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    Date of Birth: 02 March 1980 Last Educational Qualification: Botany awarded from C.C.S.University Meerut, Uttar Pradesh in 2008 Currently Working: Faculty of Environment Science, Akal College of Basic Science, Eternal University, Baru Sahib, HP Research Experience

    Research Associate (Since 27-July-2012 to 31/03/2017) in National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) at Center for Environment Science and Climate Resilient Agriculture (CESCRA), IARI, New Delhi. Present work profile is to analyze diurnal, seasonal and annual, climate influenced variations in net ecosystem exchange in CO2, CH4, H2O and heat fluxes; quantification of ecosystem carbon balance, energy closure, net productivity and net ecosystem exchange for rice-wheat ecosystems through using Eddy Covariance technique. I also provide the practical guidance to the Post-graduate and Doctoral students to their course and thesis work.

    Senior Research Fellow (Since 19-March-2011 to 26-July-2012)in NICRA at CESCRA, IARI, New Delhi. My responsibilities were sampling, analysis and data interpretation of greenhouse gases from the rice-wheat system, vegetable field and conservation agriculture (residue incorporation, zero tillage etc.) and also study the impact of elevated CO2 and ozone interaction in maize and wheat crop in open top chamber (OTC).

    Senior Research Fellow(Since 12-Febuary-2010 to18 -March-2011) under the project entitled Impact of Sewage effluent on drinking water sources of Shimla city and suggesting ameliorative measures at Environmental Hydrology Division in National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee. My job profile on this post was analysis of Eco-hydrological water quality and basin characteristics of Shimla town, Field data Monitoring/collection, sampling, generate the River map, Water Recourses mapping, Land use map, Contour Map, Digital elevation model, DTM, from the SOI Toposheet and FCC data with the help of remote sensing/GIS software i.e. ERDAS 8.5, ILWIS 3.0 and ArcGIS 9.3 software.

    Teaching Experience (Two academic teaching session and one semester) I taught Ecology, Physiology, Environmental Science, Biodiversity, Biochemistry, Cytology to graduate and postgraduate students during my teaching periodsat KLDAV PG College RoorkeeUttrakhand (2006-07 & 2008-09)and Techwords WGVS, GOI Manglore, RoorkeeUttrakhand (2009-10).

    Publication: 42 research article (International 18 and National 24), 6 books (National level Publisher), 8 book chapters, 5 popular articles

    and contributed to one international report. The Five major publications are:

    1. R.K. Fagodiya, H. Pathak*, A. Kumar, A. Bhatia and N. Jain 2016 Global temperature change potential of nitrogen use in agriculture: A 50-year assessment. Scientific Report Nature (NAAS rating: 11.2)

    2. S.K. Malyan, A. Kumar, A. Bhatia, R.Singh, S.S. Kumar, R. Tomer, O. Kumar, D.K. Gupta, N. Jain, 2016 Methane production, oxidation and mitigation: A Mechanistic understanding and comprehensive evaluation of influencing factors Science of Total Environment. (Accepted). (NAAS Rating: 10.1)

    3. D.K. Gupta, A. Bhatia, A. Kumar, T.K. Das, N. Jain, R. Tomer, R.K. Fagodiya, R. Dubey, S.K.Malyan and H. Pathak 2016. Mitigation of greenhouse gas emission from rice wheat system of the Indo Gangetic plains: through tillage, irrigation and fertilizer management. Agriculture Ecosystem and Environment. 230:1-9 (NAAS Rating: 10.1)

    4. R. Tomer, A. Bhatia, V. Kumar, A. Kumar, R. Singh, B. Singh and S.D. Singh 2014. Impact of Elevated Ozone on Growth, Yield and Nutritional Quality of Two Wheat Species in Northern India Aerosol and Air Quality Research doi: 10.4209/aaqr.2013.12.0354. (NAAS Rating: 8.4)

    5. N. Jain, T. A. Johnson, A. Kumar, S. Mishra and N. Gupta 2015. Biosorption of Cd(II) on jatropha fruit coat and seed coatEnvironment Monitoring & Assessment 187:411(NAAS Rating: 7.63)

    Important Concepts Developed: 1. CBIR Protocol developed for identification of Indian ethano-medicinal plants (Ind. J. Bot. soci. &Acad. Pl. Sci.) 2. Identified low carbon options for Rice-Wheat Cropping System in the IGP (Agri. Eco. & Environ.) 3. Identification of major cost factors responsible for low income for GHG mitigation (Curr. Sci.) 4. Microbial Fuel Cells can be potential mitigation technology to reduced GHG along with energy saving (Sci. Tot. Environ.) 5. Optimization the Cadmium biosorption on jatropha fruit coat and seed coat (Environ. Monit. Assess.) 6. Performance of wheat species under elevated O3 and CO2. (AAQR) 7. Estimation of Global GTP at 20 years and 50 years scale. (Scientific Reports, Nature) Important Awards/Recognition:ICAR-NET - 2014 (I) (Economic Botany & Plant genetic Resources); 2016 (Plant Physiology); GATE

    -2013; U-SET- 2013; Best Paper presentation award (National-2); Young Scientist Awards (International); Associate editor of IJASS and Biochemical and Cellular Archives (SCI Journal); Fellow of Indian Academy of Environment Science(FIAES), Haridwar, Uttrakhand; Young Scientist Fellowship (IRRI & AsiaFlux 2014). Life member of SCON & IAES


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