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Text of BW on HANA Webinar

  • An Overview of SAP BW Powered by HANA

    Al Weedman

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    The BICP is a focused SAP Business Intelligence consulting services organization focused specifically in SAP HANA, Business Objects, and BW.

    We are a certified SAP Services Partner with strong relationships with SAPs HANA/BI organization and Product Development groups, and we are frequent sponsors, volunteers, and contributors to ASUG and SAP Insider.

    We deploy Business Intelligence solutions for SAP centric enterprises worldwide.

    We have a team of approximately 70 SAP HANA, BOBJ, and BW consultants and full time staff across North America.

    We are currently involved in some of the largest and most complex and global SAP BI/HANA/Business Objects implementations out of North America.

    Our flexible, low overhead business model leverages focused teams of highly experienced consultants that enable

    World Class SAP HANA, BOBJ, and BW solutions

    Reduced risk to our customers

    Experienced SAP HANA/BI Specific Project and Program Management

    Strong communication skills coupled with relevant business experience

    Onsite, Platinum level SAP HANA, BOBJ, and BW consultants with hands on experience relevant to scope.

    About BICP | SAP HANA, BOBJ, and BW Implementations

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  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    Competencies & Service Offerings

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    BI & EIM Strategy BI & Performance Management

    Advanced Analytics & Optimization

    EIM Foundation

    Business & IT Transformation

    Business Enablement

    BI Strategy and Roadmap

    Enterprise Information



    BI Governance

    Dashboards & Scorecards

    Planning, Budgeting, &


    Business Analytics &

    Reporting for

    various business

    domains or

    process areas

    Advanced Analytics (Data

    Mining & Web


    Analytic Applications




    Business Optimization


    Data Integration

    Data Quality

    Data Architecture

    Master Data Management

    Innovation Prediction Performance

    Predictive Modeling

    Analytical Applications

    Business Process data &


    data analytics

    Big data integration

    Predictive Analysis

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.



    Why to Use SAP HANA and BW Powered by HANA

    What Does a BW Powered by HANA Architecture Look Like

    Utilizing HANA DB Exclusive BW Capabilities

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.


    We will discuss:

    A quick overview of SAP HANA

    Thoughts on why SAP BW should be used with SAP HANA in an Enterprise Data Warehouse scenario

    Illustrate what an EDW architecture looks like with SAP BW Powered by HANA

    Show what the new development components are in SAP BW when it is used in conjunction with SAP HANA

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.



    Why to Use SAP HANA and BW Powered by HANA

    What Does a BW Powered by HANA Architecture Look Like

    Utilizing HANA DB Exclusive BW Capabilities

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    Database Technology - Then and Now

    Yesterday Today

    Database systems were designed to perform well on systems with limited RAM

    Modern servers can have 2TB of system memory, allowing complete databases to be held in RAM

    Since slow disk I/O was the main bottleneck in data throughput, architecture was designed to focus on optimizing disk access

    Multi-core server architecture allows CPUs to process increased data per time interval








    1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015

    Number of Transistors Over Time

    Conclusion: Its now quickly becoming cost effective to move away from disk-based data storage to in-memory solutions

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    SAPs In-Memory Solution SAP HANA

    SAP HANA takes advantage of modern advances in Multicore CPUs and inexpensive RAM.

    SAP HANAs technology is based on storing data in-memory.

    For Analytics, tables are typically based on a Column format (optimized for reads).

    SAP HANA is a database technology it does not do anything without other Extraction, Transformation, Loading, and Reporting tools integrated with it.

    SAP HANA consists of new modeling tools or can be integrated with other existing and understood SAP BW or ETL assets.

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    Why? - SAP HANA is the Technological Future

    New SAP BusinessObjects technologies require SAP HANA (i.e. SAP Predictive Analysis, SAP Lumira) to achieve full capabilities. Additionally, SAP HANA as a database appears to generally be the direction that SAP is taking for its products.

    BW Accelerator only increases speed for reporting requiring special report design considerations. A SAP HANA based system is accelerated by default.

    Complex reporting requirements can be difficult to architect on a BW system as a true, performance optimized run-time coding engine does not exist. SAP HANA Calculation Views allow for much more flexibility.

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    HANA Modeling Options

    Custom ETL &

    Modeling BW Powered

    by HANA

    HANA Live


    In collaboration with IT Business Partners translate

    business strategies into IT

    investment, architecture,

    and migration plans.

    Since views are delivered by SAP, the joins can be expected

    to be correct.

    Can be extended with customer specific tables.

    Real-time Pro




    SAP delivered Calculation

    Views that run directly in the

    HANA layer. Tables loaded

    by SLT

    BW using HANA as its database

    Custom tables and views

    developed with HANA Studio

    and ETL with BODS (or other

    certified ETL tool)

    SLT does not provide a method for performing robust

    transformations during loading.

    Most appropriate for operational reporting vs.

    analytical which typically

    requires transformations

    Complex reporting requirements may require new

    views vs. extending content.

    BW Extractors can be used using DXC or ODP API

    through BODS.

    Flexible ETL (or ELT) process.

    Since this method uses more generic Relational DB

    modeling, the skill set of

    existing staff may need to be


    Tools to model, create security, job scheduling, metadata, etc.

    are not as robust as BW. Time

    to create standards and

    governances needed.

    BW app server(s) required.

    Well known technology with plenty of employees on staff or

    in the marketplace that


    Very robust, structured functionality for an enterprise

    data warehouse.

    SAP has made a commitment to continue to innovate


  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    BICPs Viewpoint

    HANA Live is very appropriate for real time operational reporting and for a relatively simple way to bring ECC data to HANA for data marts.

    Custom development with HANA Studio and Data Services is a workable

    solution, but it does not provide the framework for a robust enterprise data warehouse.

    SAP BW Powered by HANA gives the best of all worlds. If you are an existing

    BW customer, the next question will be whether to migrate your existing system to HANA or build green-field (well leave this for another discussion).

    If the BW solution is chosen, this does not prevent you from building in HANA

    Studio when appropriate. This is called Mixed Use Scenarios.

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator evolution to SAP HANA

    BW Accelerator (BWA) BW on HANA

    Data is loaded from BW to the BWA for in-memory acceleration

    If indexed in BWA queries see large performance improvements

    BW architecture remains unchanged

    SAP BW Server

    BWA Appliance

    Data exists directly in-memory

    All queries see large performance improvements

    Data loading sees large performance improvements

    BW architecture is simplified

    Enterprise Edition Includes HANA Analytics Foundation with HANA Studio for next generation analytics

    Leveraging existing technology and SAP BI evolution B


    J Rep


    g Too


    HANAs technology has its foundation in the SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator Some BWA investments may be able to be redeployed as HANA.

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    Modeling - BW 7.4 SP4 and HANA Studio 1.0 SP6

    HANA Database

    BW Modeler HANA Studio Modeler

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    Modeling - BW 7.4 SP5+ and HANA Studio 1.0 SP7+

    The separate GUIs are beginning convergence to minimize the distinction between BW and HANA Studio modeling

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.



    Why to Use SAP HANA and BW Powered by HANA

    What Does a BW Powered by HANA Architecture Look Like

    Utilizing HANA DB Exclusive BW Capabilities

  • Insight. Innovation. Results.

    SAP HANA Landscape D




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