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  • BV Report No.: 10142060903

    Assessed Factory Name

    Assessed Factory Address

    City / Country

    Consigner of Assessment

    GS Supplier / Manufacturer No.

    GS Supplier Name

    Date of Assessment

    Expiry Date (12 months validity)

    Name of Assessor

    Reviewed by

    Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services division in collaboration with Global Sources has developed a new

    "Supplier Capability Assessment” program which has been based on good practice principals used by international

    retailers and brands. The objective of validating supplier information is to provide additional confidence to buyers so that

    they know the information has been verified by an independent third party.

    The Bureau Veritas “Supplier Capability Assessment” program is not designed to be a performance standard but

    rather an information validation program against an established criterion providing potential buyers with information on

    the establishments stated claims and capabilities. The criteria used to assess the "Supplier Capability Assessment”

    program consist of a questionnaire with the following categories:

    Shenzhen Sawink Technology Co., Ltd.

    East 5th of Shangxue Industry Zone, Jihua Road, Buj i Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

    Shenzhen Sawink Technology Co., Ltd.


    2. Legal Entity

    3. Personnel


    6. Product Capabilities

    1. Factory Overview

    7. Production Capabilities

    8. Management Systems & Accreditations

    9. Quality Control Management

    4. Export Markets

    5. Key Clients

    Tracy Tang

    Shenzhen / China


    Gary Yi

    10. Development / Expansion Plans

    Shenzhen Sawink Technology Co., Ltd.


    The above reflects our findings for the particular factory in concern on the date of our service only. This report does not certify, confirm or imply: a) compliance with any government, industry or association regulations or standards, unless stated otherwise; or, b) the quality of any specific products manufactured by the factory/sellers/suppliers; or, c) the shipment of any specific products. This report does not discharge or release the factory/sellers/suppliers from their commercial, legal or contractual obligations with buyers in respect of products manufactured by the factory/sellers/suppliers. Our services, including reports and certificates, are subject to the General Conditions of Service of Bureau Veritas which have been sent to your company. They can be resent upon written request. This report cannot be partially copied. Any reader other that the party for which this report has been specifically issued is hereby informed that the General Conditions of Service of Bureau Veritas contain liability limitation provisions.

  • 1. Factory Overview Factory Name

    Factory Address Factory Phone Number Factory Fax Number URL/Web Address Name of Contact E-mail address Year Established 2005 Number of Dormitories 1 Number of Buildings 2 Total Dormitory Capacity (beds) 150

    Total Production Area M2 20,000 M2 Percentage of Workers in residence 80% Factory Capital Investment A Subsidiary Factory of Type of Ownership [ X ] Privately Owned [ ] Public Company [ ] Joint Venture

    [ ] Stated Owned [ ] Proprietorship Principle/Owner E-mail:

    E-mail: E-mail:

    Supplier - Factory Relationship [ ] shareholder/partner [ X ] Wholly Owned [ ] Capacity Contract [ ] Historical Working relationship

    Valid Product liability insurance [ ] Y, [ X ] N Expiry date N/A Valid Product recall insurance [ ] Y, [ X ] N Expiry date N/A

    2. Legal Entity

    [ X ] Y, [ ] N

    [ ] manufacturer [ X ] export trading [ ] both

    [ X ] Y, [ ] N

    3. Personnel Year(s) in Year(s) at

    Key Staff Name Tel Position Company

    General Manager 86- 13632692345 9 9

    Quality/Technical Manager 86- 13652389365 7 7

    Production Manager 86- 13928436729 5 9

    R & D Manager 86- 13510232928 4 4

    Health & Safety Officer 86- 13538101014 2 2

    Security Representative/Officer 86- 13928436729 5 9

    Equipment Maintenance 86- 15875529618 2 4

    Others (please specify) Does QA/QC Manager have responsibilities [ ] Y, [ X ] N other than quality? If "YES", please specify. N/A

    Personnel / Headcount by Department Full time Part time Total 4 4 6 6

    Purchasing Department


    Mr. Wei Yingnan

    Mr. Du Youbo

    Ms. Huang Cun'e

    Is the annual review done by the local authority, e.g., Industrial & Commercial Bureau? (please specify)

    Mr. Li Guishi

    Mr. Fan Wenke

    Registration number

    Date of Registration

    1805125475@qq.co m

    Mr. Edward Zhang


    Does the factory have a valid business license which accurately reflect the current operations?

