the United StatesFactsConflict started in 1803Stephen F. Austin organized the first land grant colony in TexasGeneral Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became the President of Mexico in 1833Mexican Decree of 1830Stopped all immigration from the U.S.Stopped all trade with the U.S.Encouraged immigration from Mexico and European countriesAngered Texas

The Battle of the AlamoThe Alamo was a small Spanish mission in TexasThe location of the infamous Battle of the AlamoWilliam B. Travis was the commander of the forces located there.The 184 men held off Santa Annas troops for twelve days.

On March 12, 1836 cannon fire smashed the Alamos walls and Santa Annas troops rushed in.Everyone was killed except for the woman and children, so that they could tell the taleAmong the dead were William B. Travis, Davy Crockett, and James Bowie.Meanwhile, at Washington-On-The-Brazos on March 2, 1836, the Texans were officially declaring their independence. Sam Houston was became the Commander in Chief of the Texas forces.The Battle of San JacintoFactsOccurred on April 21, 1836The Battle Calls were:Remember the Alamo!Remember Goliad!At the end of the battle, Santa Anna signed a treaty recognizing Texas IndependenceAndrew Jackson refused to allow Texas to become a slave state because it would upset the balance between slave states and free states in CongressTexas was officially became a state on December 29, 1845James K. Polk was president during this timeWar With MexicoStates Included in Territory:New MexicoArizonaNevadaUtahColoradoWyoming

The Santa Fe TrailThe path taken by the first American traderWilliam Becknell

Started at the Missouri RiverCrossed the prairies and followed the Arkansas river westCame to the Rockies, then turned south into New Mexico Territories

FactsTrade with New Mexico affected the U.S., because many people started settling there and wanted that land

War with Mexico, cont. FactsSpanish Missions influenced the culture in CaliforniaJohn C. Fremont described the climate as mild climate and scenic beautyExtending the U.S. to the Pacific Ocean was rationalized by the people saying that they would be safely bordered by an ocean, rather than a foreign nation.Start of the WarThe U.S. claimed that the border of Texas was the Rio Grande riverMexico claimed that the border was the Nueces RiverPolk called an emergency cabinet meeting to decide whether there were grounds for war with MexicoThey agreed that there were grounds for warWar with Mexico, cont.Frederick Douglass called the war cruel and disgraceful because he believed that the Western Expansion of the United States would carry slavery with it.The Republic of Californias flag was called the California Bear Flag because it is white with a bear and a star on it.End of the WarPolk sent General Winfield Scott to capture Mexico CityThe Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war in February 1848The border of Texas was the Rio Grande RiverWe obtained California and New MexicoIn 1853 we had the Gadsden Purchase, which cost us $10 million.We obtained the southern edge of Arizona and New Mexico

New Settlers in California and UtahGold Rush1849CaliforniaThe people who came were came the forty-ninersThey had to cross the Sierra Nevada mountain range to get thereMexico, South America, China, Europe, and Australia all sent 49ersBoomtowna community experiencing a sudden growth in business or population (esp. during the 19th Century)San Francisco went from a tiny village to a city of about 2000 people

Religious Refuge in UtahThe Mormons took refuge in UtahTheir founder was Joseph SmithA mob in Illinois killed him in 1844Brigham Young took his placeThey settled near the Great Salt Lake, (Salt Lake City)Utah became a state in 1896