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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>By: Jennifer CaliffUnited kingdom </p> <p>United kingdom capital London.</p> <p>Major citiesBirminghamEdinburgGlasgowLeedsLiverpoolManchester</p> <p>Customs and traditionsAfter noon tea is a major custom in the U.K..they usually have it served with tiny sandwiches ,crumpets ,or scones.Some of their traditions are boxing, cheese rolling and the highland games!</p> <p>Physical and political mapphysicalpolitical</p> <p>Wars or battles fought in this countryThe battle in Brittan.The war took place in 1940.The Germans wanted to take over the U.K..with 4000 airplanes the Germans were sure to win they thought. What they did not know was that the U.K. had tons of bombs and other airplanes stored in Europe. The British govt shot down 2698 German planes. Now your probably thinking is this work of Adolph Hitler,No. </p> <p>Countries that surround the U.K. Countries that surround the U.K. would be: Scotland, Wales, north Ireland, and across the English channel is France.</p> <p>Tourist sitesStone Hedge / the mystical healing ground. York Minister breathing jewel of the north Portmeirion /a Mediterranean Flavour off the coast of Snowdonia. Stratford-upon-Avon /birth place of the legendary Bard. The Romans Baths at Bath /The Hot Springs of Roman Brittan. </p> <p> More famous sitesWarwick castle/Medieval England in the Heart of the MidlandsHampton court palace/ Hampton house of horrors.The tower of London/off with their head</p> <p>Edinburg castle/perched atop the heart of Scotland. The London eye/more than just a big wheel.</p> <p>Famous citizensFamous citizens of England would be:Sam Neil, was an actor in Jurassic park.Lord Bryon, was a romantic poem writer.Lewis Carrol, was the author of Alices adventure in wonder land.The Beatles, were a famous band.Princess Dian and prince Charles, king and queen of the united kingdom.Sean Connery, famous actor.William Wallace, one of England's greatest heroes.Catherine zeta-Jones, famous actress.Tim Berners-lee, this man invented the world wide web.Sir Anthony Hopkins, was a stage actor.William Shakespeare, famous writer.Type of governmentParliamentary monarchy .This is because the queen rules the state but the prime minister runs it. prime minister (David Cameron) Queen (Elizabeth)</p> <p>Type of economic systemThe U.K. has an market economy.This way where there is no government regulation of the economy. </p> <p>Resouces</p>