    Mr. Wei Yingnan 531746499@qq.com

    RMB 1,000,000

    86-755-61218866, Ext: 803

    Shenzhen Sawink Technology Co., Ltd.

    East 5th of Shangxue Industry Zone, Jihua Road, Buji Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China 86-755-61218866

    edward@sawink.com.cn / cindy@sawink.com.cn


    Top Sky Technology International Group

    Mr. Liu Minghao



    Business license was valid, related information can be available in website: http://www.szcredit.com.cn/web/Index.aspx

    Valid period

    Name of Corporative Representative

    Mr. Liu Minghao GCY4003@sina.com

    Sales Department



    531746499@qq.com 2488716616@qq.co

    m 1377600895@qq.co



    Mr. Liu Minghao

  • 10 10 10 10 6 6 4 4 8 8

    104 104 5 5

    157 4. Export Markets

    Markets Total Units Exported (annual) % of Total Bus iness Volume 13% 46% 16% 23% 2%

    Annual $ Volume in (last year) 70,000,000 USD Estimated Annual $ Volume (this year) 70,000,000 USD 5. Key Clients (past 12 months)

    Customers % Business Type of Products 20% 15% 12%

    6. Product Capabilities (previous 12 months) Actual Units

    Shipped % Installed Capacity

    2,000,000 1,200,000 60% 240,000 200,000 83%

    #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0!

    7. Production Capabilit ies 8

    Supervisor: 1 Workers / operators: 11

    In-line QC: 1 Helpers: 1

    Total per line 14 X lines = 112

    monthly 187,000 annually 2,240,000

    days 25~30 days

    List of Major Machinery / Utilities

    Specification Quantity Year Made Service


    Not provided 10 sets Not provided

    Not provided

    Not provided 2 sets Not provided

    Not provided

    Quality Department Foreign Trade Department

    What is the factory's projected average lead time from PO confirmation to production EX WORKS delivery?

    Good Constant temperature soldering iron HAKKO

    Product Description / Category

    Name of machinery Condition

    Electric screw driver None

    How many production lines are in the factory? How many employees are working in each line?

    Please list out the major machinery / utilities in the factory.

    Tablet PC Goclever Tablet PC



    [ X ] E.U.

    Maintenance Department


    Production Department Warehouse Department

    After service Department Engineering Department


    Type / Model


    Please describe the factory's production process flow. * see attachments for further detail

    Total Installed capacity (units)

    Advertising Machine

    What is the factory's projected average production capacity per month / year of each line?

    [ X ] Domestic



    [ X ] Others

    Does the assessed facility have the correct machinery types and infrastructure to produce the claimed products? Yes

    Production Capacity

    Tablet PC

    [ X ] U.S. / North America

    [ X ] Asia

    Tablet PC Modecom


    Assembly->Testing->Packing * see attachments for further details


  • Not provided 2 sets Not provided

    Not provided

    Not provided 1 set Not provided

    Not provided

    Not provided 1 set Not provided

    Not provided

    Not provided 1 set Not provided

    Not provided

    Not provided 1 set Not provided

    Not provided

    Not provided 3 sets Not provided

    Not provided

    List of Subcontractors

    8. Management System s and Accreditation (please attach copies of each)

    Accreditation Date Expiry ISO 9001 [ ] Y, [ X ] N ISO 14001 [ ] Y, [ X ] N BRC Standard - Consumer Products [ ] Y, [ X ] N SA 8000 [ ] Y, [ X ] N WRAP [ ] Y, [ X ] N Others (please specify):

    Is product certification done in terms of selling designation (e.g., UL for US, CCC for China, CE for Europe…) at the factory? N Date Expiry

    if Yes, please specify

    9. Quality Control Management Is quality monitored on all relevant line operations? [ X ] Y, [ ] N

    Are QA/QC inspectors independent of production? [ X ] Y, [ ] N