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One of a kind

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  • INTROS.Y. Dwinger is a unique and innovative mega sailing yacht with all the advantages of a motor yacht. This 159 feet aluminum vessel was custom built by Royal Huisman, world leaders in advanced marine tech-nologies, and at 190 feet tall she holds the world record for largest freestanding mast. Incomparable to other megayachts of both the sail and motor variety in terms of stability S.Y. Dwinger has an unrivalled array of extras. Experience the Dwinger, built with passion, for the love of the sea.


    The mast (constructed with over 33,000 pounds of carbon ber) itself supports the main sail and jib totaling 8400 square feet of surface which rotate on an Gerard Dyks-tra designed (designer of the Maltese Falcon, Athena, Dream Symphony, etc..) Aerorig, an advanced sailing system which oers an exceptionally smooth ride when compared to motor yachts and signicant-ly less tilt when compared to regular sailing yachts. Enhanced comfort through stability is just one of the many advantages that this

    enticing mega yacht has to give.


    Through utilization of her renowned Aerorig system which minimizes rigging and maxi-mizes space the Dwinger is able to sail with a skilled crew of merely seven people. Where usually sailing yachts of such grand proportions require a crew of at least fteen the overall reduction in crew cabins greatly enhances the privacy of the guests as well as the amount of living space as a part of the over 6500 square feet of space

    underneath the deck.


    Through the abundance of space the Dwinger is able to reserve 1000 square feet for her garage which is stocked with a multitude of watercraft and watersports equipment. For your ultimate entertain-ment you will nd a stunning 1953 Riva motorcraft, a Bombardier Explorer six seater jet boat, a two person sail boat, one stand up model jet ski, two windsurf kits and two kite surf kits. The real head turner is the Amphibious Car which after being quickly lowered into the sea through using the deck crane is capable of transporting you from the boat through the water to the beach, then up onto the road and right

    into town.


    With her slick interior which lends more to high performance than ornamentation, her futuristic design is sure to please all

    those who choose to sail with her.







    Modern design aims to search for green energy and the Dwinger meets this target too. Apart from being covered with solar panels to make the most of the natural energy from the sun, at a sailing speed of just 5 knots her self rotating propeller generates 300hp of energy, enough to provide both electricity and hydraulic power throughout the boat which is su-cient for her to sail without using the

    engines or generators.


    Always ahead in technology the Dwinger has a HIFOG system, the most advanced re safety system available. As a result this permitted her interior designers to include an open kitchen, a luxury popular with all the best restaurants. As a result the guests can experience the joy of watching her chef who has been trained in one of the nest Dutch Michelin star restaurants preparing his delicious

    creations close up.


    1 Master guest cabin, with the possibility to split into two cabins (one w/ double bed and one w/ single bed)4 Guest cabins; All with double beds

    5 bathrooms containing toilets and fully equipped showers

    1 indoor dining place (capacity 16 persons) 1 outdoor dining place (capacity 16 persons)

    Television (incl. Tuner), WiFi, CD player, DVD player, Movie catalogue

    A fully equipped open kitchen with HIFOG system. Includes 1 Miele espresso maker, 1 oven, aquarium for seafood, 6 cooking pits, 2 big fridges indoors, 1 outdoor fridge, 1 normal wine cellar & 1 cooled wine cellar

    2 washing machines, 2 dryers, 2 dishwash-ing machines (1 indoor, 1 outdoor)



    Dining places











    To lift supplies in the boat or lift boats in the water

    1 Custom build amphibious car, 1 Bombar-dier explorer (6 persons) and a 1953 Riva motorboat (6 persons)

    1 Stand-up Jet ski, 1 Sailing boat (2 persons), 1 Dingy, 3 Waterski kits, 3 Wake-boards, 2 Kite surfs kits, 2 Wind surfboards; 3 Scuba dive equipment with air-recharge station, snorkeling equipment

    Possibility to land on the Helideck



    Water Sports

    Helicopter Pad






    159.1 feet35.47 feet23.69 feet with centerboard(9.68 foot rectracted)189.63 feet11 cabins1 MTU engine of 700hp. Furthermore by means of hydraulic propulsion the propeller can be powered by the three generators.Diesel2 water tanks and 2 desalinators11 guests and 8 to 9 crew members.Hydraulic & Electric power genera-tion by utilizing solar panels and a patented power recovering propel-ler system during sailing 18 knots


    Air draughtTotal number of cabins

    Main engine

    FuelFreshwater capacityNumber of persons

    Green power generation

    Top speed